There are many different ways to do that but not all of them are healthy or without stress. Though different kinds of MAKEUP products can bring out the best in every woman, eating healthy and exercising plays the biggest part in determining how you look. Eating healthy means including the most essential ingredients in your meals and one of the most essential nutrients you need for the perfect body are proteins.

Best Protein Powder for WomenProteins are not only great for the metabolic and physiological processes of building the body but they also help with muscle building, muscle repair and reducing body fat. They are the body’s building blocks and everyone irrespective of gender needs them. We all get proteins from certain foods but with technology moving forward and considering how busy people are to go searching for the right foods to take in order to keep healthy and fit, we have protein powders to help with that. PROTEIN POWDERS for women are the best options for toning their muscles, enriching their protein intake, building leaner muscles, cutting down on weight, supplementing their diet and much more.

Protein powders are a full meal in themselves and they help to curb hunger pangs. The three main sources of protein powder are Whey, Soy and Casein. Of these three, the most popular is whey protein especially for women. WHEY PROTEIN contains amino acids that help to build muscles, energise the body and offer fast recovery after an exercise or a workout. They also help to improve the body’s metabolism and give a boost to the immune system.

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Why take protein powders?

If you are looking for ways to consume a healthier diet that will help to improve your fitness and at the same time burn fat, then protein powders are the solution. The full benefits derived from taking protein powders are;

Weight loss

Protein is a filling nutrient and when you are on it, you do not feel the urge to eat in between meals. This reduces your appetite which in turn helps in burning fat and increasing the body’s metabolism.

Muscle recovery

Have you ever felt so tired after a workout that all you want to do is lie down and probably go to sleep? Have you ever felt so tired after a workout that the willingness to go for another round is not there? The good thing with protein powders is that they repair your muscles after a workout making it easier for you to get back on the workout drill. They are the best post workout solutions for any woman trying to keep fit.

Toning muscles

One of the major worries in many women is bulky sagging skin. Some believe that protein intake may lead to having that but the opposite is the truth with protein powder supplements. The supplement helps to tone muscles and maintain muscle mass. The powder helps the muscles to grow and not sag or look bulky.

Meal replacements

Women trying to lose weight will go to any lengths to do so. Some will go on diets; others will hit the gym, while others may even go on intermittent fasting. By using protein powders and a bit of exercise, you do not have to fast or go on a diet. Protein powders are the best meal replacements as they keep you feeling full at all times without you adding any extra weight. If you are binge eater, you need to take the protein powder and the need to eat in between meals will go away.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether protein powders for women are different from protein powders for men. Men unlike women, require more protein and their protein formulas are slightly different from women protein powders because majority of the men aim at building their muscles while women aim at keeping their bodies fit by shedding off some weight. Some of the protein powders for men therefore contain certain ingredients that women should stay from. In our quest to give you the best, we carried out a review of some the best protein powders for women in the market and came up with the list below.

Our Top Picks of the Best Protein Powder for Women

Pro Nutrition Labs – Her Natural Whey Protein Powder

One of the things that make Her Natural Whey Protein Powder stand out from the rest is it is one of the few protein supplements derived from grass fed free from hormone milk. Whey in itself is a complete protein and this powder contains 20 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates. The protein in the powder has a formulation that supports lean tissue muscles in women and helps with fat loss. The supplement does not contain any sweeteners associated with many health problems.

Instead of harmful sweeteners, the powder contains stevia, which tastes just as sweet as any other sweetener. The protein supplement comes in chocolate and creamy vanilla flavours. It has a very smooth texture and it mixes well with any of your favourite beverage. If you combine Her Natural Whey Protein Powder with exercise, then you can reach all your physique and fitness goals. The notable ingredients in the gluten free protein powder are Skim Milk, Xanthan Gum, Micro Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Peptide, Fructose and Natural Flavours.

IdealLean Nutritional Protein Powder for Women

If you are looking for one of the best protein powders in the market, try out IdealLean and you will not regret. The powder contains 100% whey protein that helps to build lean muscle and to fight weight loss. The powder contains all the necessary nutrients the body needs such as calcium, vitamin d and folic acid that ensure you stay healthy and strong. The protein shake is fat free, contains no sugar and has no carbs.

