Whether it is to save a few bucks or provide an enhanced effect, manufacturing companies use ingredients that carry unwanted side-effects or nonorganic. That is why it can be hard to get shampoos that won’t hurt our kids.

best-shampoo-for-kidsBut we have listed the best shampoo for kids to help you choose the best one for your needs.

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Our Top Picks of Best Shampoos for Kids On 2019

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo with Organic Calendula, 7.8 Ounce

Cetaphil’s Baby Wash and Shampoo is made with ORGANIC CALENDULA to provide that natural wash and is ideal for kid use. The shampoo boasts of a tear-free formula that provides a rich, lathering wash to effectively and gently clean your kid’s soft hair and skin without drying.

Thanks to the organic calendula, the product rinses clean, leaving behind a soft and fresh fragrance which your kids will like. Besides, this gentle wash and shampoo will not destroy or break your kid’s hair.

The shampoo is dermatologists tested and uniquely formulated to be gentle for infants too. When using it, simply pour it into a washcloth or your hand and apply to the body and hair.

Another thing, the product is colorant free, paraben free, mineral oil free, tear free, and HYPOALLERGENIC. You don’t need to worry about anything when you have this shampoo for children.

Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children, 8oz

Pediatricians used to recommend adult dandruff products for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis since they contain an FDA certified active ingredient that prevents this condition from spreading. But now there is the Happy Cappy, which is the first over the counter shampoo that is made specifically for kids of all ages and it is FDA approved.

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo is a pediatrician’s product that fights to scale, itching, irritation, and flaking on the skin and scalp for kids of all ages. These symptoms are commonly referred to as seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff which affects kids under the age of 5.

The product contains a natural ingredient called Licorice Root Extract that helps to soothe redness under armpits, in neck folds, and behind ears. It is dermatologist tested,fragrance-free, paraben free, alcohol-free, dye free, and sulfate free.

The product eliminates flaking while leaving your kid’s hair and skin soft. It is a great product that is friendly to the kids.

Bella B Naturals Bee Gone Cradle Cap Foaming Shampoo, 8oz

Bella B Natural Bee Gone Cradle Cap is a liquid shampoo that foams when massaged in your kid’s hair and helps heal cradle cap. It is easy to apply and you don’t need to have used it before to know how to use it.

The shampoo is made of organic and natural ingredients with SKIN CONDITIONERS. Therefore, you can count on the shampoo to not only deal with your child’s hair and skin but also condition it.

One thing that makes it safe for kid’s use is the fact that it is paraben free and hypoallergenic. It has been proven to contain only the right ingredients that will offer a positive effect to your kids.

The product also features a very light fresh scent that will make your child hair to smell sweet. It comes in an 8 oz bottle that has a pump at the top to allow you to pump out the shampoo with ease.

Johnson’s Baby Calming Baby Shampoo with Soothing NaturalCalm Scent, 20.3 fl. Oz

20.3-fluid oz bottle of Calming Baby Shampoo from Johnson’s Baby has relaxing NaturalCalm fragrance that helps to soothe your child before bed. The shampoo is specially made for kid’s delicate skin thanks to its gentle cleaning nature.

It is able to gently cleanse the hair and relax the senses while leaving your child’s hair smelling wonderfully fresh, shiny, and soft with no tears.

This particular baby product is hypoallergenic, never harsh with no sulfates, dyes, phthalates or parabens, and formulated to be gentle. Designed from feedback from mothers, the shampoo is perfect for children and adults alike.

When using it, simply wet your baby’s hair with warm water, apply shampoo, lather gently, and rinse. The shampoo is made to meet the top international standards and is pediatrician-tested.

It is a safe product for kids use and doesn’t cost much money.

Mountain Falls Hypoallergenic Tear-Free Baby Shampoo with Natural Lavender and Chamomile

Mountain Falls Hypoallergenic Tear-Free Baby Shampoo is enriched with chamomile and lavender to provide a fresh scent. It is also a tear-free product that will interact with water and remain safe for your kid’s eye.

Dermatologist-tested, the product is recommended for children use and can be bought over the counter. It is, therefore, a safe product that you can buy for your kids and still have the peace of mind when using it.

