Many companies have come up with products to aid in the eradication of these dandruff and Suave is one of them. Suave came up with suave dandruff shampoo as a solution to dandruff in men, but women are also using it, and it works well for both gender. It is the best dandruff shampoo  since it does things at once to achieve its goal. It cleans and conditions the hair using an advanced formula at one step. The classic clean shampoo controls itching that is associated with dandruff.

The product has been in the market for around 75 years and is a one-stop for most men. Suave is striving to ensure that the product is of a high quality and customers will be happy with it. Below is a full review of Suave Dandruff Shampoo.

Suave Dandruff Shampoo Review

The product is readily available and you can place your order in Amazon

Suave is a well-known brand for its years of excellence in the production of quality products. The product come in various forms ranging from powder, gel, conditioner or paste. The different forms of the product make them flexible for use to achieve different results. Powder and conditioner forms are mainly to fight dandruff while gel or paste enhances the style of hair. By using the products, you will have your hair looking good and having a nice smell.


Suave dandruff shampoo has Pyrithione Zinc as the main ingredient. Pyrithione Zinc has been clinically proven to control dandruff effectively. A regular Suave Shampoo utilizes 1% of Pyrithione Zinc. Practical trials on the component itself show effectiveness in the removal of dandruff, but the use of the ingredient itself sometimes affects the skin.

Suave Dandruff Shampoo has other inactive ingredients including water, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Mentha Piperita oil, and sodium chloride. The inactive ingredients act as preservatives and enhance the sweet smell that people who have used the product keep talking about it. Mentha Piperita oil gives Suave Shampoo the sweet smell while sodium chloride serves as a preservative. The other inactive ingredients bring about the balance in PH.


To use Suave Dandruff Shampoo, start by wetting the hair. Wet hair makes it easier to apply the shampoo. You then massage the shampoo into hair and scalp and then rinse the hair. Apply the shampoo within the time specified by your specialist only. Excessive use of the shampoo might lead to other unexpected results due to the reaction with the skin. It is advisable to use it at least twice per as to get the best results. Using it twice per week improves its performance in the body.


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  • Ease of application

One can easily apply the shampoo without necessarily going to the saloon since it is easy to use. The ease of application saves one the time and money that could be spent visiting the salons to have the same applied to their hair.

  • It is affordable

It is cheap hence easily affordable to many. The shampoo retails at prices starting from $4.99. You can, therefore, get a permanent solution to your dandruff at a budget.

  • Few side effects

It does not have many side effects to the users due to the nature of manufacturing it. Users who are eligible to use it can, therefore, enjoy its results without having to face other challenges while using the shampoo.

  • Available in many forms

It is available in many forms making one choose the most convenient one for them. The various forms eliminate the possibility of one not using the product because of the limitations in its mode of application.

  • It is sweet-smelling

The sweet smell associated with the shampoo makes people enjoy using it. In some cases, people avoid using certain products because they have a scent that does not please them.

  • It is PH balanced

It is PH balanced and hence it won irritate when it comes to acidic or basic products on the body.

  • It leaves the skin moist

Apart from eliminating dandruff, Suave Shampoo also keeps the skin moist. Moist skin is healthy since it will regulate water loss from the body through sweating.


  • It sometimes leads to plucking of hair

Using the product frequently will affect the strength of the hair and sometimes makes them pluck out. It is thus healthy to use it at the frequencies that the doctor instructs you.

  • It does not work on all people

For some people who are allergic to the product of the ingredients, they can experience discomfort when they come in contact with the shampoo like sneezing and difficulty in breathing. This effect come about when the individuals inhale the shampoo while applying.

  • It is dangerous when it comes in contact with eyes or wounds

The shampoo is for external use only. In case it comes into contact with your eyes, you should rinse it thoroughly with clean water, and if the effects persist, you should seek medical advice. Using the shampoo around places in your body that have a large open wound since it will delay the time that the injury will take to heal.

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Customer reviews

The number of people using Suave Shampoo mainly talk about the sweet smell associated with it. The customers give the shampoo a rating of 3 stars in Amazon. We all agree that it is sweet-smelling but considering its purpose, does it serve us right? The answer is definitely yes. Through the use of the product, you will be sure to get the solution of dandruff that you have been battling. Out of the many reviews, most of the customers are happy with the product. Below are some of the things the customers had to say about Suave Dandruff Shampoo.

Erin rated the shampoo five-star and wrote this

“Since moving to a dry climate with very hard water, it’s been a struggle to find shampoo that doesn’t completely destroy my hair. This shampoo is the only one I’ve been able to find that keeps my hair soft and doesn’t totally dry out my hair and scalp.”

Hillary A. Anderson is also a happy customer who writes this about Suave Dandruff Shampoo

“I bought this 2 in 1 shampoo for my husband. I LOVE the way it smells. He likes it too! It seems to be a really good deal so far! I will definitely be buying it for him again. Only thing I don’t like is just how dark blue the soap is. It stains the grout in our shower. It’s only temporary though. I could see if you didn’t take very long showers that it might stay blue.”

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Wrapping it up

Having looked at the product keenly, we can conclude that Suave Dandruff Shampoo is one of the best dandruff shampoo for men in the market today. It is better to know of something before using it to eliminate some mistakes that we might encounter for rushing to a product because of adverts.

The positive reviews from the customers who have experience with the product will convince us to love the product and also try using it. It will give you a beautiful look at the same time a sweet smell of your hair. It is more advantageous since it won’t cost you much to have the product. The few negative reviews cannot convince us to stay away from the product.

I highly recommend SUAVE DANDRUFF SHAMPOO as a solution for your dandruff.

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