Use a hand cream during the day – leave one by the sink, one by the desk, and one in your handbag – and you will see the positive effect it will have on your hand. If you do not like the feel of heavy cream, you can try a lotion; lotions are more watery and lighter.

best-hand-creamAnd if you don’t like to use one when working, apply the hand cream when going to bed and put on gloves so that your skin can get the maximum nourishment overnight.

We tested hundreds of hand creams and came up with the best brands and models on the market today. These creams will hydrate your thirsty skin and also hide the appearance of age spots and fine lines and even help fight eczema.

Best Hand Cream For Dry Skin

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Hand Cream

This product comes in a 2-ounce tube that works effectively to moisturize and hydrate your hands to deliver effective relief for rough and dry skin. The cream is recommended by dermatologist and boasts of a unique formula with high levels of glycerin that leaves your skin feeling smoother and softer.

Specially made for dry skin, this cream from Neutrogena is clinically proved to relieve dry skin and has no fragrance. What’s more, only a small amount of the cream is required to provide immediate and long-lasting relief with at least 200 applications contained in one tube.

When used daily, the hand cream will help to prevent your skin from drying and if you use it overnight, it will soothe your rough skin under any condition. The cream comes from a reputable brand that is known to provide high-quality products.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is recommended for people who do handy jobs with their hands. It is a concentrated hand product that repairs relieve, and heals extremely dry and cracked hands.

The cream forms a protective layer on your skin’s surface that immediately boosts your moisture levels and also prevents moisture loss. One thing that users like about this hand cream are the ability to make a difference every day you use it.

And if you want to enjoy the best results, apply the cream after washing your hand, after bathing, and when going to bed. These are the three most effective times for treating and moisturizing dry skin.

Made with safe ingredients, the hand cream can be used by people suffering from diabetes. It won’t cost you much money to afford the cream – you don’t need to break a bank.

Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream

How else can you give your hands the treat they deserve if not with the Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream? This is a naturally moisturizing hand cream that is known to revitalize dried and tough outer skin.

This lotion will not only moisturize your hands but also gently exfoliate them with a natural fruit acid complex. It is made of natural ingredients including green tea extract, pumpkin oil, watermelon seed oil, and baobab oil.

The hard-working skin cream does not contain parabens, SLS, petrolatum, or phthalates and will hydrate your skin instantly. Besides, it is unscented, HYPOALLERGENIC, and dermatologist tested.

It is also a non-greasy hand lotion that doesn’t contain unnatural fragrance. Quite effective, the deeply moisturizing hand cream absorbs instantly to sooth your extremely dry skin.

It is a great product for all dry hands and has all the ingredients required to make your hand softer.

Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Protecting Hand & Cuticle Cream

This hand cream helps to restore and smooth dry, chapped and cracked skin. In fact, it is commonly known as cuticle and hand saver due to its ability to provide smooth hands.

It is made of shea butter and passion fruit to help soften the hands instantly. The product will change your hands after a few days of use and lead to moisturize hands that are less prone to cracking.

Standing out from the rest, the product scooped the Allure 2016 Best of Beauty Award. Moreover, it is a non-greasy cream that moisturizes while offering protection to your cuticle.

You can apply this cream with other products from Yes To and ensure that you get the full benefits of the hand cream. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can make your hands look drier.

L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

Enriched with 20 percent shea butter, L’Occitane is a super-cream that penetrates fast to help nourish, moisturize, and protect your hands. Coconut oil, almond extracts, and honey are mixed with shea butter to form this effective formula.

Its rich texture leaves your hands smooth and soft with no oily residue, and you can apply it as often as you wish. Listed as a “beauty must-have” product, this life-changing cream is essential for work, home, and on-the-go.

The application process is easy; all you need to do is to massage the hand cream onto your hands to prevent dryness. What’s more, the product is made of organic ingredients with no paraben and other harmful elements being present.

The 6.4 ounces tube is sufficient for over 200 applications, meaning that you can really save money. And you should consider getting at least three tubes to have one at your workplace, at home, and inside your handbag.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

This is an advanced repair hand cream that helps to heal dry skin and offer the moisture that your fingers and hands crave. It is formulated with nourishing shea butter, natural moisturizing factors, and ceramide-3 to provide an effective hand cream.

With this cream, you are guaranteed of having noticeably smoother hands when you use it for the first time. It is that effective when it comes to transforming your dry, cracked hands.

The best thing, the hand cream won’t leave grease on your hand after using it since it is a fast-absorbing product. Therefore, it is recommended for people who use their hand to do their daily activities.