It gently cleanses your baby’s hair to leave a soft and clean hair that won’t break easily. What’s more, the shampoo is quaternion 15, phthalate, and paraben free, making it a natural ingredient product.

It also comes in a compact bottle that you can easily carry when going on a holiday. Besides, it is very easy to pump the shampoo out when washing your baby’s hair. It will take you just a few minutes to rub it to your kid’s hair.

BareBaby Organics Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash with Cucumber, Aloe, and Citrus Essential Oils

This is a tear-free and gentle shampoo that cleans all skin types and hairs, including SENSITIVE SKIN, cradle cap, and eczema. Thus, it is a product you can depend on to when cleaning your baby hair.

Nontoxic and safe, the product contains no synthetic fragrances, phthalates, dyes, parabens, or sulfate that can cause itches to your kid. It is an organic and natural skin and hair care that contains nourishing kiwi, ginger, cucumber, and aloe vera.

The shampoo also contains ESSENTIAL OILS such as grapefruit and orange oils that make it smell sweet, without being too powerful. The mom and the kid are always safe when using the shampoo even when in the house.

The babies love this shampoo and it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can even return it if it doesn’t work for your kid. It is made in the USA by a reputable company.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Refill

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Refill scooped the 2018 Best Baby Skincare Products in 2018. Hence, it is a reputable product that is recognized around the world for being effective and friendly to the kids.

The product was developed by doctors using clinically superior results and gentle, pure, and nourishing ingredients. It also boasts of citrus grove, a light mix of natural botanical extracts and pink grapefruit essential oils.

The product doesn’t contain any irritant or allergen and is ideal for all skin types such as those with cradle cap, eczema, and even sensitive skins. It is made with a pH-balanced formula that offers mounds of tiny washing bubbles, sea salt balances and purifiers, while veg-based moisturizers retain the skin softness.

Moreover, the product doesn’t contain any harsh chemical that can harm your children such as dyes, perfumes, gluten, and other nonorganic material. The producer guarantees the users a 100% satisfaction.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Baby Shampoo, 13.53oz

If you want a loving, no tear shampoo that your baby will love, then you should try the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Baby Shampoo. This is a mild shampoo that will nourish your kid’s delicate hair to make it shiny and soft.

It comes with chickpea and hibiscus for strengthening the hair while making it softer than before. In fact, hibiscus is well known as a conditioner while chickpea is famous for its rich in protein nature.

In terms of being friendly to your baby skin, the shampoo is proven to be gentle and kind. Dermatologists have thoroughly tested this product and often recommend it for baby use.

It is also a product that is free from various concerns including paraben free, phthalate free, silicone free, and SLES/SLS free. All its ingredients are natural and will not cause harm to a human being.

For animal lovers, the product hasn’t been tested on any animal and thus it is cruelty-free.

TotLogic Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo, 8oz

Another shampoo for sensitive skin that will do wonders for your kid is the TotLogic Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo. This product doesn’t contain any harsh chemical such as petroleum-derived ingredients, SLS, TEA, DEA, MEA, SLES, parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

In addition, the shampoo doesn’t contain artificial dyes or colors and gently cleanses your baby’s scalp and hair to leave a freshly smelling surface. It is also infused with chilling lavender that helps to promote calm and serenity.

The shampoo is rich in nourishment botanicals and antioxidants such as lavender, chamomile, white tea, jojoba, and bergamot extracts and essential oils. Its nontoxic and hypoallergenic formula helps to create a rich lather that rinses with ease.

Another thing that makes it a great product is the fact that there is no animal testing done. It is made in the USA and certified to vegan and be cruelty-free.

Alaffia – Everyday Shea Shampoo and Body Wash, Babies and Kids

With the Alaffia, you can always feel good knowing that your shampoo is 100% certified to contain Fair Trade Ingredients. It is a gentle product that you can apply to your kid every day and cause no harm to the skin.

In fact, it is an extra gentle, non-irritating shampoo that contains a moisturizing blend of virgin coconut oil and unrefined shea butter. The two ingredients blend to form a product that your kid will come to appreciate as it provides strong and soft hair.

