Over time, cosmetic scientists have come up with various techniques to help the surface of their clients maintain their elasticity, thereby preventing it from sagging, which leads to aging. One of the inventions made by these scientists is microdermabrasion.

The essence of microdermabrasion is to help in collagen production, which in turn leads to new cells resurfacing on the skin. This then reciprocates to the skin looking supple and healthy. The process of microdermabrasion is much similar to a chemical peel, but the main difference is that chemical peels use the chemical as the name suggests. Here we look at Mary Kay timewise microdermabrasion set and what sets it apart from other exfoliators.

Read on and learn more on this world-class microdermabrasion product and why you should consider adding it to your beauty regimen.

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Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Set Reviews

Mary Kay is a humongous cosmetic company that does not require an elaborate introduction, especially in the USA. It is a leader in the cosmetic industry which was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. Before this bold move, this extraordinary lady had worked as a direct sales representative for almost 25 years. This gave her the confidence to persuade people to buy the different brands she was representing and thus, the experience came in handy when she decided to launch her line of beauty products.

When she finally launched her business, Mary Kay decided to venture into direct sales as she felt she had more experience in that area. She also thought that this form of marketing would be pleasing to women who could sell the products part-time and still attend to their other duties.

Mark Kay has a wide range of products that range from skincare, makeup and fragrances. One of their sought-after products is the Mary Kay timewise microdermabrasion set. This is a gentle exfoliating product that decongests the skin pores to deliver polished and younger-looking skin instantly.


This is a two-part product that includes a topical exfoliator and a post-treatment moisturizer.

Step 1: Refine features aluminium crystals as the primary abrasive agent. This is the same ingredient found in high-end microdermabrasion treatments in dermatology offices and the spas. The difference is seen in the mode of application. Furthermore, this product is free of parabens and sulfates, which are known to irritate the skin.

Step 2 is replenished and is applied as an after treatment to calm the skin after the exfoliating process. It works to hasten the rejuvenation of skin cells, soothes the skin and helps it to restore the balance.

The two serums work together to nourish the skin from underneath through enhanced microcirculation. The oxygen brought on top of the skin stimulate circulation for smooth and radiant skin. The system also reduces the appearance of pores by cleaning away the impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate inside and around pores leading to the stretching of their walls. Decongesting these pores helps improve their appearance by making them less conspicuous


The most exciting aspect of this set is its ease of application. Wet the face and apply a small amount of microdermabrasion Refine massaging it gently into skin using your fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Follow the process with the step to replenish to calm the skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Use the set twice or thrice in a week and do not use this set in conjunction with other acne treatment products. Individuals with sensitive skin should use this product less often. Also, some people may experience some redness in the area being treated. This is due to blood flow in that area and should not be a cause of alarm.


mary kay timewise microdermabrasion set

It is a two-step system

The system relies on a combination of creams which work to produce maximum results. The system exfoliates and strengthens from below using step 1 of microdermabrasion while step 2 replenish from above soothing the skin and helping it to restore its balance.

Offers instant results

This two-step system gives you a polished look in a few as one use. It will immediately improve your skin’s texture, the appearance of fine lines and makes the pores appear a bit smaller.

Gentle on skin

Unlike many microdermabrasion products which contain harsh chemicals, Mary kay timewise microdermabrasion uses mild ingredients that are kind to your skin. The item is oil and fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin and want to avoid heavy chemicals, then this microdermabrasion from Mary kay could be your perfect choice.

Easy to use

The set is complicated and does not require an elaborate process. You just have to follow a simple exfoliating routine, and you will be able to experience a difference in the appearance of your face and neck.

Rinse off easily

This product is oil-free and so does not stick to your skin. You can easily remove it from your face with water

Multiple benefits

The microdermabrasion set will not exfoliate your skin to deliver a glowing experience. Still, you will also notice a significant difference in the appearance of pores, wrinkles, fine lines, acne and sunspots.


  • Some customers complained that step 1 is too abrasive for their sensitive skin and has led to irritations.
  • Another customer complained of an outdated product which was four years old

Customers’ Reviews

“This is the only product that has ever kept my face breakout free. The microdermabrasion scrubs deep clean, while the replenish minimizes your pores. I’m delighted happy with this product! It also arrived on the day it was promised, sealed & elegantly packaged.”-B

Another user remarked;

“This is a staple that I have used for years. The fine texture of the exfoliation is better than any I have found. It works well, once a week is all you need…the lotion is the best. I use it all the time as a daily moisturizer. I know this stuff well, and this was the real deal unlike some I have purchased.”-jennypoo

Although thousands of customers were impressed by the effectiveness of this set, there are a handful of users who reported adverse effects. Individuals with delicate skin should avoid pressing the crystals hard against their skin during step 1 of microdermabrasion. Instead, use your fingertips and allow the crystals to dissolve naturally into the skin.

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In conclusion

Mary kay’s microdermabrasion kit is unique in all sense of the word. This kit eliminates brushes and pads and instead offers a combination of two serum to deliver optimal exfoliating results. The first step cream is designed to strip the face of dead cells and environmental pollution that has accumulated over time. The cream has micro-crystals that removes all this dirt, revealing a clean, fresh look underneath.

However, because the new surface is susceptible, the replenish cream steps in to nourish and hydrate, giving your skin a glowing appearance. This best microdermabrasion kit is free of harmful chemicals and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. Use the product as guided by the manufacturer, and you will be sure to reap maximum benefits.

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