Different people suffering from the atrocities that come with dandruff use different kinds of medication to get rid of the symptoms.

Some of the products that many people use are shampoos but not every shampoo can effectively clear dandruff.  One of the most effective and quality medication in the market today is Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo which contains potent ingredients that help to fight the symptoms associated with fungus. Below is a full review of the product.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Full Review


Manufactured by Johnson and Johnson one of the leading producers of medicated products, Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is a highly potent product that eradicates all the symptoms of dandruff. The BEST DANDRUFF SHAMPOO contains properties that help to fight itching, scaling and flaking. Besides having a strong ingredient that helps to fight dandruff, Nizoral is also gentle on the skin and hair and it comes with a pleasant smelling thick lather.

It is also a great shampoo to use on color treated hair, grey hair and chemically processed hair. This is unlike many other shampoos with strong formulas that damage relaxed and hair treated hair. One of the reasons that make Nizoral one of fastest selling dandruff shampoo is the main ingredient. The dandruff shampoo contains KETOCONAZOLE, which is one of the fastest antifungal acting azole to use in a shampoo.

The antifungal properties in the shampoo help to prevent fungal growth on the scalp and hair. The amount of ketoconazole in the shampoo is 1% but it also comes in mixtures with 2% of the main ingredient.  Other ingredients in the shampoo are inactive and include Acrylic acid, polymer, fragrance, sodium chloride, sodium cocoyl sarcosinate, sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid, sodium laureth sulfate, water and others.


Ketoconazole is a very strong ingredient and if not used a directed it can cause skin inflammations and irritation. The packaging of the shampoo comes with clear instructions on how to use it effectively to avoid any reactions to the main ingredient. The instructions specify that you should use the product for around 8 weeks.

During the 8 weeks, you should use it for not more than 4 days. After application of the product on the scalp and hair, you should make sure that you rinse everything out. You can repeat the application twice if the dandruff is too much.

Before applying the shampoo, the hair must be wet and you should let the shampoo sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out. The shampoo is not ideal for children under the age of 12 unless with a physician’s consent. Store the shampoo in a cool place and protect it from freezing and too much light.


Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Buy from Amazon.com

Has a pleasant smell

Unlike many other products with strong ingredients, Nizoral smells great. You do not even realize you are using a medicated shampoo because there is no smell of medicated drugs in it.

Uses a powerful ingredient

Ketoconazole is a very potent ingredient that eliminates stubborn dandruff and all the symptoms that come with it such as flaking, scaling and itching.

Clinically proven

Ketoconazole is a clinically proven medication that eliminates dandruff and other skin problems

Fast acting

It only takes 8 weeks for the scalp and hair to become clear of dandruff and any other dandruff symptoms. For some people, it takes even less than the eight weeks to have a dandruff clear scalp and hair.

Eliminates hair loss

One of the biggest pro of this shampoo is that it helps to reverse hair loss and to help the hair from breaking out. Dandruff is also one of the major causes of hair loss and with its treatment, it you start growing hair back.

Thick lather that leaves hair soft and clean

Besides the nice smelling lather, you can also enjoy hair that feels soft and clean after using Nizoral dandruff shampoo. The lather from the shampoo is thick and you do not need to use too much of it to get the thickness.

Ideal for all kinds of hair

For many shampoos that contain strong and potent ingredients, using them on color treated hair or gray hair may cause some problems such as reactions or irritation. You can however use Nizoral on color treated hair, gray hair and chemically processed hair without any fear of a reaction.


Leaves hair dry

One of the downsides of using the shampoo for some people is hair dryness after use. To avoid this, you should use a good and quality conditioner or a hair serum to make the hair softer.


The hair shampoo is slightly pricier compared to many other similar shampoos in the market. This however is due to the main ingredient that does not come cheap.

Time consuming

Some people have very little patience when it comes to cleaning their hair. However if you are using Nizoral, you have to let it sit in the scalp for a few minutes for the medication to work on the dandruff and other scalp inflammations.

Contains sodium laureth sulphate as one of the inactive by products

Many people react to sodium laureth sulphate, which is one of the inactive ingredients in the shampoo. If you use the shampoo and you have any reactions, the best thing to do would be to discontinue the usage and see a physician for an alternative.

Customer Reviews

With over 780 reviews and an average star rating of 4.5, Nizoral is one of the most reviewed BEST DANDRUFF SHAMPOO on amazon. Here are some raving reviews from two satisfied customers.

One of the top 100 reviewers gave the shampoo a star rating of five out 5 stars and had this to say:

 “Nothing else clears things up faster than Nizoral. When you have a flake emergency, more often than not, it’s a yeast overgrowth, so you have to make your head inhospitable for those suckers, by removing dead skin and oil, and killing the fungus.

Ketoconazole is what you use when you don’t have time to screw around with Head & Shoulders, and in fact, in dire emergencies, your doctor or dermatologist can prescribe Nizoral in 2% prescription strength. But 1% helps for daily or weekly use—as long as you’ve got things mostly under control.

I’ve found that it’s best to apply it before you get in the shower. Let it sit on your scalp for 10 minutes before you hop in the shower, otherwise, you’re just washing it down the drain before it can do anything.”

Another satisfied user also with a star rating of 5 wrote:

“I have what I have self-diagnosed as ACUTELY CHRONIC DANDRUFF coupled with itching and scabs (my scalp was literally peeling/shedding). I would wash my hair with what I thought were my goodie shampoos and 2 days later, I’m back to square one.

It also affected my hair growth, more so around the edges, I mean, when your scalp is peeling, that’s bound to happen. Then I started using Nizoral, I’ve used it only twice now, about 5 days apart and here I am, over a week later, no flake, no dandruff in sight. Had to ask my mum to examine my scalp today just in case my eyes were playing tricks on me and she confirmed it. FYI, I’m Black when 4b/4c hair.”

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Wrapping it up

Many of the normal shampoos in the stores do not work effectively to get rid of severe dandruff. Using this product is one of the best options you have of getting rid of that severe dandruff and all the flaking, scaling and itchiness.  It is also good enough for people with moderate dandruff and in just 8 weeks, you can enjoy a dandruff free fresh smelling hair and scalp.

Dandruff just as many other skin inflammations are a disease and you should do everything you can to eliminate it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and from the many positive reviews on the product, so would many other people.

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