A few cuts off your long locks and bangs and you can have the perfect pixie.

However, even with the urge to wear shorter hair, many women do not get any thrill from cutting their hair. All the years spent growing the beautiful locks is painful to lose some of it to a pair of clippers or scissors. Luckily, you can enjoy many hairstyles that make your hair shorter without losing any of it to a pair of scissors.

The question is how do you do that? Read on to find out how to make your shorter without cutting it.

How to Make Hair Shorter Without Cutting It

  • Wear a Pixie

Wear a PixieWearing your hair as a pixie is one of the favorites among many women that want to wear their hair short. The style is especially suitable for women that want more hair volume on top of their head.

The hairstyle involves taking your hair and pulling it back to a ponytail or a braided hair mass. After that pull up the ponytail or braid and use, Kirby grips to clip it near the front hairline or at the crown. You can arrange the ponytail end as bangs.

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  • Wear a Bob

Wear a BobWearing your hair as a stylish bob also does not require cutting of the locks. A good bob lies in how well you use Kirby grips. For the perfect bob look, use clear elastic to tie your hair at the bottom of the head.  After that, tuck the hair underneath and use Kirby grips to put it into a bob.

Besides using clear elastic, you can also use a headband to create the same style. In this case, you will need a long headscarf or a long piece of fabric or a dress belt. Tie the bottom of your hair using the headscarf into a ponytail with the knot tying the hair sitting in the middle of the headband.

Using both your hands, take each end of the headband and pull the ponytail upwards and towards the neck. Then make a bow by tying the ends of the headband on top. You can also the same by tying the headband in the back under your hair. Creating a bob look is the simplest method if perfecting a shorter hair look.

  • Braid the Hair

Braid the HairBraiding long locks makes them look shorter. The best braids to do are cornrows, but even French braids do the trick just as perfectly as cornrows. All you do is start braiding from the front of your hair going towards the bottom. Two braids are enough to get the look you are looking for.

You can also make three braids and braid them a second time to make them one braid. You can also try box braids. The tighter you make the braids, the shorter the hair will look. Braiding is an impressive hairstyle that you can wear for different occasions. Besides making your hair look shorter, it is a simple style to do.

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  • Wear a Braided Mohawk

Wear a Braided MohawkBraiding your hair into a Mohawk is another stylish way of shortening your hair. The style is also simple to do and does not need a hairstylist. Divide your hair into two equal parts. From each part of the divided hair parts, take thin hair strands at the front.

Make making a braid with the two strands from each part of the hair and as you continue raiding, continue adding strands as you go on. Do not stop after braiding to the bottom of the head, but continue to braid the rest of your hair.

After you finish, lift the braid and pin it to the front of your head. If you do not want a Mohawk on top of your head, leave allow the hair to hang on the sides. The result is a crest of hair on top of your head with the sides rocking short hair.

  • Clip Your Hair Up

Clip Your Hair UpAnother way to shorten your hair is by using a curl enhancer and clip pins. Hair clips are a girl’s best friend, and they come in handy on many occasions when you want to hold your hair differently. The clip it up hairstyle involves a short process of washing, drying, and spraying the hair with a curl enhancer.

After that, divide the hair into two equal parts and clip them upwards. Apply the rest of your hair with hair gel and make a ponytail at the back by pulling the hair hard. At this point, the sides of your hair should have a smooth appearance.

Again, divide the top sections of the hair into more strands. Twist two strands of hair at a time. Give the twisted strands a 10-minute rest beefier undoing them. Repeat the process with all the hair in the ponytail after which you pull up the ponytail and using bobby pins, attach it to the rest of your hair.

If you feel the hair needs ore hair gel, do not hesitate to add through every step. The hairstyle is ideal for both straight and curly hair.

  • Wear A Short-Styled Wig

Wear A Short-Styled WigIf you do not have time to go through the routines of keeping your hair short using Kirby grips, headbands, or plaiting, you could buy a short style wig that matches the natural color of your hair.

Wigs come in different types, but the best qualities are human-hair wigs that you can style it any way you want without the fear of burning them. Synthetic wigs could cause skin problems, especially for people with sensitive skin.

They also do not last as long as human hair wigs, and they are much harder to groom. Some of the wigs come with clips to help in securing them to the hair roots while others require glue. Many quality wigs come with instructions and it is essential to stick to them.

Wrapping It Up

Wearing the same style becomes boring after a while, and a change is always good, which is why many women go for the short hair look. The above styles are some of the best for anyone that wants to maintain a short hairstyle without clipping it at the edges or cutting off the locks. Many of the above styles are simple to carry out, and they take very little time to perfect.

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