This is so too for in patients that need IV insertions and transfusions. While many people have visible blood veins, some people have veins that are almost impossible to find. This is so especially for obese people and infants. Others that may have a problem with visible veins are those suffering from particular health problems or those under some form of medication.

best-vein-finderFor those with visible veins, it is all good because the health care professional or the person drawing the blood will perform just one venepuncture and that is it. Instead of pricking from place to place looking for a visible vein, doctors, nurses and others in the medical profession now have the alternative of using vein finders or venous detectors to locate the veins. A vein finder is simply a device that allows any health worker to locate the veins by using light to draw out the location of the veins.

Vein finders use LEDs with infrared wavelengths that help to illuminate the skin and locate the veins. On the vein finders, the veins appear as dark bands. The veins show up in this colour because of the light spectrum that they absorb. The best explanation for this is because the veins have HAEMOGLOBIN molecules (protein found in the red blood cells and which gives it the colour red) that absorb infrared light much more than they do the surrounding tissue. The infrared veins then emit rays through the LEDs, making them easily visible. We did our own research on the best vein finders in the market and came up with the list below.

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Our Top List of Vein Finder Machine

Veinlite Ems Pro –Transilluminator Vein Finder

Designed by veinlite that have several devices in the market, this affordable and portable is ideal for both adults and children. It is also one of the simplest devices to operate as it comes with only an on and off switch. The vein finder uses two AA batteries so you never have to worry about lack of electric power when using it. The batteries have a lasting period of three to five hours of continuous use. The green light on the device goes placed below the power switch turns to orange when the batteries start to get low. The device also warns you of a battery change an hour before the batteries finally die down, this it does by blinking red.

When using the device on children, there is a c-shape adapter, which is a convenient size for small children and infants. It also comes with a built-in exam light for better patient assessment.  With this vein finder, you can be sure of less IV access failures.  For best results always place the device against the skin when searching for the veins and move it forwards and backwards until you finally locate a vein. Move the device to stay parallel to the vein by rotating it 90 degrees. After you locate the vein, press the device gently on the vein and slowly stretch the skin. Place a needle into the opening on the device and insert it into the vein.

POLYMER TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, INC. Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator Vein Finder

Infants have the hardest veins to find but with the Respironics vein finder, you get better visualization, which minimises needle stick attempts on the skin. The shape of the vein finder enables it to position itself easily around the tiny limbs of infants and small children. It is small enough to use even for babies in incubators. The device has a cool light that protects the infants from any burns. The design is also lightweight, compact and small enough to carry around. You can fit the device into your pocket, a lanyard or a purse.

Designed with caregivers in mind, the one handed device allows caregivers to start IV drips easily by using the transilluminator. It is also to clean and you do not have to worry about any cords distracting you because the vein finder uses two replaceable AA batteries. The light is LED and the device comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to note that the device is best suited for infants and not adults.

Venoscope II Transilluminator

Venoscope II transilluminator makes it easy for health care professionals to locate their patient’s venous networks accurately. The vein finder utilises high intensity LED lights to transilluminator a patient’s subcutaneous tissue highlighting the veins. Instead of reflecting the light, the tissue absorbs it and that is why it is easy to view the veins.  It comes in handy when you drawing blood or starting an IV. The vein finder eliminates the need for sticking different places looking for a vein in a patient, which is painful for the patient and cumbersome for the health care professional. It allows patients to feel more comfortable and it saves time.

It also reduces the risks of infections and wastage of prep materials. The vein finder helps to determine the direction of the vein, the size and the nature of the vein. It uses 3AA batteries and it has an indicator that signals when the batteries are down. The device also has two power levels that you can apply for different applications. The vein finder is ideal for obese people whose veins are hard to find, small children and neonates. Physicians also use this device for ambulatory phlebotomy and SCLEROTHERAPY, which is a blood treating procedure. .

It is easy to use and just as easy to clean. All you do is wipe it with alcohol or a bleach solution before using it on the next patient. To protect the device from infections and contamination, you can order disposable protective covers. The device comes with a Velstrecth Strap. Venoscope II transilluminator also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

IVYRISE Infrared Vein Finder

IVYRISE infrared vein finder is in a class of its own and you can easily distinguish it from other vein finders because of its abilities. The vein finder unlike many others in the market has a unique depth detection mode, which enables health care professionals to have better access for vascular performances. The non-invasive device is an electronic visual aid designed to give a clear image of superficial subcutaneous vascular structures on the skin surface. The device is safe to use for all patients that have inconspicuous veins and it has no radiation. It uses three colours to indicate the mode of the veins.

