Many are times that you have probably used a hot water bottle or a hot pack to soothe sore muscles after an exercise or a hard day’s work. Using heat not only sooths but it also improves blood circulation in the body.

With advanced technology trends, more people are now using infrared heat therapy devices to attain the same effects but with better results. Infrared heat penetrates deep into the body, offering heat to all the target spots better than hot packs or hot bottles ever can. Through infrared heat therapy, you can use many different kinds of devices, some of the most common are Infrared Heat Pads and infrared sauna.

What are infrared heating pads?

what are heating padsInfrared heating pads look just like the any normal heating pads with one difference. Inside the pads, there are thin-wired elements that heat up immediately after plugging the pad into power. Inside the heating pad, other things such as carbon fibers, discs, tourmaline stones, jade or amethyst receive heat from the element.

All these devices inside the pad are then covered up with a pad cover that helps to transfer the heat to the skin. The heat transferred to the skin is called long wave far-infrared rays and they have the ability of penetrating into the skin for about 4 to 8 inches.

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How infrared heat pads work

infrared heat pads workInfrared heat therapy and light devices use two kinds of infrared light. The first is the near infrared light NIR and the second is the far-infrared light FIR.  Near infrared light waves, emit small amounts of light whereas far-infrared waves do not emit any light but this does not mean they do not produce any heat.

To produce heat, infrared heating pads, harness FAR-INFRARED LIGHT.  The heat harnessed from FIR penetrates deep into the surface of the skin, reaching out to the soft tissues and muscles below the skin. When the heat gets into the depth of the skins surface, healing starts to take place. The heat from the pads widens up the blood vessels allowing faster and freer flow of blood.

The number of natural stones and the type of stone in the pad are also major factors in how much heat the pads produce. This is because every stone comes with its own healing benefits and properties. Amethyst for example has the ability to produce 1500 ions for every cubic centimeter. This amount of ions has enough energy to calm the body tissues that are aching or injured. With this number of negative ions, amethyst also boosts the production of hormone, improves respiratory healing, skin conditions, digestive disorders and other cellular body disorders.

JADE on the other hand provides 700 ions for every cubic centimeter, it helps in removing toxins in the body, faster healing of stiches, and aiding in fertility among many other benefits, jade is cheaper than amethyst and less concentrated.

Tourmaline provides 1500 plus ions and just like amethyst, it helps to boost energy, improve coordination of the hand-eye, helps to overcome dyslexia and treat paranoia among many others.

Whichever stone you chose to go with, you have to remember that they all provide heat to the body and they all come with immense healing power. Another common thing is that all the stones use an element for heat provision. The difference though is that the more gemstones a pad has, the more healing powers it has.

Benefits of infrared heating pads

infrared-heat-therapy-benefitsUsing infrared heating pads comes with many positive benefits. Once you start using them, you will forget about the ordinary heating pads because they will seem like a complete waste of your money. Below are the benefits of using an infrared heating pad over an ordinary heating pad.


Infrared heating pads are safe to use and do not cause burns to the skin. They also do not dry up the skin unlike ordinary heating pads. The heat pads use far-infrared rays, which unlike ultraviolet rays are not visible to the naked eye making them much safer.

Fast healing

One of the biggest benefits that the infrared heating pad delivers is its ability to heal. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin to target soft tissues and muscles and start the healing process. The rays heat up the joints, nerves, bones and expand the blood vessels, which in turn help to improve blood circulation.

With the expansion of the blood vessels, more blood rich in oxygen reaches out to relax the muscles and joints and offer healing to all aching places. Pain relief using infrared heating pads is fast, efficient and effective.

Helps with insomnia and sleep disorders

If you are having trouble sleeping due to anxiety or depression or you have bouts of insomnia, infrared heating pads help to solve the problem. The heat waves give the body a relaxing effect that helps you to get a sound sleep.

Relief for menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps can be a real pain. Using an infrared heating pad helps to relieve the discomforts

Lightweight and portable

Infrared heating pads are lightweight and you can carry one with you everywhere you go. They are also easy to use and you do not need an expert to help you to start using one. You can do so aloe from the comfort of your home.

