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If you want a product that people are talking about how useful it is to their hair solutions, then Kenra Dandruff Shampoo is here for you. It is one of the BEST DANDRUFF SHAMPOO that will cleanse and condition your hair if you have been experiencing a problem with dandruff or scalping. Below is a full review of this quality Kenra Dandruff Shampoo.

Review of Kenra Dandruff Shampoo

Kenra Dandruff Shampoo is readily available for you, and you can place your order in Amazon now

Kenra is a brand that has a dedication to serving the cosmetics industry. It has a passion for developing fast class products that will deliver the best and reliable results to stylists. It has many brands in the cosmetics industry, with Kenra Dandruff Shampoo being one of them.

Kenra Dandruff Shampoo is doing well in the market today and producing the best results for its customers. It fights scalping and drying of the skin. It also prevents the recurrence of the symptoms of dandruff in the body. It is not only equipped with the ability to fight fungi that are associated with dandruff, but it also fights bacteria that cause various ailments to the skin.


The active ingredient in Kenra Dandruff Shampoo is Zinc Pyrithione. The shampoo utilizes 1.9% of Zinc Pyrithione. The ingredient is responsible for the elimination of dandruff. It is manufactured together with other inactive ingredients to ensure that it attains a balanced PH and gets a sweet smell.

The inactive ingredients in Kenra Dandruff Shampoo include water, aluminum silicate, sodium chloride, citric acid, and jasmine oil. Jasmine oil serves the purpose of hydrating the scalp. Water gives the shampoo the soft nature that makes it suitable for use in all types of hair. Citric acid brings about an acidic medium that neutralizes the other ingredients that might be basic. Sodium chloride acts as a preservative for the shampoo.


Before using Kenra Dandruff Shampoo, ensure that you shake it well. This will facilitate an even distribution of the beneficial ingredients that might settle at the bottom during storage. Ensure that your hair is wet before applying the shampoo. Apply the shampoo and then leave the hair for some minutes to ensure the interaction of the two. After about ten minutes, rinse the hair thoroughly with clean water.

To achieve the best results out of the use of the shampoo, use it at least twice per week or directed by your physician. Kenra Dandruff Shampoo can be useful alongside conditioners that will leave the hair looking good and smelling sweet.

The shampoo is for external use only. When it comes in contact with your eyes, then ensure that you rinse it thoroughly or seek medical attention when the condition worsens.


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  • It treats dandruff completely

Kenra dandruff shampoo treats dandruff completely. With the use of other shampoos, dandruff might appear again, but Kenra Dandruff Shampoo treats and prevents the recurrence of dandruff. This leaves people with the assurance that once the dandruff is gone, then they will never meet them again.

  • It is gentle, and you can use it daily

Kenra dandruff shampoo is tender and can be used daily, unlike other shampoos that react with the body when used repeatedly. This makes one not limited to the frequency and can apply it as they wish until they achieve the expected result. It does not cause the discoloration of hair either.

  • It does not add weight to the hair

Kenra dandruff shampoo cleanses the hair gently without adding any weight to it. It leaves the hair light

  • It does not have a heavy chemical smell

Most shampoos are manufactured with chemicals and always have a heavy chemical smell. Kenra dandruff shampoo is unique in the sense that you cannot smell the chemicals used during manufacture due to the jasmine oil in it.

  • It is readily available

Kenra ensures that their product is available in all parts of the world. You can get the product for yourself without having to look all around. It is available in most of the online stores, and you can place your order whenever you need it.

  • It has no side effects

The ingredients of most shampoos have side effects on your hair and skin, but Kenra dandruff shampoo comes with few or no side effects. This makes it fresh for use without worries that other effects might come up.


  • It is relatively expensive

Compared to other shampoos, Kenra dandruff shampoo is relatively costly. Other shampoos might cost you as low as $5, but Kenra dandruff shampoo retails at approximately $15.95.

  • May not cure severe dandruff

In case you have severe dandruff, then Kenra dandruff shampoo may not be sufficient for them. In some cases, it fails to cure dandruff that have fully developed.

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Customer reviews

Kenra dandruff shampoo is doing well in the market, and customers with experience using it are mostly happy with it. Customers give it a rating of 4 stars in Amazon. Most of them are satisfied with the possibility of applying it severally without having a problem.

121 RCR is one customer who rates Kenra dandruff shampoo five-star and writes this about it.

“Twice as much active ingredient than H&S brand – 1.9% zinc instead of just 1%. I bought this to help with the dry, itching scalp, and it works great. I only used it twice so far and already have relief. I bought the moisturizing conditioner as well, and my hair is soft and feels great. The shampoo smells like a typical coal tar type shampoo- but it is light and doesn’t linger. So far, I’m thrilled with Kenra products.”

Megs814 is also another satisfied customer and writes this about the product.

“This stuff does work! My scalp was getting very itchy, and this stuff takes the itch away in just a few uses! It’s also really gentle on colored hair – I have bright pink streaks in my hair, and this stuff doesn’t fade it out at all! I also combine this with some Viral pink shampoo and let both sit on my hair for a few minutes, and they both work like a charm. Highly recommend!”

It is not all customers that loved the product; there are some who have negative reviews about it. Some of them are complaining about the price while some customers complain about the unsuccessful treatment of their dandruff. The price is reasonable since the product is of high quality and serves the right purpose to whoever needs it.

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Wrapping it up

Kenra dandruff shampoo is relatively expensive, but you get what you need upon purchasing it. It will be sweet if you spend the money for once and have your dandruff problem solved for good. The shampoo is one of the BEST DANDRUFF SHAMPOO in the market today. If you want a permanent shampoo and money is not a problem, then Kenra dandruff shampoo is here for you. If you want something cheaper, then you will have to look farther.

With a keen look at Kenra dandruff shampoo, I highly recommend it as a permanent solution to dandruff. It is flexible to use, and you will not get other conditions as a result of using it.

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