The colours indicate the basic mode, depth detection mode and the green light mode. The device uses medial cold light, which is safe for the eyes. You can however adjust the brightness of the light to suit you or your patient. The easy to use device gives high accuracy results and it is ideal for children, babies, and people with swollen tissue, obese people, hypovolemic patients, dark skins and hairy skins. Though slightly more expensive than other vein finders in the market, it is worth every penny. It is compact and easily portable.

Veinlite LEDX Adult Transilluminator

This is one of the most popular LED vein finders in the market today. The compact portable device is very hand especially in emergency cases that need urgent IV access. The device features a much wider opening than other vein finders and a larger viewing area. It also comes with 32 LEDS that give it better accuracy and focus. It is especially great for people with acute problems of vein visibility such as obese patients.

The LEDs, which are 24 orange and 8 red, also come in very handy for sclerotherapy treatments because they provide the highest contrast imaging. The vein finder is very light and it is always ready to use. It is a great money saver on many accessories such as sanitizing materials and it comes with a light shield to protect the eyes and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The affordable device works well in low-lit situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

People that are using vein finders for the first time may have quite a number of questions to ask. The use of the devices is not an old technology that is slowly catching up with many health professionals and therefore it is understandable why people may need to ask some questions. Some of the FAQs are;

Question: How do I know which the best vein finder is?


Considering that there are many portions in the market all with different brand names, it may be difficult choosing the best option unless you know what you are looking for. Some of the things to consider when looking for the best vein finder are;

  • Does it highlight the veins clearly giving you enough room for accuracy?
  • Does the vein finder come with rechargeable batteries?
  • Is it easily portable?
  • Is it easy to clean and maintain
  • Whom is the device intended for? Is it adults, infants, obese people, neonates or everyone?
  • Does it work well with all skin tones? This is very crucial because some devices will not work well on dark skin while others work better with dark skins than they do with light skins.
  • Is the device affordable and is it worth every penny?

The above are the questions to ask in order to answer the question “How Do I Know Which Is the Best Vein Finder?” Once you have all the clear answers, then you know you are on the right path.

Question: Do I need anything else besides the vein finder when using it on a patient?


One of the many benefits of using a vein finder is minimising on expenses. You save on needles and syringes and all other things used to draw blood or insert an IV. This however does not mean that when you use a vein finder, you do away with everything. For straters, you have to make sure that your device stays well protected from contamination and bacteria. The first thing you should therefore do is provide a disposable cover for it. Disposable covers come separately and they are easy to find.

Also, make sure you clean your vein finder with disinfectant wipes before using it on the next patient. This is crucial especially for the devices that are exposed to the skin. You do not want to transfer one patient’s problems to the next one. Use disposable tourniquets for every patient and use disposable gloves for your safety and that of the patients. Other things that you may need are bandages because you still have to prick the patient one you locate the vein, gauze and hand wash. You could also keep a good Hand Lotion at stand by to keep your hands looking supple and smooth at all times though this is optional.

Question:Do the infrared lights have any health benefits?


Infrared light technology has amazing health benefits. Some of the benefits of infrared light therapy are full body detox and pain relief. The Light Therapy also helps to reduce weight and fight some skin problems such as acne, inflammations, black spots and many more. Infrared rays’ technology is painless, safe, invasive, and ideal for all kinds of people.

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Wrapping it up

Every one of the above vein finders comes with its benefits but they all serve the same purpose, which is to make it easier for the healthcare professional to trace the veins. The vein finders reduce the time it takes to prick from place to place looking for a vein. They also help to save on costs and they make the patients feel more at ease. for doctors, nurses and others in the medical profession that look for veins for various reasons, the view finders are very useful and they are devices worth investing in.

The above described view finders are among the best in the market and the most popular ones. The reasons for their popularity is obvious from what you gave read, therefore if you are in the market for a vein finder, check out any of the above as none of them will disappoint you. If you have any questions regarding this article, reach out to us via the comment section and we will get back to you. You can also read our other articles on other tools that help to make work for professional and users easy such as Foot Massager, blue light therapy and Hair Laser Removal among many others.

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