As you draw the curtains, the sun’s rays bath your face, giving you a natural warmth that is neither too hot or too intense. Coupled with natures’ fresh air filling your lungs, your energy levels are instantly boosted leaving you feeling happy and ready to face the day.

Did you know that within those few seconds there was a chemical reaction in your brain that resulted in you feeling happy and energized? This reaction takes place in your brain, blood, bowels and is responsible for the positive happy feeling. It is known as Serotonin. When you expose yourself to the sun’s light, this chemical increases resulting in you feeling happy and energized. This explains why people are highly energized during warm weather.

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion TherapyHowever, you may not have sunlight all year round, especially during winter. This means your serotonin levels take a dip and you may notice one or two things concerning your mood and general body functions. You may feel irritable, anxious, lethargic and may have trouble getting sound sleep.

This is why professionals in the medical field advocate using light therapy during the winter. This can be in the form of a light therapy lamp. However, you do not have to wait until the winter season kicks in. You can use these lamps whenever you have a dip in your energy and mood levels.

In your search for a light therapy lamp, you will not help but notice they slightly differ in size, weight and amount of light in LUX. Among them is the Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus. It’s light in weight and easily portable.

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Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Reviews

Nature bright sun touch plus is a 2 in 1 light therapy. It functions as a light therapy lamp and an air purifier. Its dimensions are 9 inches x 6 inches x 13 inches in inches. Though small, it has an incredible design to boot.

The switches are easy to operate and are in the form of dimples located on the right side. They are three in number. One of them switches it on or off. Another one is for the ion. Though the negative ion has an odor of the ocean, which leaves you feeling refreshed, the switch gives you an option to either turn it on or off according to your preference. Then the third one is for timing how long you will get exposed to the light.

As a new user, you are guaranteed of starting to feel the desired effects after using it consistently for ten days. You have the liberty of setting your timer at 15 minutes to 60 minutes as the maximum then it automatically goes off by itself after your minutes elapse. The light emitted is at 10,000 LUX and free from the harmful effects of UV.

Its base has a large surface area, making it steady enough to be safely placed on various surfaces as you go about your daily house routine.

It weighs approximately a pound thus easy to lift.

It is also packaged with a booklet which gives recommendations on the amount of time you need to expose yourself to the light according to your symptoms. These may include jet lag or adjusting after a long work schedule.

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Advantages of Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus

  • It has a wide base which makes it steady on different surfaces.
  • The switches are not only convenient to operate, but are easy to locate
  •  Once you set the timer to your preferred minutes, you can read, write or even watch TV and it will automatically go off when the minutes elapse.
  • The ions produced through the air purifier have an oceanic scent which leaves you feeling refreshed and energetic.
  • The light is not harmful as it does not contain the harmful effects of UV.
  • It only takes a short while to start feeling the positive effects of this light therapy lamp
  • As you constantly expose yourself to the light, your serotonin levels rise, resulting in a happy mood and energy boost.
  • It serves as a light therapy lamp and at the same time purifies your air by emitting negative ions. Negative ions enter your bloodstream where they react biochemically and in turn increase the levels of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for relieving stress, alleviating depression and boosting our energy levels during the day.
  • Since it is recommended to only keep a distance of 20 inches away from the 10,000 LUX light, you have the option of placing it on your desk as you read or write.
  • As it is 10,000 LUX, it is recommended to only use it constantly for 30 minutes per session every day to start feeling any positive effects. This is a short time compared to other light therapies with 2,500LUX which you have to get 20 hours exposure to feel the expected results.
  • Due to its small size, you can carry it around the house and place it at your convenient place. You can also carry it to work.
  • Its code is also long enough for you to conveniently plug it to a socket next to your table.

Cons of the Nature Bright Sun Plus

It does not use any batteries and so may not be suitable for traveling outside an area with no power.

How effective is the Nature Bright Sun Plus

The light from the Nature Bright Sun Plus is similar to what we get from nature. Since in some parts of the world this kind of light does not exist throughout the year, this light therapy lamp comes in handy. It not only helps adjust our body’s internal clocks, but the negative ions produced have a profound positive effect on our moods. Thus helping us feel energized and our concentration levels are not interfered with.

The Nature Bright Sun Plus has valuable input from researchers at Harvard University as we worked with them towards a functional and effective light therapy. This means its components and how they work is invariable.

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What others say:

“I researched only the top Amazon Therapy Lamps out there and realized that most of them are very similar more or less. With the exception of this one. This is really the only one that I was able to find that seems to have a really unique quality, design, style, and overall sleek look.”

~Hidden Gem

“After using this consistently for a week now, I am totally feeling an increase in positive energy. By that, I mean my couch potato-ing need has decreased significantly, my sunny disposition hasn’t been as easily tarnished by everyone else’s negative nelly attitudes and my occasional daydreaming of duck taping Marc’ s mouth closed have almost vanished.


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Summing Up.

Though we cannot control the different seasons throughout the year, how we feel through those seasons can be regulated. When temperatures drop and the sun’s rays are no longer visible, we can still experience the natural light through Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus. Hence our energy levels remain constant, ability to concentrate and keep up with our daily routine is not adversely affected.

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