One of the most prominent and most noticeable parts of the face is the eyes. They are the windows to your face and your eyebrows are like the eye frames. You cannot apply makeup on your face without taking care of the eyes because they need to stand out. While you are using the BEST EYE CREAM for your eyes, you should always remember to shape your eyebrows accordingly and correctly.

How To Shape Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows correctly gives your eyes more expression. Actually anytime you start your makeup, your eyebrows should always come first. After you finish shaping your eyebrows, it gets easier to apply makeup on the other parts of the face. Some people may not consider it a big deal to shape their eyebrows. However, majority only have this feeling until they shape them and once they notice the difference a good shape does to the facial looks, they do not stop. In the past, the trend was to maintain thin eyebrows.

Today, not many people wear the thin shaped eyebrows but prefer strong and thick brows. One of the reasons is because thick and strong looks much more natural than thin. A lot goes into shaping eyebrows to perfection. You need to consider different things like the shape of the face, the distance between the brows, the arch of the brow itself, the BEST MAKEUP BRUSHES for the eye makeup application and much more. In this article, we take you through how to shape your eyebrows for the perfect look.

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Getting started

If you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time and you are not sure of what to do, do not try doing it on yourself. Chances are the first time may be too hard for you to accomplish a good job. Look for a specialist or a MUA to do it for you. However, if you have enough confidence, eyebrow-shaping tutorials are self-explanatory.

Another reason for seeking professional help is that you need to know what shape goes well with your facial features. You may assume you need to go with a thin line when the shape of your face and eyes would look better with an arch. Another reason why it is safe to visit a specialist the first time is that the two sides of our faces differ. This difference is highly unnoticeable unless you are keen. Both eyebrows are not identical and to correct this, you need someone that can make them look identical.

Some of us have very thick eyebrows while others have very slight hair on the brows. Shaping thick brows may prove quite a tussle for anyone shaping their brows for the first time. If you have thick eyebrows, seek help from a specialist because most probably the brows will need plucking or shaving off. With the help of your beautician, you can then master the art of trimming your brows, which will save you time and money in future.

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Methods for shaping eyebrow

People use different methods to shape their eyebrows. Below are some of the most common methods used.


Threading eyebrows goes back to many centuries ago. The origin of this technique was south Asia and the Middle East but it slowly spread to other places around the world. A cotton thread, twisted into a loop and rolled on the skin, removes the hair very fast. The loop traps the hair and a fast pull on the thread pull out the hair from its roots. Once the hair is out, it takes a while before it grows back. This is mainly because of the hair removal from the follicle. It also gives the brow a defined look because the hair comes out in a line.

Threading 2

It is not an easy technique to carry on your own, and for this reason, you may need the help of someone that knows the procedure well. However, with practise, you can learn how to control the thread and make a loop to pull out the hair. The technique is best for people with sensitive skin as there is no use of chemicals. After threading, the skin may feel a little painful for a while but the painful effects do not last wrong. Some people may also experience slight pain during the threading procedure.


Tweezing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove hair from the brows. The method grooms and maintains the shape of the brow and requires plucking of any grown hair outside the required shape of the brow. If you are tweezing for the first time, make sure you do it on bare natural eyebrows. The best and most convenient time to tweeze the brows is after a shower because during that time, the pores are open. After a shower, the skin is free from any makeup and you get a clear view of all the stray hairs.

Tweezing 2

To be completely certain that the skin does not have any residue or dirt; use a makeup wipe or remover to clean the eyebrows again. For precision, use slant tipped tweezers that gives you a better grip of the hairs. Do not rush the procedure and after you are through, cleanse and soothe the eyebrows. Do not forget to wash your tweezers with a facial cleanser and soap to eliminate any chances of bacteria growth. Tweeze only a line of hair and nothing more than that and if you cannot do your own tweezing, do not hesitate to seek help from an expert.

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If you have very thick hair that is hard to pluck off, then you should try the waxing method. The procedure is also good for people with very thin and frizzy hair. This procedure is especially painful for people with sensitive skin so you must first find out what to expect. Waxing involves the application of a thin layer of cold or hot wax on the hair that you want to get rid of.


After applying the wax, a paper or a cloth is then placed on top and pulled off fast. The rapid movement pulls out the hair from its follicles. The procedure also stretches and pulls the skin around the area of the eye and it helps to remove hair from the brow bone and to define arches. It is not a very easy procedure to do on your own, so you may need a professional to take care of the waxing.


If you are looking for a permanent way to remove your eyebrow hairs and maintain a shape that you will not keep reshaping, then you should consider electrolysis. Electrolysis destroys hair growth center using heat energy. An electrolysis fine probe goes into the hair follicle through insertion and then an electrolysis tweezers removes the hair permanently. Though the procedure does not have any permanent side effects, the immediate effects are skin reddening.

Electrolysis is also an expensive procedure and it requires several visits to the professional doing it before finally getting the results. You also have to be very careful about choosing the person to do the procedure because a simple mistake can leave you with half an eyebrow. Make sure the person you go to for the procedure has the experience and certification to carry it out to avoid disappointments.


Having a tattoo on any part of the body and especially the face is not a decision to take lightly. Eyebrow tattooing is slowly catching up especially with people that lead busy lives. The process is straightforward and it leaves you with natural looking permanent eyebrows. However, you can also choose to have semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing.


Many people shy away from tattooing because it involves ink and a brow needle that goes about a millimetre deep into the skin. After the procedure, keep your brows dry for about four days. In the first few days after tattooing, the ink is too much. This however fades away after a while, leaving you with a beautifully shaped eyebrow. The advantage of tattooing is that you can say goodbye to other methods of eyebrow shaping that take too much time. It is also an expensive procedure and only a professional can do it.


