While conventional medicines work just fine, many of them come with long-term side effects. With changing technology and innovation, people are finding other non-invasive ways to relieve their pains and find relaxation for their tired muscles and joints.

The application of INFRARED LIGHT THERAPY has become one of the many driving forces in different sectors of medicine, beauty and health in recent years. In the past infrared therapy was mostly a reserve of beauty parlors and skin clinics. Today, infrared therapy for pain has many other benefits that include pain relief and a whole range of other ailments.

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What is infrared light therapy?

Infrared light therapy is a healing method that uses brightness from the light to treat several ailments and acute pain. The painless therapy uses light wavelengths that penetrate into body parts that need treatment. Infrared lights unlike ultraviolet lights do not have any damaging effects to the body as the light therapy works at helping body cells repair and regenerate.

Besides helping to relieve chronic pain, infrared light therapy has the same affects you feel when exposed to natural sunlight. Its ability to penetrate deep into the skin without causing any damages makes it effective for very many other health benefits.

History of infrared light therapy

Infrared light therapy dates back to 2750 B.C at a time when using electric eels was popular for giving out electric shocks. Back then, electricity was used in conjunction with magnetism but it did not yield much result, in 1975, this changed when transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) came into being. TENS was popular back then for treating chronic pain.

History of infrared light therapyInfrared light therapy was an upgrade to TENS and it came with many more benefits. The upgrade saw the world enjoying the versatility of infrared light therapy such as infrared light for arthritis, infrared light for weight loss and literally infrared light therapy for all kinds of pain.

How infrared light therapy works

Many people that learn about infrared light therapy are not sure about its effects and always ask the question, “does infrared therapy work?” To answer this question, it is only ideal to understand how infrared light works first. Infrared light works by penetrating deep into the skin to reach the nerves and muscles. The penetration of the light is anything between 2 and 7 centimeters into the depths of the skin with wavelengths of between 700 and 1000 nanometers.
How infrared light therapy worksUnlike the sunrays, infrared light does not contain ultraviolet rays, which allows users to enjoy all the benefits that come with the suns power without damaging their skin. This makes it the safest method to harness the same kind of light as that of the sun to everyone including infants especially the preterm in neonatal intensive care units. Once the photoreceptors in the body cells absorb infrared light, the light then starts its objective by triggering certain body’s natural processes.
With the help of nitric oxide, a potent cell molecule naturally found in the body, infrared light helps to stimulate the repair and regeneration of injured body tissue and to reduce inflammations and pain.

Infrared light therapy benefits

Infrared light therapy benefitsPain relief

Infrared light therapy is scientifically proven to aid in pain relief. The drug free and safe method helps to relieve joint pains, muscle pains, injuries caused during sports, spine injuries, and nerve pain among many others. The good thing is that you can easily use infrared light therapy at home without the need of a professional any time you want to relieve pain.


Toxins in the body are a cause of many illnesses and fatigue. You can use infrared light therapy to detoxify your whole body. Some of the best detoxifiers are infrared sauna light therapy that is capable of detoxifying anything from environmental toxins and heavy metals in the body system. The lights directly heat the body at the same time inducing a temperature rise.

The results of using infrared sauna light therapy is cellular level heavy sweating. The sweating helps to rid the body of toxins such as mercury, lead and cadmium among others. Infrared light therapy also helps to increase the body’s blood circulation, metabolism and oxygenation, which all helps in detoxification.

Detoxing the body is especially good for people suffering from fatigue, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and colitis among many others. Using infrared sauna light therapy has an advantage over the traditional sauna heat because infrared light produces Lowe temperatures, which are tolerable.

Weight loss

Infrared light therapy for weight lossInfrared light therapy for weight loss is also another popular benefit for users looking for ways to cut down on extra calories. Some people may wonder how this works to help burn fat and this is how it works. While relaxing when using infrared sauna light therapy, the body produces sweat which results in burning off extra calories. Using infrared light for weight loss equals to doing simple exercises such as jogging. A single session can make you burn anything between 200 to 600 calories.

Recovering from injuries

Many athletes today use infrared light therapy to recover from injuries they get while doing their favorite sporting activities. One good example is tiger woods who uses phototherapy to get going again after any injury. Some of the injuries infrared light therapy helps to heal are nerve injuries, muscle injuries, fractured bones, broken bones, joint injuries and many more.

