Over the years, several different types of mascara’s have found their way into the market. All of them have different qualities and meet different needs.

A Mascara is one of the few makeup products that can make your eyes pop. It can fill up your look and hide away any tired look your eyes may have, accentuate and make you look like the best version of yourself. The market is flowing with different mascara brands with all claiming to be better than the other. However, not very mascara can work well with your skin. We identified the top 10 Mascara products that are currently leading in the market.


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The Top 10 Best Mascara Products in the Market

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Having made a great talk on the internet, the lash princess by Essence comes with a conical fiber brush that makes the lashes appear to be slightly long and have a dramatic volume. It has an elegantly deep color that can very well be used for any setting. The Essence Lash Princess is gluten-free, allowing everybody to use the product and experience the false lash effect. The price is interestingly low since it does not come with any wrapping or secondary packing. It is not waterproof. However, it can last an entire day. The Essence Lash Princess is not tested on any animals and 100% committed to serving the environment.

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara

If you are looking for a product that anyone can use to get a fuller look, the Voluminous Original mascara is what you need. The mascara has been tested and verified by an Ophthalmologist. It is free from any allergens and can be used anyone with sensitive eyes or anyone wearing a contact lens. The mascara’s formula does not allow clumping.

It comes with a volume maximizing brush that evenly builds the lashes to 5 times their natural thickness. The brush helps you apply the mascara and get a smooth look without any flakes. The best way to use the mascara is by gently brushing the eyelashes from the base to the tip. You can easily remove the mascara with soap and water.

When using the Voluminous Original mascara, always be hygienic when handling areas around the eyes. To be safe, it is essential that you avoid applying the product while in a moving car. Also, you should not dilute the mascara with any product. Always leave the product tightly closed when not using it. If you notice any change in color or odor, you should discontinue using it immediately. You should not use the product if you have an eye injury or infection.

Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première – Artistic Volume Mascara

The Vivienne Sabo mascara is the best when it comes to creating a sophisticated classic look. By only one coat, you can get a deep-black soft fanned out look. The Vivienne Sabo mascara is smudge proof and is made with a lightweight formula that gives the lashes a beautiful look without any flakes or clumps. Only high-quality ingredients are used while creating the product guaranteeing an optimal and long lasting performance. The Vivienne Sabo mascara is cruelty-free. To apply appropriately, brush the mascara from the root to the tip and wiggle to adequately cover all the eyelashes.

Maybelline Makeup Volum’ Express Mascara

The Maybelline Makeup Volum’ Express is loved by many due to the volume it gives your lashes. The Maybelline Makeup Volum’ Express is made with a volume plumping formula with collagen. With just one brush coating, you can create 9x the volume achieving dramatic results without any clumps. You can get the Maybelline Makeup Volum’ Express in two pigmented shades: Glam back and Classic black.

To attain the best results, you should sweep the brush from the base to the top. You should always let the mascara set in between applications so that the lashes do not clump. You should never apply more than two coats of the mascara. Use the liner before the mascara. If you reverse the process, the mascara may smudge and clump the lashes together. You may also not get as close as possible to the lash line.

Maybelline Makeup Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara

The Maybelline Makeup Full ‘N Soft mascara gives you thick and full lashes that are as soft as silk. The product contains a thickening formula that contains vitamin E giving your lashes a healthy look. The Mascara is nourishing and hypoallergenic. It prevents the lashes from falling out. An ophthalmologist tested and certified the mascara for use by contact lens wearers. It is made with a quick dissolve system feature that allows the mascara to be easily and quickly removable. As a safety precaution, it is important not to let the product to get into the eye. Avoid applying the mascara in a moving vehicle. If you notice any change in color or smell of the product, cease from using it immediately.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara

The Maybelline Lash Sensational is a mascara that can add to the confidence, suave and sophistication of your personality. The Mascara comes with the first patented fanning brush that has ten layers of bristles which help in revealing a full flourish of lashes. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara unfolds the multiple layers of the lashes that most mascara’s do not even reach. With 90 to 150 lashes on the upper lid and 70 to 80 on the lower eyelid, the Maybelline Lash Sensational unfolds every layer coating from all the sides to give an extra sensational impact. An ophthalmologist tests of the ultra-black fresh liquid formula indicates that it is safe for use by users that wear contact lenses.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara Plus Lush Primer

The two in one mascara and primer work hand in hand for better lush length and volume. To get the best results, you should use the primer first to create an even base for the mascara. The base is crucial as it heightens the effects of the mascara. A rich coating of mascara will then build to extreme lengths and heights. The Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara comes with a mascara wand with specially molded bristles that separate to lashes to produce a dramatic look without any clumping. While applying, it is vital to first allow the primer to dry before starting with the mascara. To create an even fuller effect, focus the second coat of the mascara to the lashes in the central region of the eyes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more dramatic look, focus the second coat on the lashes in the outer regions of the eyes.

AsaVea 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

With just one single application, the AsaVea 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara assures you of a luxurious and flawless look with beautiful dramatic and bold lashes. Only one round of use is enough to compliment your overall makeup allowing you to stand out. It is made with ingredients that make it safe to use for users that wear lenses. The AsaVea 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara is waterproof. You do not have to worry about smudging or streaking when exposed to water or tears. When applying, the mascara coats every lash, maximizing the volume, curl and the length. It is smooth and creamy and does not clump, flake or dry out. The company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if the AsaVea 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara does not meet your needs.

Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

The Stila Lash Mascara provides you with a bigger, bolder and blacker look on your lashes with only one coat. The mascara is made with a formula that makes it soft and clumps free. Once you apply on your lashes, the lash remains soft and not crunchy. The properties in use make it safe for use by users that wear lenses. You can have the mascara on for long hours without any fear of smudges. To properly apply the mascara, start from the base of the lashes sweeping the wand upwards and outwards.

Natural Organic Mascara

The Natural Organic Mascara is made from natural organic matter. The organic matter used can promote your eyelashes to grow. It does not contain any toxic or chemical elements. The formula used is waterproof, safeguarding you from any unnecessary embarrassment of ruining your makeup. It comes with a silicone brush head that is elastic, soft and comfortable to use. You can use it to curl your eyelashes. Even with it being waterproof, you can remove the mascara by using a makeup remover.

Two very identifiable categories that classify Mascaras are waterproof or washable.

Which is better, waterproof or washable?


Washable Mascara

The name itself speaks in mass about the two categories. However, there is more to the characteristics rather than how well they can hold up on a rainy day. Washable mascaras are made with a high water content making them very easy to remove. Due to their solubility in water, they are very flexible on the eyes making them the best to use when looking at the general health of the eyelashes. Waterproof mascaras, on the other hand, do not have a lot of water content in then hence they easily dry down holding the lashes together. It may pose some risk to the overall health of your lashes as you can lose your lashes due to the pulling that happens at the root.

Since washable mascaras do not thoroughly dry down, they allow the free movement of lashes even when touched or when they come into contact with the lenses of your glasses. Washable mascaras are also very easy to remove. You can use water, or any makeup remover to get rid of the mascara. Even with all the benefits aligning themselves with the washable mascaras, they too have a downside. Since the washable mascara does not dry completely, they can leave dark marks of the lower part of the eye. To make it worse, when exposed to tears or water, the washable mascara smudges all around the eyes.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras, on the other hand, may contain a minimal amount of water content or none at all. They, therefore, can last even when exposed to any wet conditions. Even so, they can still lave traces of dark marks on the lower part of the eyes. However, the marks are not as distinguishable as the smudging and smearing often associated with the washable mascara. One of the most significant benefits of using the waterproof mascara is their ability to last over a long period. If you are looking to get rid of this kind of mascara, you need to use an oil cleanser or a particular type of eye make-up remover that can gently remove the makeup from the eyes to reduce the risks of lash loss.

Every mascara in the market promises to satisfy various needs. Some promise to lengthen, separate, curl, and increase in volume. They all have different formulas that allow them to deliver the said promises. Some mascaras are made to be thick. When you apply such a mascara on the lashes, they tend to cling onto each other giving the illusion of a more abundant and bushier lash line. In the same respect, whenever you use a very thin mascara, the focus changes to individual lashes making them appear to be longer than average.

The Importance of the Mascara Brush

Even as important as the mascara is the type of brush. Every Mascara has a brush that can be used to optimize the performance. How do you select the right brush and mascara combo? Here is just what you need to look for.

One of the classic methods that have long been in use when applying mascara is the use of a brush with bristles. Looking like a magic wand of make-up, the brush with brittles comes with different lengths, sizes, and shapes. Each of them provides a different effect. The bristles are perfect to use if you are looking at achieving a fanned out result and longer brows. One new type of brush that is becoming more common than the traditional bristles is a brush made with rubber teeth. These brushes can be tailored to meet the specific mascara needs and deliver the expected results for any mascara in the market. Even with extended use, mascara does not get stuck in between the teeth of the brush.

Whichever type of brush you decide to use, it is important to note that a brush with longer bristles is best if you are looking for longer eyelashes. If you want a brush that can cover every area and still get to touch on the small lashes in the inner corner of the eye, you should consider getting an oval-shaped brush with a pointed tip. If you are looking to achieve significant volume, find a bristle brush that has an hourglass shape. Also, small brushes with short teeth may help when you want size. However, they may not deliver when it comes to length.

How to Properly Remove Your Mascara


You run a risk of losing all your lashes in a few years if you do not take special care when getting rid of your mascara. It is essential to take a few minutes every time and use a mascara removal to reduce the risks of pulling out lashes and causing extensive root damage. A good mascara remover breaks the mascara while still on the eyes making it easy to wipe away without any necessary pressure.

One good process you can employ when taking off your makeup is by first wiping off everything else apart from the eyelashes using a makeup-removing wipe. Then, you can follow with applying an oil cleanser on the lashes that will break down the mascara making it easy to wipe away. You can then finish off by giving your face a quick rinse with warm water and a good cleanser. An alternative option is by using a moist makeup wipe when you do not have an oil cleanser lying around. The trick would be in holding the wet wipe onto the lashes for a few minutes to give the mascara time to break away and wipe away without necessarily adding any pressure.

Summing Up

A mascara alone cannot make you stand out. You need to have a good makeup kit that the mascara can compliment. If you are using a concealer or a moisturizer on your face, make sure to apply the mascara last to prevent any cases of clumping. You may also apply a mascara to make the eyes pop and hide any eye bags that may be present. However for better results you may need to acquire a good eye cream.

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