It is also dye and fragrance-free to ensure that you only get a natural ingredient that cannot hurt your hands. For those who like the view of professional, they will be excited to learn that the cream is dermatologist recommended.

CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands

CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream is a skin protectant that helps to restore, repair, and protect your skin from harsh irritants. It is a 3-in-1 hand cream that will serve the three purposes and even more.

The product is made of 3 essential ceramides, which are 1, 3, and 6-II, to help maintain and restore your skins natural barrier. You can rest assured that there are no harsh elements that will be able to damage your skin when you apply the cream.

It also possesses moisture-retaining ability thanks to the hyaluronic acid. This acid helps your skin to retain its natural moisture. The product also features niacinamide that helps the skin to remain calm.

Water-resistant, fragrance-free, and non-irritating, the hand cream is approved by the national eczema association. It is not only safe but also effective.

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Creams

This light, moisturizing hand cream utilizes the power of Dead Sea material to hydrate and smoothes your hands. It is rich in skin-friendly elements such as Dead Sea water, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to provide nutrients to maintain supple and healthy skin.

The cream nourishes chapped and dry skin and protects your hands from everyday damages. Users favorite, at least one tube is sold every 21 seconds. We can really understand why it is in demand since it helps to boost your skin’s moisture level while providing supple and soft hands.

Safe for use as many times as you want, you can apply a small portion on your body a few times per day – every time you wash your hands. The product is 100 percent safe and free from GMOs, parabens, animal-sourced ingredients, petroleum, Phlathates, SLES/SLS, and mineral oil.

Glysomed Hand Cream Combo 3 Pack

Glysomed Hand Cream Combo helps to lock in moisture to relieve and prevent dry skin. It boasts of the triple-action formula of chamomile, silicone, and glycerine to provide unmatched care for dry and rough hands.

Available in 3-pack, this is the right-hand cream for people with extremely dry hands since they can have one at home, one at work, and the other one in their bags. It is also known to restore damaged skin within hours after the first application.

The product pride itself of being made of safe products that are 100% natural. There are no GMOs, parabens, mineral oils, or other ingredients that can worsen the situation.

The application process is also very easy and it will take you just a few seconds to have it all over your hands.

R. Watkins Hand Cream with Cocoa and Shea Butters

If you are looking for a hand cream that you can also apply on your feet and body, then the J.R. Watkins Hand Cream is the product for you. This cream comes in a 1-3.3 ounce tube that is sufficient enough for your use.

It’s a lemon cream with rich cocoa and shea butter that will keep your hands hydrated and prevent cracking. Besides, it features a non-greasy formula that will ensure your hands don’t remain oily after application.

It is also free from dyes, propylene glycol, phthalates, and parabens, making safe for human use. The hand cream is made in the USA by a team of professionals and is not tested on animals.

Another great thing about this cream is the ability to moisturize your hands under all conditions.

Best Anti Aging Hand Cream

SALCOLL COLLAGEN Anti-Aging Moisturizing Hand Cream

Unlike all other no-crack creams on the market today, the Salcoll Collagen best anti aging hand cream contains natural collagen that is ideal for your hands. This collagen makes the cream to be perfect for wrinkled skin and makes your skin youthful and suppler.

It is recommended for people who do hard, manual labor as well as those who deal with chemicals. The cream has been perfected over the years to ensure that you get the right moisturizing while healing broken and cracked skin.

Unlike other hand creams, this product can be used for all external wounds such as small cuts. It also comes in handy to help in your hand skin regeneration and restoration to provide natural and healthy skin.

The cream doesn’t leave a greasy or oily mess behind and is hypoallergenic.

Best Hand Cream For Men

JACK BLACK –Industrial Strength Hand Healer – Hard Working Hand Cream

Looking for the best hand cream for men? JACK Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer is the ideal solution for fast relief from dry, chapped, and cracked hands. It is a non-greasy product that contains a quick-acting formula that aids to repair cuticles, calloused, and tough skin, providing lasting relief.

Special conditioners and intensive MOISTURIZERS help to heal unsightly cuticles and diminish tough calluses. It is able to absorb for a dry, smooth finish that leaves minimal residues on your hand.

What’s more, the product is full of vitamins as well as other certified organic material that blend to offer relief for rough and dry hands. Besides, vitamin A and E are super antioxidants that protect your cells from free-radical damage.

The product doesn’t contain parabens, colorants, and fragrance that can be harmful to human skin.

Best Hand Cream Eczema

Puriya Cream For Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Rashes

This is one of the few hand creams that come with a money back guarantee – 180-day money back guarantees. However, you can only get your refund if you contact the brand directly.