Raising up the body temperature

Infrared light therapy helps to raise low body temperature, which in turn helps to maintain the body’s optimal health, good health helps with better blood circulation, a stronger immune system and body’s vitality. A body with a lower body temperature has slow metabolism, which could lead to obesity and other chronic health problems.

Heals cancer

Because infrared light therapy for cancer raises the body temperature, the immune system becomes stringer. A stronger immune system and a higher body temperature helps to fight some cancer cells such as those of the lungs, tongue and breast.

Boosts immunity

A higher body temperature helps to boost the body’s immunity by increasing white blood cells. This in turn helps to create an environment that is not conducive for the survival of harmful bacteria.

Healing wounds and inflammations

Using near infrared light therapy increased the formation of new capillaries and microcirculation in the body. As a result of this, any wound or inflammation on the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients that helps with the natural healing process.

Helps to lower blood pressure

For people suffering from high blood pressure, one hour under infrared light therapy is enough to bring the pressure down to normal levels. however if you have high blood pressure accompanied by other symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pains, you should not use infrared light therapy to bring down the blood pressure.

Relieves Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms

Neuropathy symptoms include skin tingling, burning and pain. Monochromatic infrared light energy or MIRE is one of the most effective ways to relieve neuropathy symptoms. MIRE relieves pain with the help of nitric oxide, a gas released by infrared light therapy that helps to keep the arteries healthy, enhance blood flow and provide nutrients, nutrients and molecules with the ability to relive pain to the body’s nerves and tissues.

Using an infrared massager and infrared light therapy for peripheral neuropathy for deep tissue massage helps to loosen muscles and improve circulation resulting in deep tissue cell repair and neuropathy pain relief.

Relieves stress, sleep disorders and fatigue

Infrared light therapy provides the body with full relaxation. This in turn helps to make you sleep better, feel free from any pain, have better mental clarity and improved muscle relaxation. If you need more relaxation, you can use infrared light therapy for feet that massages your feet making your whole body feel relaxed.

Alleviates allergy symptoms

Using infrared light therapy at home when you have allergy attacks helps to clear the symptoms. Some of the most common allergy symptoms are eye and nasal itching. Others are stuffiness in the nose, sneezing and rhinorrhea. There are special infrared nostril devices that you can safely use at home for infrared allergy treatment with absolutely no side effects.

Gets rid of hair loss

Using infrared light therapy helmet helps those fighting hair losses. The infrared light penetrates deep into the hair follicles making them stronger and nourishing them enough to grow.

Infrared light therapy side effects

Infrared light therapy side effectsInfrared light therapy is painless and one of the safest methods of treatment today. However, some patients may react negatively to light therapy and experience some side effects. Some of the most notable side effects are;

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Seasonal depression
  • Skin redness and tingling
  • Allergic reactions

Note: Majority of the above side effects are very rare and only a few patients complain of any side effects after exposure to infrared light therapy. However not everyone reacts the same to light. Photosensitivity may cause allergic reactions and depression among other effects. This also depends on the kind of light and the degree of brightness. Many of the side effects are preventable by reducing the light or wearing protective clothing during therapy.

Infrared light therapy devices Review

Today, many people that use infrared light therapy prefer to buy their own devices for use at home. Using infrared light therapy home devices is not only cost effective but it is also the best way to keep your health at check always. One of the hardest things to do for those looking for the best devices to use at home is choosing the right one. This is because there are different models in the market that range from small, large, carbon fiber, LED and hand-held devices. To save you hours of looking for the right model, we reviewed some of the devices in the market and came up with this list.

Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp

One of the best infrared light therapy devices in the market today is Beurer IL50 infrared heat lamp, made by one of the most reputable company’s in the world.  The heat lamp is also the most suitable for people with larger body sizes as it covers an area of 11.8 by 15.7 inches. To deliver heat to the places you want to target, the infrared heat lamp uses carbon fiber.

This makes the lamp hot and it is therefore necessary to keep it a distance away from the target places on the body you are targeting. The most reasonable distance to keep between the body and lamp is 12 to 24 inches. The wavelength range of the lamp ranges from 500nm to 2500nm.

