A microdermabrasion machine is used to spread fine crystals of the skin and uses vacuum suction power to remove the top dead layer of the skin. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective procedure used to make the skin look better and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines and other skin blemishes.

Although it is primarily carried out by a specialist in a treatment spa, many products have been developed to help users carry out the treatment at home. One of these devices is Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit. This kit offers instant transformation of the skin by removing the dull and dry top skin allowing the younger inner skin to regenerate faster. Below is an in-depth review of Kit to help you understand how you will benefit from it.

Microdermabrasion Kit by Olay Regenerist Full Review

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit is a duo system that comes with a microdermabrasion treatment and a peel activator serum. The function of the microdermabrasion treatment is to exfoliate the skin surface to remove the top dead skin while the peel activator serum resurfaces the skin texture to activate cell regeneration. Its Instant Fix Formula helps in brightening the skin tone and diminishes the appearance of ageing signs instantly.

This microdermabrasion kit is very gentle, and you can safely use it twice a week for a fresh resurgence of your daily routine. The Olay regeneration regime believes in a younger-looking skin. By using unique bioenergetics techniques, this formulation incorporates advanced amino-peptide ingredients to energize the skin’s fatigue look. It accelerates the skin’s surface regeneration hence doing away ageing symptoms.


The primary ingredient is peg-8, which is used as a surfactant and emulsifying agent. It is a subset of Lauric acid. Sodium bicarbonate is another major ingredient, which uses its abrasive texture to provide exfoliation function in this microdermabrasion kit.

Other ingredients in the microdermabrasion treatment include silica Silylate, fragrance, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Yellow 5, and ascorbic acid. These work together to enhance the effectiveness of pf this microdermabrasion kit.

The Peel Activator Serum’s ingredients include water, lactic acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium lactate, and hydroxyethylcellulose, among others. They enhance the formula to ensure that you get instant results after each treatment.


Clean your face very well using clean water then dry it thoroughly. Apply microdermabrasion treatment on your entire face like a mask while avoiding the eye area. Massage the whole face gently for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Put the peel activator serum on the fingertips and add a thick layer over the mask cover. A white foam should appear. You may also experience a warming sensation, which is quite normal. If you like, you can continue to add Peel Activator Serum to create more foam while giving the microdermabrasion mask more time to dissolve.

Massage the face for up to 1 minute. Using your hands, rinse thoroughly using warm water. Use a washcloth to remove any residue which may be left. Pat it dry. It is safe to use it twice per week to transform your beauty and reveal a brighter, younger and smoother skin.


Microdermabrasion Kit by Olay Regenerist

Instant results

This kit contains Instant Fix Formula which instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin. You get to experience a big difference in skin texture and complexion immediately.

Duo system

It comes with a duo system, which includes a Peel Activator Serum and a Microdermabrasion Treatment. These are meant to give you the instant transformation of your skin. You get to experience a brighter complexion with a youthful look and reduced fine lines immediately after use.


Compared to other microdermabrasion devices and procedures, this kit is quite pocket-friendly. At a fraction of the salon treatment cost, you get the same results and benefits while saving on the time you will use taking a trip to the dermatologist.

No chemical smell

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit comes with a pleasant fruity fragrance. It does not contain a trace of a chemical cent, making it very friendly to those who are sickened by strong chemical scents.


May cause irritation

If you have very sensitive skin or skin prone to acne, you may experience slight irritations. To avoid this, ensure that you test it on a different part of your skin before using it on your face.

Breakdown of the active ingredient

The active ingredient tends to breakdown with down, interfering with its durability.

Customer Reviews

Most users loved the immediate transformation of their skin upon the use of the kit. Some of the persistent acne scars were reported to fade, and a beautiful younger-looking skin revealed. This is what some of the customers:

Nini gave it a five-star rating and had this to say:

“This is my favorite Olay product and I’ve been faithful for about 20yrs. When my skin experinces dullness or dryness, I use this and immediately it makes my skin supple, smooth, and refreshed. Its 2 step process where you rub the orange crystals on the skin gently for a minute and then you rub the clear serum onto the skin which dissolves the crystals and ends up feeling luxurious solution you are massaging into your skin. Rinse and reveal glowing, fresh face!”

Kathi was also fully satisfied with the product and gave it a five-star rating as well. This is what they wrote:

“Do NOT subscribe and save- it is cheaper to purchase when you need it. I received a shipment on Sept. 23, 2019 and it cost $21.84 with the discount. Today, Nov. 26, 2019, it is for sale for $18.79 with a $2.00 off coupon. I would have hoped that as a customer who is purchasing this product regularly via the subscribe and “save” I would get a much fairer price.

The Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion product works very well. After using it my skin is feels softer and any serums applied to my skin are absorbed nicely.”

Wrapping It Up

There is no doubt that the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit is one of the best in the market. If you want to get instant results from your microdermabrasion treatment, then this is the kit to go for. With a duo system that includes the microdermabrasion treatment and a Peel Activator Serum, you get a complete skin exfoliation that removes the dull and dry skin to leave it soft and smooth. The serum resurfaces the skin texture to activate cell regeneration.

Compared to other microdermabrasion treatments, this kit comes top due to its effectiveness in delivering a young-looking skin instantly. You do not need to wait for several weeks before seeing those fine lines diminish. The appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone are instantly dealt with, and you leave your house looking visibly different. We highly recommend Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System 1 Kit for your routine regime.

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