Melatonin, the sleeping hormone is only produced when there is darkness. Whenever there is light in the room, its production immediately stops.

After you go to bed and turn off the lights, the body undergoes a lot of stress when you try to wake up in the dark leading to the disruption of the body o’clock. The body gets into a state of confusion, thinking that it is still night when you try to wake up. The result is becoming too sleepy when it is time to wake up and staying alert when you need to sleep. To get the best rest in the evening, you need to avoid intense light in the evening. Even so, when you wake up in darkness, you will still feel sleepy.

Philips Wake-Up Light 2The best solution is to get a device that can produce light that resembles the sun into your bedroom. One such light is the Philips wake-up light.

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Philips wake-up light Reviews

The Philips wake-up light is a top quality and highly effective product that provides you with better value than the standard alarm clocks. It is not super costly, but you can find it at a mid-range price. The design of the lamp is subtle and straightforward, giving you the option of using it as an alarm or reading bedside lamp.

It measures 9.9 inches by 4.6 inches by 9.2 inches, making it one of the biggest wake-up light lamps in the market. The lamp is quite more substantial than you would expect as it weighs 3.6 pounds. Even still, it has an incredible design and looks to be sleek. The lamp does not need any assembly for it to function. Since it does not have any auxiliary ports or USB ports, you only need to plug in the lamp to electricity. Since it does not have any built-in battery, the alarm may lose its functionality when there is no power.

Configuring the Philips wake-up light is very simple. You first need to start by setting the time, which is very easy to read. You can as well quickly find the side buttons and home interface buttons. The interface buttons include the menu, a select, plus and minus button. The side buttons will give you control over the brightness of the lamp and the FM radio. Once you press the menu, you can get access to the intensity of the device, the alarms, time, and sounds.

The lamp has two different alarm systems that you can configure to use at different times. One for the weekdays and one for the weekends.

Waking up using the alarm

A fantastic factor about the Philips wake-up light is that it lights up 20 to 40 minutes earlier before you wake up. You are the one that sets the time. The lights gradually start with a dim red glow, building momentum to orange, yellow, and finishing with a white bright. At this time, it starts to play one of the ringtones that you have chosen in a pleasant and clear sound. The alarm features five amazing tones that include; seaside, Zen garden, Gentle piano, Birds in the Forest and bird song. You also have the option of playing your favorite radio station. If you want to snooze, you only need to touch the top of the device, and the alarm will snooze for nine extra minutes. During this period, you can soak in the light that the lamp produces and enjoy some therapeutic benefit before finally waking up. Once the snooze time is up, the volume will increase again, raising form low to high. You never have to worry about the light overheating since it comes from modern LEDs. The lamp does not consume a lot of power. It helps you save on energy.

Helping With Sleep

As the alarm and light can help you wake up on time, the light from the lamp can as well help you sleep naturally and in peace. Your body can sense if it is day or night. Unless you have been avoiding light the whole day, your body knows when it is day and will keep you awake until it senses darkness and makes you sleepy. During this period, many people are usually stressing out since they lack sleep.

What-are-the-Benefits-of-Wakeup-Light-AlarmsThe process is very similar to how the light works when waking you up. However, it is in reverse. Instead of the light increasing in brightness, it will decrease in intensity, from a bright white to an orange, and finally to a red before dimming off. As it does do, you can also listen to one of the audio from the lamp. During this period, your body becomes aware of the light that is fading. It, therefore, gets ready for a night of deep sleep.

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More uses

Even though the primary purposes for the Philips wake-up light is to work as an alarm, there are other features that it has which you may find to be of benefit. For instance, the lamp contains FM radio capabilities which you can use to listen to your favorite radio station. It, however, does not have any auxiliary ports or USB. You can also use the lamp as a source of reading light. By adjusting the level of brightness to 20, you will find the right brightness balance without having to strain your eyes. You can also place it on your bedside to act as a night light but on a low light setting. The price tag on the lamp is quite high. But when you consider all the benefits that it is bringing to the table, it is worth the price.

Benefits of the Philips wake-up light

  • The lamp will help you wake up feeling energetic. You no longer have to battle with drowsiness every time that you wake up.
  • It will help increase your concentration power.
  • It uses quality tunes that are pleasing to the ear that you listen to when waking up
  • It helps to get rid of the urge to go back and sleep
  • It has features that are easy to operate.
  • You can use the lamp to help you sleep faster if you feel to be insomniac
  • It does not consume a lot of power hence energy efficient
  • The lamp uses LEDs that do not release a lot of heat.
  • You can listen to the radio if you do not like the soundtracks that are for the device
  • You can, therefore, fall asleep naturally and comfortably.

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  • When you touch the lamp accidentally when it is running, it will immediately start snoozing for nine minutes.

More about the Philips wake-up light

If you occasionally suffer from depression or mood loss, the Philips wake-up light can do an excellent job in energizing you and raising our mood. For many people, mood loss occurs during winter due to the loss of the sun. However, the Philips wake-up light combats this by simulating the sun through producing orange and red hues that compare to that of a sunrise.

If you are suffering from depression, you should also consider taking more action, such as taking on SAD blue light therapy. The light is highly effective on a light sleeper as it wakes them and keeps them stimulated and energized. Such benefits may not happen for a heavy sleeper. This therapy light is meant to be the replacement for your digital clock. The bulb has a touch screen surface with a well visible digital clock. If you want a peaceful way you can wake-up, the Philips wake-up light is your best option. You only need to set a time to get up in the morning, and the lamp gradually creates an artificial sunrise. If you do not feel like rising early, you can touch anywhere on the lamp, and it will automatically snooze.

What other say:

“A lot of people seem to be complaining about the lack of volume control but it’s not at all ear-piercing. I have no hearing difficulties and the volume doesn’t bother me. If there’s an issue with the volume, another user suggested taping cotton pads to it–worth trying out.”

                                                                                                                        ~ Joy Ying

“Affordable brand name wake up light. I just wanted the wake up light feature and didn’t want to break my wallet. It comes with Alarm function which is a plus. Although I use Amazon Echo to set up my own alarm.”

                                                                                                                        ~ Bu Mup

Summing up

The Philips wake-up light a good option for reading; however, its light is not omnidirectional. You will also find a hard time to turn off the Wake-up light since the lamp does not illuminate its buttons that are at the top of the lamp just behind the bulb. You may require to use another lamp to see the buttons that you want. The most interesting bit about the light is the red hue that it produces that simulates the sunset. By programing a simulated evening, you are preparing your body to feel sleepy, which will ultimately lead to you sleeping faster. The light on the appliance dims until it goes off. The room becomes darker, and sleep becomes inevitable. When you want to wake up early, you have to set the timer on the lamp. When it gets to morning, the lamp emulates a sunrise where the lamp starts lighting with a dim red light till it produces a super bright white light.

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