After a workout, the protein shake gets you feeling great within no time. It also helps to enhance your workouts by giving you fast recovery time after every session. Other ingredients that make the protein powder stand out are Sodium Chloride, Cholecalciferol Chromax, Natural and Artificial Flavouring and Sucralose. The powder mixes easily with your favourite drink and it is completely risk free.

Total Activation Lactose Free Protein Powder for Women

For women that have lactose intolerance, then total activation lactose free protein powder is the best option for you. The great tasting protein powder has a wonderful powdery texture that allows it to dissolve well and easily into any drink. The protein supplement helps to boost muscle and to help with weight loss. It has low carbohydrate content and it has a formulation that helps to curb hunger pangs.

The protein supplement does not contain any artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and others. All the sweeteners in the protein powder are from natural extracts of stevia and the monk fruit. The powder is corn free, low in fat and it does not contain soy. Besides all the quality ingredients in the protein powder, it also contains glutathione, which helps to improve the skin texture and health.

Orgain organic plant based protein powder

Developed by a doctor who was on a mission to do away with protein shakes filled with artificial proteins, Orgain Organic is a plant based protein powder supplement that contains nothing but healthy organic ingredients. The gluten free powder is a delicious nourishment drink that contains 21 grams of organic protein and 5 grams of organic fiber with every single serving.

The sweet vanilla bean protein powder is non-GMO, soy free, completely vegan contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or colors and mixes well with water, your favourite drinks, shakes, and milk. You can also use it with your meals or as one of your baking ingredients to give your bakes a protein boost. It is great for post workouts to bring back your energy and while you are on a workout. It is also great to take every day as you go about your daily chores and ideal for everyone in the family.

Gym Vixen Whey Protein Isolate Powder for Women

Do not the name of this wonderful protein powder throw you off because Gym Vixen is one of the best there is in the market today. The protein supplement contains 100% whey protein isolate derived from the purest whey. The powder does not contain any sugar and instead the sweetener found in it is from cocoa powder, sucralose, some artificial and natural flavours.

Every serving of the powder contains high levels of vitamin D and calcium.  The powder is great for any woman out to achieve the ideal healthy physique and lean muscle build. It contains low calories, no carbs and it is completely free from any fats. The powder mixes fast with any drink of your choice. The micronutrients in the powder ensure that you stay healthy at all times.

Nature’s bounty optimal solutions protein powder and vitamin supplement

This uniquely formulated protein and vitamin powder has a blend of very essential ingredients that ensure a woman looks and feels her best at all times. The supplement is the perfect example of beauty starts from the inside. This is because the company Nature’s Bounty believes that beauty and good health go together. with over 50 years’ experience, the company knows what’s best for the body and from the supplement you can be sure to get a healthy skin great bone health, good metabolism, amazing muscle health, healthy nails and HAIR GROWTH support better digestive health, good hydration and a better immune system.

The supplement contains Biotin, Vitamins C,D and B, fiber and Probiotics, Electrolytes, Flaxseed and Proteins. For every serving of the supplement, you get 13 + minerals and vitamins and 15 grams of protein. The all rounded nutrition supplement also contains COLLAGEN that helps with keeping the skin looking young and healthy. What more can you ask for from a healthy supplement?

Labrada- Jamie Eason Signature Series Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Whey protein is by far the purest of protein you will ever fond and this whey protein isolate powder is in its purest form. The powder is not only for gym and exercise enthusiasts but it is great for everyone. It helps in maintaining healthy thyroid, manage hunger pangs, increase body energy, as a mood booster and helps to keep you focussed. The primary source of protein in the powder is whey isolate that tastes great without the usual dryness, bitterness and sometimes-chalky taste you get from some protein powders.

The taste of the powder is all because of other additions of chicory root, a small amount of cane sugar and an all-natural non-caloric sweetener. The powder’s sugar count is only three grams for every serving, which will not do any harm to your health or metabolism. The protein powder comes in natural vanilla, cookies and cream and natural chocolate flavours. A single serving of the powder contains 25 grams of protein and it contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavours and no artificial sweeteners. The all vegan powder is also gluten free and non-GMO.

