Light therapy is an accepted form of treatment that is preferred by most dermatologists. . As more people try to find natural ways to deal with their acne, light therapy is an excellent way to complement their treatment since it is safe to use. For many years, you could only find devices to treat acne through light therapy only with dermatologist due to their size, bulk and price.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne MaskToday, technology has made things simpler with more inventions of in-house light therapy treatment gadgets that go for half the price. One of the most prominent and favorite for many dermatologists is Neutrogena Light Therapy. It does not emit any harmful rays to the skin. It is FDA approved meeting all the safety standards. Neutrogena is a skin care brand that manufactures and produces beauty and skin care products in more than 70 countries. It is the number one recommended OTC brand by dermatologists in America. Here are the three most crucial light therapy acne treatment devices the brand provides.

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Top 3 Neutrogena Light Therapy

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Face Mask

The Neutrogena Acne Treatment Face Mask is the best entry-level light therapy device if you do not want to spend too much. Dermatologists from all over the world recommend the use of the mask. It is made up of a clinically proven technology used mainly by dermatologists to clear acne from the face and allow the skin to re-heal. It is 100 percent free from chemicals and does not emit any UV rays. The mask uses both blue and red LED lights to target facial acne. The device contains 21 small LED light bulbs where 12 emit a blue ray while 9 emit a red ray. The blue light deals with the bacteria while the red light helps acts on acne inflammation. It comes pre-equipped with 30 treatment session all which should take 10 minutes each. You should only take one treatment per day. It has a wire that attaches to the battery. To use it, you need to switch the on and off button. There is a counter that helps you to keep track of the number of treatments are left. The mask automatically switches itself off after you finish a session. The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Face Mask has been clinically proven to have visible results within one week of use with the results continually improving over time. Ninety-eight percent of all users that use the mask are seen to show fewer breakouts. Once the 30 treatment sessions are over, you need to purchase a new Activator.

Neutrogena Acne Clearing Light Therapy Acne Treatment Face Mask Activator

The Neutrogena Face Mask Activator is made to work only on the Neutrogena Light Therapy Face Mask. The activator powers a 10-minute treatment session using the dermatologist proven in-office acne technology. It –works by delivering a consistent dose of each light treatment. Since the light is for medicinal purposes, you need to control the amount that gets to your face for it to e functional. You need to use the activator for thirty days before acquiring another one. You will find free batteries inside the activator packaging.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

If you are suffering from sporadic spots, you need to consider purchasing the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment rather than the facial mask. It is a pen-like device that produces both red and blue light which you need to focus on the specific area of treatment for two minutes three times every day to speed up the healing process. The red and blue light does not flake or burn the skin. Its unique design allows the light to surround a pimple that is targeted in the treatment effectively. The blue light penetrates beneath the skin surface to deal with the bacteria that is causing the acne while the red light goes deep into the skin to soothe and reduce the inflammation. The device does not eliminate all types of acne. However, if you want to get rid of a deep acne cyst, you need to first receive an injection of dilute steroids by your dermatologist before performing a spot treatment. It is easy to use and good for on-the-go treatment. It is FDA cleared and does not emit any UV light. The device is powered by one triple A battery. You can tell if it has low power when you see it beeps and flashes three times. It is easy to replace the cells by using a Philips head screwdriver. The device works on all skin types without leaving any mess or residue behind.

Treating Acne through Phototherapy

If you are dealing with stubborn acne that does not budge even after using other treatments, you should consider using light to deal with the problem. Acne forms on the skin when oils, dirt and dead sin get trapped into the skin pores. When the pores clog, bacteria on the skin leads to the pores swelling into bumps called acne. Initially, dermatologists were using UV light to clear the acne. However, UV light is dangerous to use since it may lead to cancerous growth. Therefore, doctors now use lights with specific wavelengths to kill bacteria in the skin and get rid of the toxic substances that are clogging the skin pores. The light in use for therapy is red and blue light and works only on mild to moderate acne.

You need to consult your dermatologist before using BLUE LIGHT THERAPY FOR ACNE. He or she may advise on stopping to use some of your skin care products to achieve the best results. You may even receive a particular medication called photosensitizers to help your skin become more alert to the light. Both blue light and red light can treat the raised red spots on the skin surface but cannot do anything for whiteheads or blackheads. The red light reduces the reaction by your body’s immune system by reducing the pain, redness and swelling that of each zit. On the other hand, the blue light targets the bacteria that causes the acne commonly referred to as Propionibacterium acnes. The bacteria has a compound called porphyrins that when in contact with the blue light releases free oxygen radicals that lead to the death of the bacterium.

Several studies have been performed to determine the effects of lht therapy on the skin. Neutrogena conducted on if such studies where 98 percent of all people that used the light device depicted fewer breakouts after 12 weeks of continuous use. The journal of cosmetic and Laser Therapy also indicated that 81 percent of all the human trials conducted by Neutrogena had fewer zits after 12 weeks while the Laser in Surgery and Medicine show a 78 percent improvement in users with acne after eight weeks of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use the Neutrogena mask and what do I do if I miss a treatment?

To attain the best results, you should use the mask for 10-minute sessions every day. You do not need to keep count of the time as the device switches itself off after the time is over. If you happen to miss any session, you should try and use the mask as soon as possible. However, you should not use it more than once I one day.

Is there a need to purchase a new activator after 30 sessions?

The purpose of the activator is to control the amount of light that the mask delivers ensuring that the energy is steady with time. For it to function effectively, the activator is programmed for use for only 30 sessions. Since it is a medical device, you need to ensure that the light supply is exact. Therefore, after the 30 treatments are over, you need to dispose of it and acquire a new one.


For decades, light therapy technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices. With the onset of modern technology, things have taken rather a better turn with the emergence of portable, easy to use and light therapy devices for use at home. Even so, not many devices have received the FDA approval for use by acne suffering consumers. The Neutrogena light therapy mask is indeed the BEST BLUE LIGHT THERAPY in the market since it is the cheapest of all with approval but provides the highest care you would receive from a dermatologist. The treatment covers your face as you sit back and relax. Since the device does not emit any harmful rays, it should have any side effects upon use. However, in the event of any discoloration or discomfort that lasts for more than one day, you should discontinue using the device immediately. It is essential to always consult the dermatologist before using any light therapy on your skin.

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