It also contains calming lemon balm, lavender essential oil, and neem leaf, making it a soothing all-in-one body wash and shampoo. The product will leave your kid’s skin and hair soft as well as cleaner than before.

It comes in an FFP packaging that protects the shampoo from contaminants and is easy to open and recyclable. This is the product for all kids no matter their age group.

Aveeno Gentle Conditioning Baby Shampoo, 12 Ounce

This is one of the best shampoos for the kids on the market today and comes in a 12-ounce bottle to last you for days. It is able to cleanse your kid’s hair, condition it, and nourish it, leaving a softer and shinier hair.

The product is made of all-natural ingredients and is specially formulated to suit delicate hair. Thus, it is a safe shampoo that is meant for kid use and even adults with sensitive skins.

One of its most notable ingredients is the natural oat extract that features oat, wheat, and vitamin E. The three combines to provide your kid’s hair with all the food it requires to grow healthy and stronger.

What’s more, the shampoo is recommended by pediatrician around the world. It is, therefore, a reputable product that you can apply on your kid’s head without worrying about any side effect.

SheaMoisture Mango & Carrot Kids Extra-Nourishing Shampoo, 8 Ounce

The SheaMoisture Mango and Carrot Kids Extra-Nourishing Shampoo is made from natural ingredients. It is able to cleanse your child hair off grime, daily build-up, and dirt to leave a clean head.

Another feature of the product is the ability to soften the hair and the skin. This is all possible due to the nourishing mango butter formula with certified natural raw shea butter that provides moisture to the hair.

It also contains vitamin-rich carrot oil that nourishes your kid’s hair while smoothing the unruly curls. This is a product that will function on all types of hair including dry and brittle hair.

One of the things that makes shampoo producers use natural ingredients is their ability to promote hair growth while strengthening it. This is also the case with this shampoo.

Besides, the shea butter also comes in handy to seal open hair cuticles and is able to keep hair tangle and frizz free.

Fresh Monster Kids Watermelon Shampoo and Body Wash, 8.5 Ounce

Here you get two 8.5 ounce bottles of shampoo that will last you for a while before the need of replenishing it. It is a watermelon shampoo that has a fresh fragrance that will want your kid to have it on their hair.

The product is free of phthalates, dyes, parabens, sulfates, BPA, synthetic fragrances, toxins, soy, and gluten. You can easily use the product and have peace of mind knowing that it won’t irritate your children.

Made in the USA, the product isn’t tested on any animal and holds a cruelty-free certificate from PETA. It comes inside a goof-proof, re-closeable pump that allows your kid to take charge of the application time.

With this bottle, everything becomes some easy and there will never be any tear when taking a bath. That’s all thanks to the safe and natural formula that is gentle on your kid’s eyes.

The product is also scented with natural botanical extracts and fruits, to offer a natural scent that is quite refreshing.

Honeydew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Kids

This ranks among the best natural dandruff shampoo for kids on the market today. It treats kids of all ages gently and contains safe and pure ingredients that clean the hair off flakes and dandruff.

Some of its most notable ingredients include lavender and tea tree essential oils along with jojoba oil. The product features a nurturing hypoallergenic formula that is specially developed for kids – the formula has mild ingredients that protect dry and damaged hair and nourishes and cleans the hair.

It also has an effective anti-dandruff property that promotes scalp health naturally while reducing flaking and dandruff. This is a great product for growing girls and boys hair, ranging from frizzy to curly hair to fragile and thin hair.

Besides, the product can be used with all conditioners and is safe for everyday use. It is made in the USA using state-of-the-art technology and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Kids are delicate people, so a very gentle shampoo is essential. Understanding all the ingredients in a shampoo for kids can be hard, but there are a few that you should look out for.

While some products with feature the preservative phenoxyethanol and it’s safe, you should try to avoid it since it can be harmful if ingested. Also, avoid benzyl alcohol since it can irritate the eyes and dries the skin.

Sodium benzoate is a safe preservative that is used to preserve the best shampoo for kids.

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