Whether you experience SAD or not, light therapy is crucial in regular depression and anxiety treatment. If a gloomy day makes you feel bored. Now imagine what happens when it’s not just a day but dull month.

Scientists link the increased depression symptoms to the circadian rhythm. Your internal clock gets disrupted when your body does not get enough sunlight. Fortunately, light therapy mimics the sunlight. It thus, assists in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. To optimally treat such conditions, you need Carex light therapy.

The 12-inch light therapy lamp generates 10,000 lux light intensity. The light is glare-free and white. Besides, it does not release UV rays as it filters 99.3% of the ultraviolet rays. Reviews show their satisfaction and durability. Below is an in-depth discussion of the lamp.

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Carex Day-Light Therapy Lamp Reviews

Sitting for hours in a poorly lit office will not help the symptoms of winter blues. Consider carex light therapy for some extra light. The lamp is lightweight, making it easily portable. It weighs about 3 lbs. The feature is essential, especially if you will be moving with it from office to your house daily.

The light therapy lamp is best for people with moderate and mild SAD. Quick change of the bulb feature makes its maintenance simple. Besides, it is made from high-quality materials, thus guaranteeing durability.

Quality and Appearance

Care daylight classic plus lamp is a large light therapy box. It is a quality lamp which generates 99.3% UV filtered white light. Also, its bulbs are fluorescent of 55 watts guaranteeing a warm natural light. The soft light ensures it mimics the sunlight. The light therapy lamp also offers high brightness for your therapy sessions.

According to studies, kelvin reading of above 5,000K contributes to macular degeneration. Carex light therapy releases 4,000k. It is thus suitable for the treatment of SAD without any underlying side effects. Besides, studies show that a 3000K light is useful in the treatment of seasonal symptoms.

It is the brightest lamp with the best coverage. The light therapy lamp delivers 10,000 lux light intensity in a broad field of illumination. Also, the light meets clinical guidelines guaranteeing effective light therapy.

Studies recommend that your therapy light should be slightly above the eye level and angled downwards. With this lamp, it is easy to achieve such a position. It is very flexible you can adjust it from downwards and upwards.



If you suffer from SAD or insomnia, then it will be worth to invest in a lamp that has higher lux and broader coverage. You get carex daylight classic plus lamp at an affordable price. Besides, it guarantees you exceptional performance. Made from quality materials, the lamb assures durability and efficacy in performance.


The lamp features a therapy brightness setting and therapy brightness setting. Besides, it is highly portable. Carex daylight classic plus lamp has two pivots which are adjustable at the end of the extended arm. You can thus move the arm vertically. Also, you can adjust the angle of the light by moving it either downwards or upwards. Its excellent coverage and adjustability assure a comfortable therapy session.

The bulbs are replaceable and flicker-free. When the bulbs burn out, you can replace with new ones instead of having to buy a new device. Also, the bulbs filter 99.3% of UV radiation. You can enjoy your light therapy session without the fear of radiation.


Environmental therapy experts recommend light therapy lamps that have between 3000-5000K. It ensures that your therapy lamp mimics the sunlight. Carex light therapy has a 4000K temperature. Thus, it is safe on your eyes. It also offers warmth similar to the sunlight. The lamp offers 10,000 lux light intensity; thus, your sessions will not go for hours. Besides, it is large, hence providing extensive coverage. You can lean on your chair in a comfortable position and get a quality amount of light.

Safety and Power

Carex daylight classic plus lamp meets all the standard requirements set for therapeutic use. Professionals and experts highly recommend it. For years, it topped the list of the highly recommended light therapy by Center for Environmental Therapeutics. It is a group of clinicians and experts researching environmental therapeutics.

Besides, it is affordable and a quality device. It also features a quick-change bulb. Thus, you can easily maintain your bulbs and replace the burnt-out without any tools. It also has a 250-square- inch face. Hence, your therapy sessions will not last long.

The wavelength of the light generated by the lamp is safe. Carex light therapy is cool white. As mentioned earlier, it uses fluorescent bulbs. Also, the light therapy lamp has a plexiglass diffuser which absorbs 99.3% of UV radiation.

3 Year Warranty

The guaranteed warranty ensures it maintains its top position among its competitors. You can rest assured that the carex light therapy lamp will last more than three years. Any breakdown that occurs during a usual lamp usage will get replaced by the company.

carex light therapy lamp

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  • Generates 10,000 lux light intensity
  • Easy to replace light bulbs
  • You can customize the brightness to suit your comfort.
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it highly portable.
  • It helps in readjusting your circadian rhythm if you suffer from a sleep disorder.
  • It helps ease SAD symptoms.
  • It increases your focus and attention hence productivity.
  • It is the brightest light therapy lamp in the market. Thus you enjoy sunshine benefits even in winter seasons.
  • Relieve Jetlag symptoms.


  • It is unattractive. While the size of the light therapy lamp is to enhance its performance, some people say it makes it unattractive. The good thing is that the benefits here outweigh the disadvantage.
  • The lamp generates 108 watts. Thus it releases a lot of heat. Therefore, you will feel hot after your light therapy session. Since you have an assurance of zero UV radiation, the temperature should not be a problem.

Customer Reviews

The light lamb has an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. The reviewers loved it for its brightness and efficacy. Most of the customers give positive feedback on how their winter and fall session feels more relaxed. Below are some of the reviews

I bought the lamp so cheaply that I was using it while consciously waiting for it to break down at any moment. Surprisingly, it is still in good condition even after three years of use. 

Since I was young, I have been a legendary insomniac. I tried three different medications all in vain. Then, I heard of light therapy lamp and decided to go with an affordable one. I am now getting more than 6 hours of sleep. I can’t recommend the Carex light lamp highly enough! 

I love its brightness. It helps me get rid of the doldrums of long, dark, and cold winter nights. I can now sleep like a baby. 

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Our Verdict

Using a quality light therapy lamp will help you fight anxiety and SAD without any side effects. It will help you control the body’s internal clock during the gloomy winter and fall seasons. Its coverage, adjustability, brightness, and temperature are what make it stand out as the best light therapy lamp.

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