This especially happens when skin starts to lose its elasticity due to low collagen levels that also leads to other problems such as the formation of wrinkles, fines lines, sagging skin, dark spots and other inflammations around the eye area.

Hooded eyesBesides loss of skin elasticity, several other causes may lead to hooded eyes. Some of these include exposure to much sun, lack of sleep, fatigue and some medical conditions such as  PTOSIS, mainly caused by the aging process though there are children born with the condition, and nerve problems. Severe droopy eyelids if left unattended may also affect your sight and make you look less appealing.

Many of the eye creams in the market do not hide the hoods and definitely not many  MAKEUP  products do too. However, you can choose to lift your eyelids back by using some makeup tricks, some special  EYE CREAMS  or minor eye lifting surgeries. Surgeries are expensive and even though some of the makeup tricks work wonders, they take too much of your time and routine. instead of this, we reviewed some of the best eye lift cream for hooded eyes in the market that will not only help to lift your eyes but will leave the skin around your eyes refreshed, nourished and moisturized.

Our Top Picks of the Best Eye Lift Cream for Hooded Eyes

Beauty Bio the Beholder: Lifting Eyes & Lid Cream

Getting hooded eyes is a natural occurrence but you can reverse the effects of gravity to lift your eyes again by using one of the best eye lifting creams in the market. Beauty Bio Beholder changes the look of your tired brows and lids by restoring the youthful contour of the eyelids. The cream also brightens the eye area leaving you looking brighter and the skin looking firmer than before. The cream gets rid of all the puffiness, dark circles, eye bags and the sagging. The easy to dispense cream is lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. Besides lifting the eyelids, Beauty Bio is a great moisturizer that gives the eye area all day long skin hydration and improves the collagen levels that help with the skins elasticity.

Eve Serum by Olay

Olay is a leader in makeup and beauty products and has been in the market long enough to know what everyone wants. For people with hooded eyes, dark circles and under eye bags, the eye serum by Olay is one of the best solutions in the market. With a formulation specifically created for the sensitive eye area, the cream rejuvenates your eyes by giving the skin back its elasticity. In only two weeks after you start applying the cream, the skin looks brighter, smoother and lifted. The fragrance free formula is non-greasy and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The main ingredients in the highly potent eye serum by Olay formula are an Advanced  AMINO PEPTIDE , which are the skin’s protein building blocks, and Vitamin Complex.

The texture of the cream is velvety and it absorbs into the surface of the skin to hydrate, degravitize sagging skin, lift the eye, boost your look, brighten and firm your skin. For best results, use the cream in the morning and evening after a good cleansing of the face. Apply it all around the eye area which includes the under eyes, the outer corners of the eyes, and on the eyelids, ensuring that you smooth it in until it is all absorbed. Wake up looking fresh with eye serum by Olay and you will not need any makeup tricks to lift your eyes.

Avon New Clinical Dual Eyelift

Fatigue, the aging process, some makeup applications, diet and many other factors can make the eyes look tired and droopy. You can however bring them back to life by using Avon New Clinical Dual Eyelift that not only lifts your hooded eyes, but also gets rid of all the other imperfections around your eye area. The dual eye system cream includes the upper eye and brow bone gel. In just one week, the effective eye cream gives you visible results. The convenient two treatments in one jar cream is ideal for all skin types and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The cream besides, lifting and smoothing the skin moisturizes and feels good on the skin.

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Some people will go to any lengths to have their eyes look beautiful and alive. This is because the eyes are the things you see first in a person. Hooded eyes are a turn off for everyone and some use a lot of money or even go for surgeries to lift the eyelids up again. Using the above creams to reverse gravity is very affordable and they will save you the agony of going under the needle and anesthesia.

You also have to waste your morning routine trying out several makeup tricks to hide the dark circles, puffiness, the sagging and the droop. Get yourself any of the above eye lifting creams that contain safe products and change your looks. To find out what else you can do to give your eyes a better and younger look, read our other articles on how to get rid of EYE BAGS and other makeup and beauty products.


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