Other common causes of this condition are; ageing, unbalanced diets, hormonal imbalance, and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Fortunately, this condition is redeemable, and various treatments are available to treat hair loss. Among the most innovative ways of reclaiming lost hair is the use of laser caps and clinically proven topical treatments.  Capillus is one of the most celebrated manufacturers of laser therapy caps in the world and this article, and we review this brand and the various hair loss treatment products associated with it. Read on and get to learn more about this exceptional brand.

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Capillus Laser Cap Reviews

Capillus is a company that specializes in cosmetic and medical hair loss treatments that promise real freedom from baldness. Among their top-rated products are topical foams and therapeutic shampoos, keratin hair fibres, and a range of personal low- level laser therapy devices.

Capillus is widely known for its ground-breaking technology of using FDA cleared laser caps specially designed to treat androgenic alopecia (hair loss caused by genetic factors). This laser technology is backed by scientific research, and it is convenient for reducing thinning, shedding, and promoting healthy hair.

The caps are safe and effective, with no adverse side effects whatsoever. They are manufactured in the US under strict supervision which promises high-quality

Also, the company’s top-rated hair therapy products have been designed to create an ideal environment for the growth of healthy hair. These products are sulfate and paraben-free, making them suitable for all hair types. They include shampoos, conditioner, revitalizers and Activator. These products will cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping off the essential oils.

Let us have a look at the various products by this brand.

Capillus Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

If you suffer from hereditary hair loss, then the Capillus 202 laser hair growth therapy cap is the perfect choice for you. The FDA cleared cap is clinically proven as a safe and effective treatment for hereditary hair loss in both men and women.

This device, which boasts of a whopping 202 diodes, will conveniently help you grow hair in as few as 6 minutes of treatment every day. It is one of the highly recommended devices by the physicians for the growth of a fuller, thicker hair.

Also, this laser hair growth cap can be used alongside  other hair loss treatments such as prescribed medication, topical foams, or hair implant surgery.

Cappillus202 laser therapy cap is a laser only technology manufactured in the US which guarantees quality and effectiveness.


  • FDA cleared and approved by doctors for treating hereditary hair loss
  • Visually appealing cap that can be worn anywhere
  • Ultra-light making it portable
  • Easy to use with no adverse side effects
  • Invigorates damaged hair
  • 202 diodes which make the cap very useful for laser therapy
  • Features a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a battery case for portability


  • Expensive
  • A customer lamented that the therapy cap did not work despite spending a fortune on it.
  • Another user observed that the hat is extremely uncomfortable and rigid. You cannot wear it and attend to other duties.

Customer’ Reviews

Most users gave this product a rating of 4 out of the possible 5. This is what a customer had to say

“Easy to use device. You have to stick to using it regularly like you would with Rogaine. I like this device as it works as intended. Again, it’s biology so we must ensure we have patience and also accept the results after one year. The value is that you won’t look worse for having lost hair and time. I recommend this product 👌👍”- Joao

Capillus202 Laser Hair Growth Therapy, Follicle Boosting Shampoo

This specially priced bundle will allow you to enjoy the immense benefits of medical-grade Capilus202 therapy cap, as well as the strengthening properties of the specially formulated shampoo and conditioner.

The bundle also includes a state-of-the-art Revitalizer that will give you a tingling sensation as it gently cleanses your scalp while unclogging the hair follicles. The icing of the cake is the spray-on activator which acts as a leave-in treatment to stimulate the follicle, giving you a shinier healthier hair.

Purchasing the kit is more convenient as it will allow you to sample all the goodness of Capillus hair care products at an affordable price. All these products are cleared by the FDA and are clinically tested to be competent solutions for hair loss caused by gene hereditary hair loss in both males and females. They are safe for colour treated hair.


  • More convenient than buying individual products
  • The topical hair products complement the laser cap to ensure a healthy and more voluminous hair.
  • All products are FDA cleared to ensure efficiency and safety


  • One has to be very patient before realizing results in this treatment
  • A user lamented that the cap stopped working long before he could see any positive results

Customer’ Reviews

Most users were impressed by this bundle. This is what one customer remarked

“You have to be patient and be consistent. I saw results within three months, and they say you will see even better results after a year! I would highly recommend this product.”-Arden 7

Capillus82 Hair Growth Laser Treatment, Exfoliating Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner

Capillus82 is another clinically proven treatment for hereditary hair loss from Capillus. It is recommended by doctors for a thicker, fuller hair either as a stand-alone product or as an augmenting for topical hair loss treatments or prescription medications.

In this kit, Capillus82 laser cap comes alongside a follicle-stimulating shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. A free battery pack and a carrying case have also been included for convenience and portability. All products in this bundle are FDA cleared to ensure safety and efficiency. Additionally, the products are manufactured in the USA, which guarantees top-most quality.