The middle wavelength ranges from 1400nm to 3000nm while the shortwave range is 800nm to 1400nm. The lamp comes with easy to control buttons and an auto shut-off timer. You can also adjust the lamp from between 0 to 50 degrees depending on your preference.


  • Reputable company
  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an auto shut-off timer
  • Easy to control even for first time users
  • Easily adjustable angle


  • It can get extremely hot
  • Positioning of the lamp may be hard towards some areas of the body

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DPL Flex Pad Light Therapy Pain Relief Pad

Another great infrared light therapy device for pain relief is the DPL red and infrared LED light therapy pad. The pad contains 40 infrared lamps of 880nm and 20 red LEDs of 660nm. They are ideal for covering larger areas of treatment with their treatment times ranging at 14 minutes for each area the pad covers. The pad is suitable for back pains, elbow and knee pains among others.

The pads are flexible enough to wrap around different parts of the body where there is pain. They are hands free and easy to use and they come with two Velcro straps for comfortable wear. The pad also comes with an auto 40-minute shut off which means that once you switch it on, it automatically shuts itself off after 40 minutes.


  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Can be used for different parts of the body
  • Portable, lightweight, and you can carry it with you anywhere
  • Easy to use hands free operation
  • Strong Velcro straps
  • Comes with an automatic shut off after 40 minutes


  • Comes with a cord that limits the pads movement

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DPLII Professional Light Therapy Panel

If you are trying to reverse your aging symptoms, the above light therapy panel is the best to use as the infrared light therapy for face and other parts of the body that are prone to wrinkle formation. The DPLII is a wrinkle reduction FDA certified anti-aging device that delivers quality and consistent results. The infrared light therapy device is easy to use from the comfort of your home and it is ideal for the treatment of large areas.

In fact, the panel is large enough to get rid of wrinkles on your face, neck, hands and chest all in one session. The technology that DPL uses is safe as it is scientifically researched. The panel uses 198 LED lights and a far- infrared light array that helps to reduce the wrinkles, fine lines, Crow’s feet, puffy eyes, dark circles and promote skin healing. The panel comes with an instructions manual and a one-year warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an instructions manual
  • Covers a large treatment area
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great for anti-aging
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Clinically tested
  • FDA certified
  • Auto shut off operation
  • Timer
  • Hands free operation


  • May get hot therefore not ideal to place on the skin
  • Bulky and therefore not ideal for travel

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Quantum Rejuvenation Red Light Therapy Device

The secret to feeling great and reclaiming your life back is by ensuring that you are free from pain. Using all-natural red and infrared light therapy treatment is one way to ensure that you find the right relief from any kind of pain. Quantum rejuvenation is one of the best red light therapy devices in the market. The device uses advanced optics that aids it to deliver the vital energy needed for healing.

The device, which comes with 60-day money back guarantee, is FDA registered, sturdy, deep penetrating and easy to use from the comfort of your home. It is drug free, non-addictive and has no side effects. The construction of the device is ergonomic making it comfortable to use. It is also durable as it comes in a stainless steel construction. Quantum rejuvenation RLT device is especially popular with athletes for fast relief of their sporting injuries.


  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel construction making it durable
  • Sturdy
  • Helps to relieve pain fast
  • Auto one minute shut off
  • FDA registered
  • Affordable


  • Some people feel that the one-minute timer is too short

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Bright Therapy RelieveIR

Bright therapy RelieveIR is a light therapy wand designed to deliver three therapies in a single tool. The treatment wand uses 890nm infrared LED light for treating skin problems. The light penetrates deep into the skin to the pores to improve blood circulation, improve the anti-aging features by getting rid of wrinkles, by reducing pain and improving elasticin and skin collagen.

The wand also takes care of acne, pimples, black spots and other skin imperfections. It helps to rejuvenate and repair the skin leaving it healthy and young looking. The FDA licensed infrared light therapy for skin wand comes with an inbuilt 10-minute timer. The easy to use LED light therapy wand is also affordable and an easy to use home device. It is lightweight making it portable and an ideal travelling partner.