With this cream, you can stop suffering and start to restore your skin thanks to the relieving nature of the cream. It is able to relieve you from flaky, cracked, and dry hand within days.

The cream is also able to reduce pain and enhance the condition of your damaged skin, unlike other OTC products. It is able to soften and deeply hydrate sensitive skin and provide it with new life.

In fact, the hand cream acts to restore plump and beauty to your skin by strengthening its natural barrier. It is also able to stimulate cell regeneration to repair damaged skin without leaving any residue or greasy feel.

YoRo Organic Manuka Honey Baby Eczema Cream

An easy to apply hand cream, the product is gentle on sensitive skin and will leave your hands rejuvenated. It is made of organic ingredients which are free from GMO and offers a rich soothing feel.

The creamy balm formula is moisturizing and thick, easy to apply, and will not leave a greasy mess behind. Besides, this hand cream will not irritate your skin and won’t sting or burn even if your skin has wounds. It is perfect for use as an atopic dermatitis cream as well as an organic rosacea cream

You can even use the cream to heal your child from diaper rash. The product is also known to provide instant relief on burns, minor cuts, and small wounds.

It also contains the Manuka honey healing powers that form a barrier on your skin while guarding it against infection and bacteria.

Pharmaceris Eczema Dermatitis & Dry Skin Moisturizer

Pharmaceris Eczema Dermatitis & Dry Skin Moisturizer is safe for kids as well as an adult use. It boasts of rich emollient formula that helps to repair your skin’s protective barrier to ensure proper functioning.

The cream provides long-lasting moisture and lipid replenishment, minimizing the feeling of discomfort as well as dry rough skin. Hemp oil and canola offer anti-itch and soothing properties and are effective in skin care and protection against excessive and chronic dryness.

Furthermore, the cream aids in the repair of micro-damage in your skin, reducing the risk of progression in areas prone to such problems.  Hygroscopic and sodium hyaluronate moisturizing molecules enhance proper hydration of your skin, refilling water reserves in your epidermis.

Another thing, the hand cream is able to relieve symptoms linked to skin lesion and help to restore comfort.

Best Hand Cream Age Spots

Pink Madison Dark Spot Corrector Best Age Spot Remover Treatment

This is one of the leading dark spot corrector hand creams on the market today. It is a quality product that will also provide luxury to your skin instantly.

One notable feature of the cream is the ability to provide your skin with a youthful glow while providing skin tone balance. You can use it for sun spots on face, body, neck, and hands, age spots, dark spots, and brown spots.

As you might have guessed, it is a multi-purpose cream for body, hands, and face use with brightening and whitening properties.  It is made of 71% organic ingredients and is developed and produced in the USA.

It is easy to apply the cream and will take you just a short time to have it on your hand or any other place.

Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector

Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector is another best hand cream age spots that you should consider getting. The product is made in the USA with high-quality ingredients that improve your appearance within days.

Highly effective and highly potent, the cream enhances the appearance of your hands’ skin making it look youthful and hydrated. And it is recommended for use on the hands, face, and neck.

The multipurpose cream is known for offering wholesome goodness to the user and miraculously brightening of the skin. What this means is that you will be able to remove all dark spots on your skin within days.

Unlike other hand creams out there, this product comes in a jar that will last for days. And it is quite economical when you compare it with other hand creams.

Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector Best Dark Skin Age Spot Diminisher

Yet another dark spot corrector that will restore your skin brightness is the Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector Best Dark Skin Age Spot. The product is researched, developed, and made in the USA using locally sourced natural, vegan, and organic ingredients.

It is a multi-purpose cream that you can use on your body, hands, and face. The product boasts of brightening and whitening properties blended with wholesome natural goodness to heal your body, hands, and face.

With this cream, you are assured of enjoying a miraculous skin lightening within days. The cream doesn’t contain hydroquinone and no animal is harmed when manufacturing the cream.

Besides, it is made of natural ingredients that are free from additives, alcohol, filler, silicone, and parabens. It is a safe cream that you can use to restore your hand youthful look instantly.

In Conclusion

The above hand creams offer amazing power of healing and rejuvenating your hands. They have the power to make your hands look soft supple and the way they were when you were a kid.

Each of the cream has been tested and tried and offers many benefits that you cannot resist. We want you to choose the best hand cream for your need from the list above.

There is nothing much that can differentiate the 18 products we have looked at. It will all come down to the scent, ingredients, availability, and cost of the hand cream.

We hope that you have enjoyed our review and if you aren’t still sure of the product you should choose, simply go back and read our comprehensive review.



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