Acne affects over 80% of all teenagers and this is not only overwhelming to them, but to their parents too. Acne develops in girls as much as it does in boys. Since girls learn about  MAKEUP  in their teen years finding other ways to hide their acne and other imperfections is easy. However, finding the right treatment for the boys is quite a process, as majority of them do not use any makeup on their faces.

Best Acne Treatment for Teen BoysGirls also talk more freely about their experiences whilst boys suffer in silence. This leads to low self-esteem and the need to be alone which makes it even harder talking to them about treatment. However, with the right assurances, boys too can get all the help they need to treat their acne and other imperfections. Assuring them that it is natural for the skin to overproduce sebum, which causes the blackouts, and convincing them, to use treatment is the way to go. We made it easier by reviewing the best acne treatment For Teen Boys in the market and there is no doubt that by using any of these products teen boys can regain their confidence, smooth looks and self-esteem.

Our Top List of the Best Acne Treatment for Teen Boys

Exposed Skin Care Back and Body Wash Acne Treatment Kit

Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment is a three-piece kit of a body wash, acne treatment serum and a body dermix cloth. It contains a strong yet gentle formula that helps to clear the whole skin of acne. The deep cleansing body wash targets all the places with acne, treats them and exfoliates away rough and dull skin using the microdermabrasion cloth. Applying the acne treatment serum after taking a bath or a shower helps to prevent clogged pores and the appearance of new blemishes the whole day. The treatment kit clears acne in 30 days.

The treatment kit, which is effective on stubborn back and body acne, is also gentle on the skin. it also removes all the dirt, oil and dry skin that causes acne leaving it healthier and smoother. The treatment contains  SALICYLIC ACID  that helps to unclog and shrink pores, Pro-Vitamin B5, which regulates the skins oil production, and Sage Extract, which helps to prevent the skin from drying and irritations. It also contains natural Green Tea Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, and Benzoyl Peroxide. It is parabens and sulfate free and does not over dry the skin.

Proactiv Solution 3-Step Acne Treatment System

Proactiv Solution 3-Step Acne Treatment System is the best solution for teenage boy’s acne as it penetrates deep into the pores to stop acne-causing bacteria in their tracks. The treatment contains Benzoyl Peroxide that helps in keeping the bacteria at bay. It also helps to prevent any new breakouts from forming on the skin. The three-kit system includes a Renewing Cleanser, an Acne Face Wash, Revitalising Toner and Repairing Treatment. Best suited for  OILY SKIN  and combination skins with acne breakouts, the treatment kit includes 2oz of a renewing cleanser acne wash, a revitalising toner and 1oz of repairing treatment.

TreeActiv Four-In-One-Acne Treatment

There are many causes of teenage acne, with the most being hormonal changes. TreeActiv Acne Treatment is one of the best products in the market for controlling teenage acne. The Four-In-One-Acne Treatment unclogs the pores, helps to shed dead skin, dries out skin blemishes and prevents any future skin breakouts by keeping the skins oils balanced. All this is possible because the treatment provides minerals into the pores for absorption to prevent the breakouts. TreeActiv acne treatment contains Rhassoul Clay, which is rich in essential minerals and a natural microbial. it is also an essential antiseptic. The treatment acts as a magnet that draws toxins and impurities out of the body. It also replenishes the body’s necessary supplies. The treatment is not ideal for only teen boys but for teen girls, men and women too.

It also contains  BENTONITE CLAY , which is also very efficient in drawing out toxins and eliminating impurities from the body. This ingredient also helps to calm itchiness that comes with acne. Another useful ingredient in the treatment is Crystallised Sugar, which is natural humectant and helps to keep the skin hydrated at all times by trapping moisture. Honey Powder, another essential ingredient acts as a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and an antibacterial agent.

Besides these ingredients, the treatment also contains Vitamins B, C, & E, Essential Minerals, Lemon Peel Powder, Peppermint Grapefruit Essential Oil, Aloe Vera, Lime Essential Oil, And Witch Hazel. All these ingredients blend to give the clear acne, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pores, excess sebum, dryness, itchiness and to firm and improve the complexion.

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Wrapping it up

Teenagers developing acne is inevitable but they do not have to go through the discomforts such as itching, dryness and redness. Teenage acne skin also gets extremely sensitive and therefore the creams or lotions applied should have gentle but potent ingredients. The above treatments are all ideal for sensitive skin and they are effective on teenage acne skin. Read more on  beauty products from our earlier posts.


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