  • Easy to use
  • FDA licensed
  • Versatile as it has three uses
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stops the aging symptoms
  • Affordable


  • Not durable

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CHISOFT Infrared Heating Lamp

CHISOFT is a Vita Active far-infrared heat device that provides red light to penetrate deep into the skin providing muscle pain relief. Besides alleviating muscle pains, the infrared light therapy for arthritis device also helps to heal rheumatoid arthritis and osterthritis. It is also great for stress and depression. The heat from the device is at minimal levels, which means you can use it safely without any possible side effects. The rays from the device help to increase the body’s temperature by using adjustable and easy to use temperature controls.


  • Penetrates deep into the skin to release infrared waves that help to relieve pain and tension
  • Helps to replenish damaged cells and muscle fibers
  • Easy to use
  • Raises the body temperature
  • Improves blood circulation
  • High quality
  • Safe to use
  • 60-minute timer
  • Heats up fast


  • Does not come with a heat regulator

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DGXINJUN Near Infrared Red Light LED Therapy Wrap

With a combination of 117 infrared and LED lights, the above wrap covers a wide area of the body to provide physical treatment. The wrap, which is medially graded, ensures better blood circulation, improved muscle relaxation, effective pain relief and acceleration of healing. The wrap also uses the LED lights to relieve muscle spasms and reduce body stiffness associated with health problems such as arthritis.

It comes with an on off switch that activates the device and an auto-off 20 minute timer. You can use the device several times in a day depending on how much treatment your body requires. People with heart ailments or pacemakers cannot use the wrap. The wrap is easy to use and comes with a one-year warranty.

With every purchase, you also get a guarantee of a lifetime free replacement of the connectors, controller and charger. It is lightweight which makes it portable. For more comfort and better fit, the wrap has two adjustable Velcro straps. It is safe, natural, drug free and doctor recommended.


  • Covers a large area of the body
  • Great for pain relief, muscle relaxation and injury recovery
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Safe and effective for sport injuries and stiffness caused by arthritis
  • Drug free
  • One-year warranty
  • Lifetime free replacement of some parts
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Comes with straps that help to keep it in place
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-off timer
  • Portable


  • Limits movement because of the cord

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RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb

If you are looking for the best infrared light therapy for relaxation, RubyLux NIR-A infrared bulb will give you all that you need. The incandescent infrared bulb has wavelengths of 850nm and it can easily fit in any standard us lamp. This makes it the ideal infrared light lamp to use at home. The warmth from the bulb is soft and comforting.

The cruelty free bulb has a lifespan of 5,000 hours and it comes with a 60-day money guarantee. The infrared light bulb contains no UV, no Teflon and no toxic materials. Some of its benefits are increasing the skins elasticity and collagen, relieving pain, speeding up the healing process and as an anti-aging device.


  • Long lifespan
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps to relax muscles and whole body
  • Comes with a 60-day guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Can for in a standard bulb
  • Does not have UV, Teflon or toxic substances


  • Can get extremely hot

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RadLites Infrared LED Therapy Pad

RadLites infrared LED therapy pad provides holistic healing and pain relief using the power of light. The pad, which is one of the best infrared light therapy for neuropathy, has a high power of 880nm and it comes with a 15-minute timer. the infrared light from the pad penetrates deep into the skin to increase blood circulation, provide relief for neuropathy pain, arthritis, bursitis, back pain golfers and tennis elbow, joint pains, knee problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle pains, ligament pains, scaring, osteoarthritis and many others.

The pad also comes with a detachable plug and an on off switch. For first time users, it comes with instructions too. Built in the USA, the device also comes with a one-year warranty,


  • Easy to use
  • Has multiple benefits for pain relief and muscle relaxation
  • Helps to improve blood circulation
  • Auto off timer
  • Stretchable straps for comfortable fit


  • More expensive than other infrared light pads in the market

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Wrapping it up

Infrared light therapy is one proof that using light for health purposes works every time. Infrared light therapy is scientifically proven to have many benefits that range from relaxation, pain relief, healing, massage, skin care, anti-aging, great hair and much more. All the above listed devices are safe to use at home and they all provide you with all the healing benefits you are searching for. For more high quality infrared light therapy devices, browse through our site and check out what we have.

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