FitMiss Delight Protein Powder

If you want to start the protein powder journey with weight loss being your primary concern, then the best companion will be the FitMiss Delight Line of Protein Powders. This is because the protein powder has everything you need to stay healthy and lean at the same time. The vegetable-based powder contains high proteins from vegetables such as Broccoli, Spinach, Flaxseed and many others that ensure that your body receives everything it needs and keeps you full at all times.

The formula is low in carbs, gluten free and contains low calories. For additional protein, the formula contains soy and milk. Every scoop of the protein powder gives you 90 calories which when mixed with water or a low calorie drink adds no extra calories. Many users of the powder say they notice good results after replacing meals with FitMiss Delight Protein Powder shakes. The powder together with exercise are your best bets to losing weight in a healthy way. FitMiss Delight Protein Powder comes in Vanilla Chai, Chocolate and Cappuccino flavours. It has 16 grams of protein per every scoop.

BulkSupplements whey protein powder

Any diet rich in protein helps the body in so many ways and one of the major sources of protein is whey. The above protein powder is one of the best in the market and you actually get everything just like it says on the packaging. The unflavoured whey isolate powder contains 90% proteins that help in muscle building and the maintenance of lean body mass. It also boosts muscle strength while at the same time helping to burn fat.

The powder supplement is great for sports and gym enthusiasts as it helps to speed up recovery after a session by repairing muscle tissue, which reduces post workout soreness. Every BulkSupplements product goes through thorough lab testing for quality. The powder dissolves easily and fast in water and any other pre-workout drink of your choice and it contains no additives or fillers.

PrettyFit All-Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder

If you are looking for the best supplement to help you achieve a lean physique, you will not find anything better than Prettyfit All-Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder. Made from 100% pure cold pressed whey, the powder is the perfect solution for all the women that want to reach certain fitness goals. For every serving of the protein isolate powder, you get 25 grams of pure micro pressed whey protein.

For the same serving, you also get 100 calories with absolutely no sugar and less than a gram of carbs. The all-natural protein contains no artificial sweeteners and it is lactose free, gluten free, hormone free and non-GMO. Made in the USA, the product meets al the FDA’s manufacturing guidelines and it is produced in a state of the art cGMP facility. The ingredients that make up the isolate protein powder are Cocoa, Non GMP Processed Ultra-Micro- Filtered Whey Isolate, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavours, and Stevia among a few others.

Six Star 100% Whey Protein for Her Powder

There is a reason why many of the best female athletes choose Six Star 100% Whey Protein for Her, one of the main reasons is because the protein powder is a powerhouse in itself and every person that uses it trusts its strength. The powder is not only for dedicated female athletes but it is for every woman conscious of health standards. The powder is one of those items that you have to tick alongside your training plan as it contains all the micronutrients your body needs during a workout of any kind.

The powder also contains healthy carbohydrates and fats that help the body to function properly and stay healthy at all times. On digesting the protein powder, the body breaks the protein into amino acids that help to build muscles, promote growth and to repair muscle tissue. You can use the powder in your favourite shakes and other drinks, the formula of the protein powder is gluten free and enriched with a fruit and veggie blend and flaxseed. The powder is also great for post workouts as it helps the body recover fast.

Body Lab by Jennifer Lopez for Women

BodyLab in partnership with multi-platinum recording artist and actress Jennifer Lopez came up with this tasty shake, complete whey protein for women. Jennifer Lopez is known across the globe as not only a great performing artist and a businessperson but also a person that deeply takes care of her health and wellbeing. She encourages women to take care of their health and bodies and to be the best of what they set out to accomplish. the protein powder contains 15 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat for a single serving. besides this, the powder also contains other compounds to help boost energy and fight weight. The tasty whey protein powder is in chocolate and vanilla flavour and dissolves easily and fast in shakes and any drink of your choice.

Wrapping it up

Beauty is both on the surface and skin-deep and with the above amazing protein powders; there is absolutely no reason why you should not achieve the perfect health with the body of your dreams. Protein powders are a favourite with celebrities and sports women and there is no reason why you cannot flaunt a new look by joining the many women that use the protein supplements to keep looking young, strong, healthy and with a GLOWING SKIN with a soft, healthy and smooth texture. We hope this article was of help and you will read more about how to stay healthy and beautiful by taking care of your skin, hair and the rest of the body by reading through the articles on our website.

Best Whey Protein Powder For Women


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