Flat irons are not the same just because they have two plates, heats up and claims to leave the hair feeling smooth. This fact is especially surreal when dealing with natural black hair.

Best Flat Iron for Natural black Hair

Though it may seem like your hair requires plenty of heat, using too much of it can however lead to permanent damage. Therefore, you should invest in the right quality product that can help you not to compromise on the health of your hair. Here are the top flat irons you can choose to use today.

Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

The Furiden Straightener is one of the best hair straighteners on the market that can cater to all the hair types. It comes with a directional switch new design that allows you to rotate in one step to find the desired heat for an ultra-smooth and silky hair. The tourmaline ceramic flat iron heats up very quickly in only 15 seconds. It does not consume a lot of energy and can last for a long time. It is more durable than other conventional hair straighteners. You can use the hair straightener and curler from anywhere in the world since it accommodates a dual voltage of 110 to 240 AC. It makes an excellent traveling option. It has floating heat plates that have curvy edges that help you to gain more control while styling to avoid snagging your hair. It also has an extra-long cord with a 360-degree swivel cord that helps prevent any hair tangling. It gives you the convenience of operating from any angle. The appliance comes together with a salon comb, heat resistant gloves, two salon hair clips, and a flat iron bag. The company provides you with a six months worry-free guarantee.

Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

The Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is one of the top titanium hair straighteners you can find in the market. The hair straightener can raise its temperature up to 450 degrees allowing you to straighten unruly hair. It is comfortable to hold and use. It comes with an auto shut-off feature that automatically switched off the device when not in use. The straightener helps to smoothen your hair and create professionally styled waves. It comes with adjustable temperature control, a smart sense microchip that helps achieve lightning-fast heat recovery and isotherm titanium plates. It comes with an enclosed guide to help you learn how to use it.

Parwin Pro Beauty Hair Wand Curling Irons

Parwin Pro Beauty Hair is a professional brand that delivers a variety of hairstyling options from hair straightening, drying, and curling. All their products are high quality, and the Parwin Pro Beauty Hair Wand Curling Irons is of no exception. The curling iron can increase in heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit at a temperature of 60 seconds, reducing the time it takes before you can style your hair. You can use the curler to provide your hair with a natural look. The curler releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions presents in the hair. The curling wand is insulated from the tip to help protect your hair from the effects of heat.

MONDAVA PROFESSIONAL Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

The MONDAVA PROFESSIONAL Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener is an award-winning hair straightener that millions of people around the world use. It has smooth ceramic plates that allow the hair to glide effortlessly and consistently. It is clinically proven to restore hair with an infusion of up to 3 million negatively charged anions every minute. The appliance is highly rated throughout the industry to provide spa-grade hair treatments while at home. It helps to detangle and ionize the hair as it glides. It helps lock in moisture in the hair while causing virtually zero hair damage. Some of the features that the appliance had was a 300V long salon cord with swivel back, a digital customs precision, an auto safe safety feature, a 5-second fast heat up and a dual voltage of 110V to 240V.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron

If you do not want to cause any damage to your hair, you may consider using the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron. The appliance is ergonomic, safe, and useful. It has flat irons that are one and a quarter-inch thick and a narrow handle for a comfortable grip. There is an LCD screen that displays the temperature when using the device. The appliance makes use of the ceramic float padded technology to ensure that the hair says smooth and less frizzle. It is because the hair produces negative ions that contrast the positive ions in the hair that cause frizz. The plates can as well heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in only a few minutes.

Considerations When Choosing A Flat Iron for Black Hair

The temperature setting is one of the most critical areas of concern to make when buying a flat iron. Different flat irons come with different ratings. Since the hair of a majority of black women is thick, coarse, and curly, you may consider using a flat iron with a high-temperature rating. However, if you have brittle and damaged hair, you may require to find a flat iron with a low-temperature setting.

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Summing Up

Several things can go wrong when straightening black hair. You need to choose the best flat irons to keep your hair healthy and not cause any damage. Still, continuous exposure of your hair to the heat by a straightener can frequently cause splits-end or excessive frizz. The heat can make the natural oils and nutrients in the hair evaporate, causing the hair to become brittle. You should, therefore, invest in a leave-in hair conditioner that will provide your hair with the required moisture.

Each of the above flat irons can help you to straighten your hair. You can select one depending on your hair requirements. You should, therefore, go through each one to see if their benefits align towards your interests.

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