You can start by ensuring that your concealer and mascara respects the rights of animals.

You can then proceed and ensure that the brushes you use are cruelty-free. You can do so by turning to synthetic vegan brushes. There are several reasons why synthetic brushes are more favorable to use. The brushes are more natural to wash, can last longer and blend with liquid makeup better. They are also hypoallergenic and cost much less than brushes made from animal fur.

Best-cruelty-free-makeup-brushesHowever, finding the right synthetic brush to use is like playing the game of chances. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you know that nothing else can replace a good quality makeup brush set especially when contouring, or creating a blurred lip effect. You need to get a quality brush at a reasonable price range and one that does not use animal-based fibers.

Here are some of the best synthetic brushes that you can use with your beauty regime.

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Top 5 Best Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes Reviews

13 Bamboo Makeup Brushes Professional Set by Cleof

The 13 Bamboo Makeup Brushes Professional Set by Cleof offers you an authentic and natural beauty experience through the vegan and eco-friendly set of brushes. The collection of 13 brushes includes more than 10,000 silky, which is more than the standard 3000 to 5000 bristles, and soft fine density brushes that are vegan and eco-friendly towards the environment. They are from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants, and they use synthetic bristles instead of hairs from animals. They help you to pick up and distribute makeup better on the skin from various powders, to liquids together with creams and minerals. The brushes are super soft due to a combination of tiny bristles resulting in a flawless application of your favorite makeup. The brushes do not shed when washed, and they clean better than other brushes in the same category. They, therefore, can last for a very long time. The brushes have been tested and certified to be effective by professionals in the beauty industry as well as makeup gurus. They provide you with the same luxurious feeling and function you get from brushes that cost ten times more. This high-quality brush set comes with a full 100 percent lifetime warranty.

Thin Waists Makeup Brushes 10Pcs Premium Makeup Brush Set by Zoreya

The Zoreya slim waist makeup brushes consist of four big brushes and six precision brushes. Four of the brushes are facial brushes while six brushes help in the application of makeup around the eyes and lips. They have a classic patent slim waist design that gives it a chic look and makes it a unique gift. They come together with a protective vegan leather clutch bag that allows you to travel around with the brushes conveniently. The brushes consist of premium soft and dense synthetic bristles that are soft on the skin and are 100 percent vegan-friendly. You can use the brushes to apply powders, creams, and liquids without soaking up the makeup, giving you a uniform complexion. They do not scratch or poke the skin during the makeup application and blending process. The brushes are suitable for use by both beginners and makeup enthusiasts. The company promises to provide a 100 percent refund if you find the makeup brushes to be unsatisfactory.

Aphrolight Vegan Blush Brush for Foundation Contour Powder

If you are looking for a cruelty-free and vegan brush you can use to apply blush; you should consider the Aphrolight Vegan Blush Brush for Foundation Contour Powder. It has soft angles that can deposit just the right amount of pigments on the cheeks to give you a dramatic or soft look. You can use the brush when stippling, buffing, contouring, blending and finishing. Its bristles are from high-quality fibers that help you to apply to cover powder, makeup, and minerals without absorbing the products on the brush delivering a flawless look without shedding. The brush handle is made from wood and has toxic-free glue that keeps it non-slip, giving you control as you handle the brush. Since it is environmentally friendly, it protects your skin. The brushes are easy to clean and maintain. It has a 12 months guarantee and a 30-day no questions return policy.

EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush Made with Recycled and Sustainable Materials

When looking for brushes to use with your makeup, you want to use high-quality options that can provide you with instant gratification. As such, the EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush Made with Recycled and Sustainable Materials is one of the best products you can use. EcoTools is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of earth-friendly brushes that are pocket-friendly. The EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush is one of these products. It is made with synthetic Taklon bristles that are 100 percent cruelty-free. The brush does not shed after washing. You can use it when applying a cream or liquid foundation to get an even and flawless finish. The brush has a recycled aluminum ferrule together with a sleek bamboo handle that makes the application comfortable. The shape of the bristles makes it suitable for use when applying a concealer along the nose and under the eyes. The brush air-dries for about 12 to 14 hours.

Real Techniques Cruelty-Free Expert Face Brush

The Real Techniques Cruelty-Free Expert Face Brush is famous around the world due to its performance and affordability. The expert face brush is one of the foundation brushes in the line of brushes. The brushes maintain a color code with the base brushes having copper handles. The eye brushes having purple handles and the finishing brushes with pink handles. Since the expert face brush is one of the base brushes it has a coper-golden colored handle. Its handle is light to use and has a broad base that enables the brush to stand on its own. It is made of Taklon synthetic bristles that are soft on the skin. The bristles are densely packed, giving you a smooth application even on a rough skin surface. It is made for use on liquid foundations, creams, powder blushes, and face powders.

Summing Up

Irrespective of how good your makeup products are, you need equally useful makeup tools.  The tools give you an option to take a stand against the cruelty of animals since many brushes come from animal hair, which is not at all glamorous when you consider the ordeal the animals have to face. You can only ensure that your beauty product is cruelty-free only if you use synthetic brushes. Today, synthetic brushes are super soft and have luxurious fibers. On top of that, they are easy to wash and disinfect, making them more desirable for use by professional makeup artists.

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