It is a superb way of revitalizing the skin and giving it a youthful appearance. This anti-aging treatment is mild and non-invasive and uses fine crystals to remove dead skin cells and unclog the pores.

The treatment works to improve the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and enlarged pores. You can either receive this treatment from a qualified beautician in a spa or opt to perform this procedure yourself in the privacy of your home. Choosing the latter will require you to invest in a quality microdermabrasion kit that will guarantee credible results. Here we review Neutrogena Microdermabrasion systemwhich is one of the most convenient at-home microdermabrasion kits. Read through and learn more about this top-class system.    

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Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System Reviews

Neutrogena is a renowned skincare brand that offers some of the world’s top-rated beauty and skincare products. This brand by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. is highly recommended by dermatologists to fight acne and other related skin conditions. This brand is committed to providing affordable skincare products that exceed expectations.

Among their ground-breaking products is the Neutrogena microdermabrasion system which has been designed to exfoliate your skin, giving it a radiant, youthful look. The main purpose of this kit is to offer its users the same microdermabrasion treatment experienced in high-end spas but at a reduced price and in the comfort of your home.

According to a dermatological study on this product, 91% of users reported a softer skin after one use while 88% had visible notable improvements in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots after four weeks of consistent treatment.


This simple and convenient at-home microdermabrasion system includes several amazing features that make it a preferred choice to anyone who wants to achieve luminous firmer skin.

Firstly, the system comes with 12 single-use rejuvenating puffs. Each pad is infused with micro-crystals and mild purifiers which will ensure a gentle treatment to your skin. The system also features a microbrasion applicator whose soft micro-vibrations will effectively massage your skin to increase cell turn over for firmer, radiant skin. The massaging system also fights aging, reduces fine lines as well as the appearance of wrinkles. You will be sure of a refined complexion after just one-use a and firmer, youthful skin in the long run.

The kit also is fitted with two AA batteries. This means that you can carry it around without worrying about plugging it in a power source. Additionally, the kit is made with plastic which further enhances its portability.


This Microdermabrasion kit is convenient and easy to use. For satisfactory results, it is advisable to use this product thrice in a week in place of your regular cleansing scrub. You will be able to notice a more glowing skin after just one use. Consistent regular use will give you a firm and young-looking skin. Follow the steps below for maximum exfoliating of your facial skin.

  • Attach the puff

Place the rejuvenating puff on the attachment head and secure it firmly. Use your thumb to secure the puff. Ensure that the blue side is facing up

  • Wet the puff   

Use a small amount of water to wet the microdermabrasion puff but do not soak it completely.

  • Massage the face

Snap onto the applicator and select the speed. If you are new to Microdermabrasion, start with low speed and build up as you gain confidence.

Press the puff gently against your skin and gently massage the forehead, chin, cheeks and any other area in small circular motions. Work on one area for about two minutes before moving to the next spot.

  • Rinse off

This is the final step. Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water. Discard the puff but retain the attachment head for future use.

The entire process should take a few minutes, and you should be keen not to over-exfoliate your skin which could lead to irritation. Also follow the instructions that come with the kit to minimizes the chances of irritation, infection and other adverse side effects.

Side effects of the Neutrogena microdermabrasion system

While this product is ideal for all skin types, those with extra sensitive skin may experience stinging or redness during the process. This is common even with professional microdermabrasion treatment. The massaging crystals on the puffs may irritate people with thin skin as well. Such individuals should seek medical help before attempting Microdermabrasion and exfoliate less often to reduce the chances of experiencing these discomforts.


This product is for external use only. It should not be used alongside other exfoliating agents or on irritated skin. Also, be sure to avoid the area around the eyes and discontinue use if severe irritation occurs.


Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System

24-count of rejuvenating puffs refill

You will have a two-month supply of exfoliating puffs with this state-of-the-art microdermabrasion system


This kit is made of plastic material, making it lightweight and therefore easy to carry around. Also, the fact that the kit uses batteries further enhances its portability as you can use it anywhere without worrying about plugging it.

Features single-use puffs

This reduces infection and scarring of the skin. The puffs are infused with fine crystals which work to exfoliate the skin gently.

Easy and effective

This product offers noticeable results after just one use. You will be able to experience a smoother radiant skin instantly, while continuous use will deliver a firm and young-looking skin.

Clinically tested

This product is clinically proven to deliver the same results as a professional microdermabrasion treatment. It is also tested to ensure safety on your skin


This product is designed to provide professional Microdermabrasion at an affordable price.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The product has no adverse effects on delicate skin so long as the user follows the given instructions and sets the right frequency.


Can irritate sensitive skin

Individuals with susceptible skin can not use this product more often as it can lead to severe stinging and redness.

It can cause bruises on the face

The exfoliating machine is powerful and can bruise the skin if the right frequency is not set.

A customer lamented that the product did not work as expected

It did not work on the fine lines but left a stinging sensation on her facial skin

Customer’s reviews

My wife uses this, and she’s thrilled with this product. She had some minor problems which left small scarring on her face. This took care of that problem. She says her skin feels younger and smoother than ever. She’s happy; I’ll leave it at that.”Clancy 209

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In conclusion

Neutrogena microdermabrasion system is a powerful anti-aging treatment that has proved to deliver instant results. This at-home kit is handy and convenient and has the same results as a professional treatment. The kit features single-use pads that are infused with microcrystals and gently purifies to ensure a tender exfoliating experience.

We highly recommend using this best microdermabrasion kit to exfoliate your skin but be sure to read the enclosed instructions carefully to avoid any undesirable side effects.

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