Some Dermatologists will recommend not wearing makeup at all. But we all know that it is not possible especially if you have mild to serious acne skin manifestations. That is why if you don’t want to expose those skin problems, blemishes and uneven skin tones, you will be forced to wear foundation.

However, unwise choice of a foundation may lead to clogging pores and acne breakouts just like Dr. Zeichner pointed out. The good news is E.L.F. (short for Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics has come up with an acne-fighting foundation which is now selling like hotcakes in the market with its price tag of $6 compared with similar formulas ranging from $17-$49 on the same volume.

So if you have acne prone skin, Elf Acne Fighting Foundation is the best product to try.  At first, using an expensive and popular formula seems the right thing for me to do. But with continuous use, especially if you have skin problems, not only that I have wasted hard earned money but also put my sensitive skin at risk.

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation formula has medicinal and acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, witch hazel extract, camphor, tea tree and aloes which worked like wonder. This combination has solved the problem of using a safe & organic foundation for acne prone skin. Everyone is buying the product, so it must be good. It worked for me, and at $6, it is practically worth giving a try!

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The Key Benefits

It provides full and flawless coverage to cover blemishes and redness.

If you don’t have skin problems, makeup color matching will only be your major concern. But if you have acne-prone skin, blemished and uneven skin tone, it is a different challenge. Actually, a delicate and serious challenge I would say. Elf Acne Fighting Foundation gives full and flawless coverage to disguise skin redness, scars, blemishes and uneven skin tones while protecting your pores from clogging and preventing breakouts. It’s like hitting several targets with one arrow. Is it practical? Yes, of course. Not just practical but also safe and medicinal.

It is formulated with acne-fighting key ingredients that help diminish acne.

With its organic formulation consisting salicylic acid, and extracts from witch hazel, camphor, tea tree and aloes, Elf Acne Fighting Foundation has provided the solution effectively fight and prevent acne while at the same time help you cover your skin problems. Such brilliant formulation has given consumers the practical choice to meet their delicate skin needs.

It has an available shade for every skin tone.

Now that we have addressed your skin problems like pores clogging, acne breakouts and uneven skin tone, skin color matching would now be very easy. Good thing, Elf Acne Fighting Foundation has 5 swatches or colors to choose from. Porcelain works best for me with its versatility and coverage, and there are more colors available to match your skin, namely, beige, caramel, sand, and coffee. Carefully experiment with the colors and make sure to buff it in and out to achieve the coverage and evenness you desire.

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation Swatches: What’s Good and What’s Not

Choosing a makeup foundation that will fit your skin type is always a trial and error thing. As for me, reviews play a great deal as well as consumer demands. The more people are buying the better signal it creates when it comes to effectiveness and trust. But one of the most important factors that I considered was the organic formulation every makeup foundation has to offer. Especially if you have skin problems just like mine, ranging from blemishes, scars and acne-prone skin, which poses a big challenge to face and solve.

Elf Acne-Fighting Foundation organic formulation and with its salicylic acid content has provided me peace of mind in balancing health and beauty. Healthy skin must be our top priority because it lasts long and prevents premature skin aging and further problems. Prevention is always better than cure. What’s good about this product is that it cures skin acne and prevents breakout even more.

With Elf Acne-Fighting Foundation swatches like my favorite porcelain and other colors like beige, caramel, sand, and coffee, you have a wide range of shades to choose from. However, with all the skin tones and skin problems, these color swatches might not suffice. So try to mix some organic shades to for you to be able to achieve your perfect match.

Moreover, remember that to avoid skin irritation, you must not use two or more different medicinal formulation at a time for it may create imbalance or reaction with other components of different products.

Wrapping Up

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Using the product and making reviews on it is a huge responsibility. Nevertheless, Elf Cosmetics recommends inspecting carefully every product purchased by consumers for seals or tampering. Always read the labels and components that may or may not cause allergic reactions.  Follow instructions carefully and of course, there is no better substitute for an advice given by a licensed health care professional especially if you are undergoing skin treatment for acne and similar skin irregularities.

On the lighter side, Elf cosmetics’ ingenuity and concern, I believe, have provided hope and solution to skin problems by providing safe and medicinal formulation to address worries on acne-prone skin and maintaining health and beauty. Kudos for this solution-providing product!

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