This combination is very potent as it works hand in hand for the total wellbeing of your hair and scalp. The exfoliating shampoo unclogs the hair follicles by removing excess oils and environmental pollutants. The conditioner works to hydrate and enriches the hair while helping it to retain moisture for a soft and radiantly shiny look. These products are free from harmful sulfates and parabens.

This laser cap for hair growth includes 82 5mW laser diodes making it useful in the laser treatment of hair loss. It has no adverse side effects and utilizes laser only technology with no LED lights.


  • Affordable pack
  • Laser cap is complemented by clinically proven hair therapy products for more wholesome results
  • Works to promote hair growth and strengthen the existing hair
  • No adverse side effects


  • Takes long before seeing visible results

Customer’ Reviews

Majority of customers were impressed by this product. One customer wrote:

“My husband and I purchased the Capillus 82 from Costco last August 2018. We use it faithfully every morning, 6 minutes apiece. We are 78 and 72 yrs. Old, and try to keep fit, stand up straight, and have good grooming habits. WOW, it is now March 2019, we both have improved new hair growth.”-Mvlush

Capillus Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

The Capillus is a safe and easy-to-use treatment for hair loss and restoration due to genetic factors. This laser hair growth cap features 272 laser diodes that provide effective treatment in just 6 minutes of daily sessions. The low-level laser therapy cap is a non-invasive, pain-free and features a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This device is hands-free meaning that you can attend to other duties while receiving your treatment.

The FDA cleared gadget can be used as a stand-alone treatment. The cap can also be used alongside other medications for hair loss such as topical foams, prescription medication, or before or after a hair transplant surgery. It is a laser only technology with no inbuilt LED lights.


  • Features 272 laser diodes to boost its effectiveness in treating hair loss
  • Guarantees a 95% success rate
  • A laser only technology with no interior LED lights
  • All Capillus laser therapy caps are made in the USA to ensure high quality and effectiveness


  • Incredibly expensive. It is the costliest model among the three

Customer’ Reviews

“I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks since I got it. So, can’t say on long term results. But I love the ease of use. I just put it on in the morning while I’m getting ready for the day, then do my hair afterwards. I feel like my hair is fuller in the sense that it seems to stand up more, as opposed to laying flat.”-Finckybuyer

Capillus laser caps has worked wonders for many people according to the massive reviews on the internet. However, others felt like they wasted their hard-earned money as they did not see any pleasing results even after following the given instructions dutifully.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about this laser caps to shed more light on how they work and any possible side effects. The questions are meant to enhance your judgement further and make a quality decision on whether the laser caps are worth the investment or not.

Frequently asked questions about Capillus laser cap for hair loss

Capillus laser cap for hair lossQ1. How long are the sessions for the laser caps?

Answer. We have already established that the sessions last for only 6 minutes and the cap should be used every single day

Q2. Can one use hair loss treatment products while using this?

Answer. Yes, you can still use prescribed medication, topical hair foams and other hair loss treatment options in conjunction with the laser cap

Q3. Does the cap need to be plugged in when in use?

Answer. No. the laser hair growth cap is very convenient and uses a rechargeable battery. All you will need to do is charge the battery, and you are good to go.

Q4. How long will I take before I see results using this cap?

Answer. This is not a quick fix for hair loss, and you will have to wait for at least three months before experiencing any visible results

Q5. Where are the products manufactured?

Answer. The Capillus laser caps are made in the USA

Q6. How can I know that the treatment is working?

Answer. You can take photos before the treatment and during and after the treatment and track your progress.

Q7. Is the rechargeable battery inclusive, or should I buy it separately?

Answer. The rechargeable battery is included in the package.

Q8. Will the treatment work on baldness that has been there for a considerable amount of time?

Answer. No, the laser cap will not be useful for severe baldness.

Q9.What is the difference between the various Capillus laser caps models?

Answer. The difference is the amount of laser diode available in each model; capillus82 has 82diodes, Capillus202 has 202diodes while Pro boasts of 272 diodes.

In conclusion

Capillus laser growth caps are FDA cleared and clinically approved for treating hair loss as a due to hereditary factors. The treatment involves six short minutes applied every day until you get satisfying results.

The laser caps are convenient and can be used alongside other hair loss treatment methods for more desirable results. The caps are easy to use and come in discreet natural fabrics to resemble a regular cap, so one will know that you have a special cap on. The cap gives a decent coverage in your entire scalp, and it is hands-free meaning that you can receive your treatment and still do other things.

The three models available in the market allows you to choose a laser therapy cap that suits your needs and is friendly your pocket. If you want to buy a laser hair growth cap that is easy to use, comfortable and will be sure to restore your hair, then the Capillus hair cap is your perfect option. We highly recommend this product as it is worth every cent spent.

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