Another procedure to acquire natural looking eyebrows is by Microblading. It is one of the newest eyebrow shaping procedures in the market. Though it is very similar to tattooing, Microblading is not a permanent procedure. The results last for between one and three years and just like tattooing, the procedure involves the insertion of ink into the skin and a digital pen to create the required hair strokes.


Unlike tattoo ink, Microblading ink does not go too deep into the skin. The process is a two way process where the first phase is the Microblading itself followed by a touch up six weeks later. After the six years, you have the option of going for yearly touch-ups. The procedure is expensive but it requires very little maintenance. The good thing is you can go to sleep and wake up with wonderful looking eyebrows without the need to tweeze, wax or thread.

Eyebrow shapes for different types of faces

Many people are not aware that one eyebrow shape does not fit all facial features. You need the right kind of eyebrow to go with the shape of your face for that ultimately gorgeous look. You need a shape to compliment your features to avoid looking ridiculous. Below are different eyebrow shapes for various facial features.

Round-shaped Face

People with round faces should never settle for thin eyebrow shapes because they exaggerate the roundness of the face. What a round faced person needs is an eyebrow shape with a gentle arch. Pluck off very few hairs from your eyebrows because the thicker the eyebrows, the less round the face will appear.


Square-shaped face

People with square faces need to keep their face looking subtle and gentle and the best eyebrow shape, would be a soft curve. The curve should be from the middle of the brow to end. This outer edge slight curve will give you a gentle subtle look that takes does not exaggerate the square shape of the face much.

Oval-shaped face

People with oval faces are luckier than most of the others because almost every eyebrow shape goes well with their features. However as much as you can rock any eyebrow shape, you have to go easy on the arch of the eyebrow. If you extend the arch too much, it will exaggerate the length of your face.

Heart-shaped face

Many people with heart shaped faces tend to look angular. If you think you have an angular shaped face, then the best eyebrow shape to go with would be a circular one. Go for slightly arched circular brows that will not exaggerate the angular features of your face.

Long-shaped face

For people with long shaped faces, go for a flat brow shape to make the appearance of the face shorter.

Diamond-shaped face

People with diamond shaped faces appear to have some parts of their faces look wider. For these kinds of people, the best brow shape would be a curve that reduces the width of the widest part of the face.

How to choose the best eyebrow specialist

The eyes are very sensitive parts of the body and you should be very careful whom you let near them. If you are not in a position to do your own eyebrow shaping, you need to look for a trusted and professional specialist to do it. Below are some of the things to take into consideration when choosing the right person to shape your eyebrows.


The foremost important factor to take into consideration is the licensing of the specialist. Confirm that the right regulated government bodies have granted him the go ahead to practise. If you are not sure about his accreditations and licences, then look for another one.

Training and professionalism

Confirm that the specialist you want to handle your eyebrows has enough training to do so. If it is waxing, tweezing or threading, make sure that the person has enough training on hair removal. For more complex eyebrow shaping procedures, it would be wiser to look for an aesthetician, electrolysis professional or cosmetologist that specifically specialises on eyebrow shaping. If it is tattooing, look for cosmetic tattoo artist.


Referrals are very important because in most cases they lead you to the right people. Ask your friends, work colleagues and family about the specialists they know and if possible, ask to see photographs of their work. Check out how much the specialist charge for consultation and compare prices with others.


Hygiene is very important because having anyone touch your body in a dirty place could lead to health issues. Some of the procedures like threading are very sensitive and if handled with dirty hands, it could cause some infections. The place needs to be spotless clean and all the products have to be new and if possible sterilised. Do not take any chances if the place does not please you.


Going for some of these procedures like threading, waxing and tweezing takes so much of your time and costs. Look for someone that is willing to train you to DIY in order to save on costs and time. You can however visit them occasionally when you need more and better-refined looks.

Eyebrow shaping tips

The following easy eyebrow shaping tips work well for everyone irrespective of the facial features.


Where to start

The starting point of your brow shaping is very important. You cannot start from any part of the brow because you may end up doing a shoddy job. The right place to start your brow shaping should be at the bridge of your nose.

Do not fake the shape of the brow

Many people try to fake their brows by drawing them with pencils cream or gel. Always follow the natural contour of your eyebrow for better results. The eyebrow products you use are to enhance and not to change anything.

Enhance the brow arch

Focus more on the natural arch and enhance it to give it more body and a natural grow. You can achieve this by using the best eye cream. Blend all your makeup perfectly to come up with an enchanting and exciting finish.


Precision is very important if you are to get the shape you need. Do not let the brows look messy because you could not shape them with precision. If you do not know how, let a specialist do it for you. Before you start shaping, make sure your hands are in a comfortable position, you have a mirror in front of you and you have all the right equipment you need. Also, make sure that your face is clean and dry.

Add a concealer above and underneath the eyebrows

A concealer above and underneath the eyebrows defines the shapes even more making them look neater. Make sure you use the correct makeup brushes for the brows in order to achieve the best results. Blend the concealer outward to give you a seamless brighter look and make sure you apply it in sharp lines before blending.

Wrapping it up

Eyebrow shaping can be a real struggle especially if you are doing it for the first time. Many people do not know what the best shaping procedures are and what shapes go well with the facial features. The above information will help you in shaping your eyebrows better and in choosing the right shapes to go well with your face structure and shape. You can always seek help from a specialist if you have no clue how to go about it. Create a natural flawless finish by creating the best eyebrow shapes and do away with the struggles.

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