This is because of the over production of sebum that makes the hair feel greasy at all times. It is also a problem finding the best shampoo for oily hair because unlike the ones for normal hair, oily hair shampoos come with fewer ingredients to condition the hair.

Redken Scalp Relief Detox Shampoo is what you need for your oily hair because it comes with ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair roots to get rid of the excess sebum. You can trust this product to help you forget what it feels like to run your fingers through your hair and feeling as if someone poured some sticky stuff on it. Below is a deep review of the shampoo.

Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo Full Review

Redken is a company that manufactures quality beauty, skin, body and hair products and owned by L’Oreal. It is also one of the most popular brands of the best quality products with people from all over the world using different Redken products. This particular shampoo is one of the company’s high-end products that get rid of the grease leaving the hair stronger, cleaner and healthier.

The shampoo comes with a formula of lip acid and highly absorbing micro-sponges that absorb the excess oil leaving the scalp and hair purified. The shampoo comes in a bottle of 300 ml.  Besides being a favorite with people that have oily hair and scalp from across the world, it is also a favorite with dermatologists and top salonists. The shampoo is one of the few oily hair and scalp eradication products that a dermatologist will recommend with ease.


The highly advanced formula of the shampoo uses the lipo sponge system alongside lipacide to bring a balance to the pH. levels. Other ingredients that blend in with the highly advanced technology are lemon extract and micro sponges. The whole combination alongside other inactive ingredients cleanses the pores by absorbing all excess oil on the scalp leaving it purified.

The advanced technology rebalances the scalp back to its natural and original equilibrium of moisture by controlling and mattifying the oil on the scalp and hair. Other ingredients in the shampoo are sodium laureth sulfate, aqua/water, glycerin, sodium chloride, parfum/fragrance and many others. You can check the package for a list of all the ingredients.


If you have extremely oily scalp or hair, you can use the shampoo daily until the problem clears. Before shampooing, make sure the hair is wet first. Massage the hair, scalp with the shampoo, and rinse well. For better control and more intense treatment for severely oily hair, apply the shampoo before wetting the hair and let it sit for one to two minutes. After that, wet the hair, lather in the shampoo and rinse everything out to avoid any skin irritation.


Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo

  • Smells great

The shampoo has a sweet selling citrusy flavor that leaves your hair and scalp fresh and smelling great.

  • Good consistency

The shampoo has a thick consistency that lathers and cleans the hair well

  • Clears away the grease

The advanced formula of the oil detox shampoo penetrates deep into the scalp to clear off the excess sebum leaving you with hair and skin that feels less oily and manageable

  • Balances pH. levels

The same advanced technology alongside lipacide and lemon extract help to balance the pH levels which in turn rebalances the natural equilibrium of the scalp and hair ridding the of extra oil.

  • Safe to use

You can use the shampoo daily in case of severe oily scalp or hair without the fear of any irritations

  • Leaves hair clean and with more volume

The shampoo leaves your hair clean as well as adding volume

  • Hair stays clean for long

When you use the shampoo, you can stay for three days or more with clean hair and no grease to worry about.

  • Leaves hair feeling softer

The shampoo also leaves your hair softer, nourished and feeling more natural

  • A little goes a long way

A little of the shampoo builds into enough lather to wash away all the oil on the scalp and hair

  • Safe

The shampoo is dermatologically tested which makes it a safe product to use


  • Contains sulfate

One of the consequences that you may have if you use the shampoo frequently is get irritation on the scalp because it contains sulfate, which is not skin friendly with everyone

  • Expensive

Compared to many other ordinary shampoos, this one costs slightly more

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Customer reviews

Majority of the customers gave very positive reviews about the products. below are some of the reviews from satisfied customers.

Yevgeniya gave this best shampoo for oily hair a five star rating and wrote this:

“Works magically! The best shampoo I ever tried. I had issue with my hair going oily by the end of the night for at least 15 years. I’ve tried masks, I tried rinses with apple cider vinegar. I was on a mission until I accidentally forgot my shampoo and had to use my friends when we were on vacation. I used reg Redken blue bottle. It worked the very first time and my hair was looking clean for at least 2 days. Once I came back home, I started looking for Redken products because the result was so amazing. I came across the oil detox version, which is nowhere to be found in New York, and it’s a nightmare for me. Sometimes I run out and have to use reg shampoo, which does nothing for me unless I apply, scrub and rinse at least 3 times or more. Love this shampoo and wish it were available locally or at least somewhere in US.”

Jennifer with another five star rating wrote:

“I use this once a week to remove oil and buildup from my regular shampoo. It works very well for this purpose. I need to do two lathers, as I do with any shampoo. I have fine, straight, oily hair that needs to be washed daily,”

Elle, another satisfied customer also gave the shampoo five stars and wrote:

“Great service! I love this shampoo. It is unscented, rinses clean, great oil control but not harsh. Good stuff.”

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Wrapping it up

You should not have any problems looking for the best shampoo for oily hair when you have all the details you need to know about Redken dandruff shampoo. You can tell by the reviews that people love it for a reason, which is its efficiency. The shampoo is gentle on the scalp and hair and you do not have to worry about running your fingers through sticky hair any longer.

The ingredients blend to penetrate deep into the scalp and unclog the pore to allow the scalp to breathe and new hair regrowth to take place. Owned by one of the largest beauty companies I  the world also mean that the brand is trustworthy. Even though the shampoo is more expensive that your ordinary shampoo it is worth the amount and I would highly recommend it.

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