Those who suffer from SAD may not know the kind of treatment to seek. Although it can be cured through exposure to sunlight, sometimes the days are quite short, and you do not get enough sunlight. Studies have suggested that to make up for the deficient sunlight, you should get exposure to bright light which is usually obtained from a lightbox or a special lamp.

10,000 LUX SAD Light TherapySAD devices are brighter than the average lamps as they deliver 20 times more lighting than the regular lamps, that is 10,000 lux. This means that an exposure of 20 to 60 minutes is enough to help ease the SAD symptoms. We reviewed one of the best SAD devices in the market, the Alaska Northern Lights 10,000 LUX sad light therapy box, by looking at its pros and cons, features, health benefits as well as customer reviews.

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Alaska Northern Lights 10,000 LUX Sad Light Therapy Box REVIEW and ANALYSIS


This light therapy box is designed such that the entire unit is the lightbox. It is lightweight and easy to move around, and it looks like a suitcase which means there are no stands and hassles. It has some of the best mirror-finish reflectors which ensure perfect light delivery. It also comes with a low-glow light-diffuser to help protect your eyes. Fitted with both UV and electromagnetic shield, this therapy lamp is both safe and efficient. It contains no flicker, and it is very quiet.


The Alaska Northern lights lamp has been used for more than 20 years, and experts highly recommend it. Having been used by some of the best doctors and veterans in various fields, its reliability has been tried and tested. This is why it comes with a full seven-year warranty.


This is a high-performing light therapy box which delivers 10,000 lux at two feet, which is 20 times the standard lamp. This makes it the brightest full-spectrum therapy lump on the market. It also comes with a fluorescent option which is the best for those people that are sensitive to LED lights and works perfectly for 3-4 years before you can make any replacement.


  • Doctor recommended

Doctors highly recommend this light therapy box for SAD and in places with damp weather

  • Quiet

It does not have a flicker or an electromagnetic field, and it comes with 25,000-hertz electronic ballast.

  • Improve mood

Naturally relieves SAD effects and help the sufferers get an improved feeling which helps them enjoy the winter months.

  • Sleep aid

This light therapy box helps the body realign its circadian rhythm, making adjust to night-time schedule, thereby preventing sleep disorders like DSPS and jet lag.

  • Increased productivity

It helps the body feel naturally energized, which leads to improved focus, cognitive performance, and alertness during the day.

  • Accommodative for light-sensitive people

If you are sensitive to LED lights, then this therapy light box is the best for you. It has a florescent option which has a long lifespan of 3 to 4 years.

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  • Missing user manual

It does not come with a user manual which makes it hard for some people to assemble and use it.

  • Tips over

This light therapy box does not stand on its own, and it tips over once placed upright. It needs a broader base to avoid being tippy.

  • Weak clips and poor packaging

The plastic clips that hold the bulb are weak and flimsy. The packaging makes the plastic cover slides to bend hence not fitting correctly. There’s a mix of the delivered product, with some products being delivered from China, instead of Alaska.

  • Not Adjustable

This therapy lamp is not adjustable, and you will need to place it at the exact position where you want the light to go.

Health Benefits  

  • Helps to improve mood
  • Helps you to feel more energized
  • Helps to heal sleep disorders like DSPS and jet lag
  • Helps to improve alertness, focus and cognitive performance

Customers’ Reviews

Most of the users that gave their reviews had lots of good things to say about Alaska Northern lights therapy box. Majority of the users also gave a rating of 5 stars with many others giving a score of 4 stars. Some loved the effectiveness and brightness of the lamp, while others loved its total and sleek design. Others loved its lightweight and the fact that they could move it easily from one place to another. Below is what three of the users had to say:

Timothy J. gave the therapy box a 5-star rating, and this is what he said:

“Light box was excellent and a well-made product by far, and very glad I purchased this one. However, the accessory storage bag they charge $53.00 for is not worth this price at all…. maybe $10.00 at the most. The box that the therapy light box came in is stronger and better made than the storage bag!!! The first time I used this wimpy bag it ripped down the side as I tried to put the light box in to it. Again, the light therapy box GREAT, but don’t waste your money on the wimpy bag!!!”

Edward C. McClelland also gave it a 5-star rating and had this to say:

“More than likely the most effective light on the market. The only improvement that I would suggest is that a wall mounting bracket accompany it. I made my own with a combination of Television mounting bracket and some other computer related components. On a table it could easily fall if left on its own. I sit about three feet away from it and along with taking Vitamin D and Vegan Omega 3 capsules, my SADD dissipated in about four days. I highly recommend it.”

Our Verdict

Alaska Northern Lights

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We believe that the Alaska Northern Lights 10,000 lux SAD light therapy box is the best in the market. Considering its length of use and high recommendation by top doctors, topped by the many positive customer reviews, we believe that its effectiveness and high performance are some of the key characteristics to consider. Besides, it is designed in such a way that the entire unit is the lightbox making it give the brightest illumination effectively. Its warranty of 7 years assures you of long-term use without issues.

Wrapping it Up

Alaska Northern Lights 10,000 lux SAD light therapy box is one of the best SAD lamps in the market. It is highly effective when it comes to the relief of SAD symptoms and has been known to work where others have failed. It comes with many health benefits, and it can be used comfortably by people allergic to LED lights.

This review was meant to give you a better perspective on what to consider in a therapy lightbox. You can also read through our website to learn more about other light therapy boxes and lamps which might benefit you. In case you have any queries or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us.

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