Different sizes

Infrared heating pads are versatile as you can use them on any part of your body. If you want a heating pad for one particular are such as the thigh or knee, then you will get an infrared heating pad with the correct size. If you want one that goes around your waist to cover your abdomen and spine, then you will find a size that fits that.

Some of the infrared heating pads can fit in different parts of the body saving you the agony of buying different sizes for different aching parts. however if you feel that the one you have does not go well with all the places that you want the pad to heal, then it is advisable to buy one that fits well.

Our Top Choice of Infrared Heating Pad

We reviewed several infrared heating pads in the market and came up with our overall best product.

UTK Far-Infrared Heating Pad

Our choice of the best infrared heating pad goes to UTK infrared heating pad. This heating pad uses natural jade stones for hot therapy and pain relief. It measures 21 inches by 31 inches and uses a soft flexible wrap. The heating pad relieves pains on the lower and upper back, shoulders, hips, waist, legs, knees, feet and arms.

You can choose to use the pad by either lying on it or sitting on it. To make it fit in the body without any discomforts, it comes with a Velcro body strap that allows it to stay in place all throughout your treatment sessions. Using the product daily for 30 minute, gives you all the healing you need.

The FDA registered heating pad is one of the most popular products in amazon and a fast seller. UTK, the company that makes the heating pads is a reputable firm that makes quality and revolutionised products.


  • Measures 21 by 31 inches, which is the perfect size for treating pain in the legs, arms, abdomen, back, shoulders and sore muscles.
  • Comes with heat adjusting controls that allow you to set heat according to your levels of comfort
  • Comes with a digital time controller that allows you to adjust settings from zero to 240 minutes with increments of 15 minutes
  • If you want to set your favorite heating temperature, the product comes with a memory function that allows you to do just that
  • Comes with an auto shut off after 4 hours, which helps to conserve energy and prevent skin burning from too much heat
  • Comes with a 10-foot cord that makes it easier to use the pad from any place of your choice such as the bed or a chair

Pros of UTK infrared heating pad

  • Sturdy and solid constriction
  • Immense health benefits that include pain relief, treatment for sore muscles, arthritis, menstrual cramps, sciatica and body relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to get rid of insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Flexible provided by the jade stones
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto time off after four hours
  • Control timing settings
  • Temperature control settings
  • Long detachable power cord
  • Uses natural jade stones
  • Easy to use
  • You can use it comfortably from the comfort of your home
  • Portable
  • One year warranty and 24/7 customer service


Besides the price being a bit on the higher sides, there are no negative things to say about UTK heating pad.

Customer’s reviews

Many of the customers gave UTK a five star review with majority of them praising the product for its efficiency. This is what one user had to say about the product; “I am impressed by the effectiveness of the pad over conventional pads. The extra expense was worth the cost difference. Safety, convenience and quicker recovery time were great. This heat pad works and it was a great investment for getting quick relief”

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Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad-Gold

THERMOTEX FAR INFRARED HEATING PAD-GOLD uses FIR technology to provide you with comfortable and deep penetrating heat. The safe to use on a daily basis product captures all the benefits that you get from FIR heat. The infrared sauna comes with high and low settings that allow you to enjoy eat ideal for pain relief especially those associated with arthritis, back, muscles, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, strains and sprains.

The product provides hot therapy that penetrates deep into the muscles reducing pain and increasing blood flow. The process also helps to remove all inflammations.


  • Uses FIR heat for hot therapy
  • Easy to use- all you do is just plug it in
  • Different settings for your comfort
  • FDA approved


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Settings to help with heat control
  • Safe to use
  • Fast acting
  • Effective
  • Helps to relieve all kinds of pain and inflammations
  • Relaxing
  • Comes with an easy to wash cover
  • Reputable company
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Customer reviews

Donnie, a satisfied customer gave the heating pad a five star rating and had this to say: Just turn it on and temp is great….used on mine and my wife’s back and we love it and we feel good. Cover is washable.”

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Wrapping it up

Infrared heating pads provide you with pain relief, comfort and healing. they are soft have no side effects and they are the best companions for your recovery journey. The above heating pads are especially popular with people that suffer from all kinds of pains. The versatility of the pads ensures that every place that needs relief gets it from the pads.

Browse through our other articles to read about more infrared light therapy products and if you have any question to ask about the above product or any other infrared heat product, reach out to us and we will get back to you.

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