How To Thicken Hair

Unfortunately, not everyone has this kind of hair. Some women have thin hair brought about by various factors. Having thin hair makes them feel run down and some may even develop low esteem. Some of the reasons for having thin hair are beyond anyone’s help though there are ways to remedy the situation.

Some of the most notable reasons why people have thin hair are due to poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and some nutrients, hormonal changes in the body, genetics, hair products, some hair devices like combs, curling irons, dryers and many others. Others could get the problems from poor hair management. Achieving and maintaining thick hair is not a walk in the park. It is something that you have to work for if you want silky, shiny and thick locks to make you look gorgeous and hot. People try many different methods to get this kind of hair.

If you want working methods to get you the hair you always dream of, then this article will be of big help to you. We have selected some of the best remedies and solutions to try out in order to have those thick beautiful tresses. What is even better is that the same solutions will not only turn your hair into a thick mass, but they will also improve its growth. Read on to find out more.

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How to make your hair fuller and thicker

How to make your hair fuller and thicker

Almost every company that sells or manufacturers hair products promise you to have amazing beautiful long and thick hair with absolutely no issues at all times. What the companies fail to understand is that not every woman gets to have great hair from using their products. Some people have hair problems that no chemicals or hair products can rectify. It is for this reason that we give you other alternatives that you can easily use without putting a dent into your pockets to have thicker and fuller hair. We first start with simple hair care tips and styling procedures that will make your hair look different.

Avoid chemical-based hair products

Using chemical based hair products is one of the leading causes of thin hair. Chemical based styling products, shampoos and conditioners in most cases damage the scalp by getting rid of the natural oils. Every scalp needs the natural oils for nourishment, elasticity and strength of the hair. It is therefore very important to go for products with blends of natural ingredients.

If you need a shampoo without chemicals, go for one with organic products and your hair will start to change. The products to avoid if you have thin hair and want to thicken it are those that contain chemicals like sodium laurel and laureate sulfates because they are damaging to the scalp.

Wash your hair well

Some people assume that washing the hair daily is one way of making it stay healthy. On the contrary, if you are aiming for thick hair, then washing it too often will not grant you that. Washing the hair daily makes the scalp dry, which in turn makes the sebaceous gland produce more sebum than allowed. This in turn makes the makes the hair get more oily.

When you have oily hair, make sure you use the BEST SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR and pay very close attention to the temperature of the water you are using. Hot water is not the best to use on your hair. Use lukewarm water and always rinse your hair with cold water for that extra shine. With a good working scalp, you can be sure to have healthy, strong and thick hair.

Massage your scalp daily


If you are looking for ways to activate the growth of your hair fast and keep the sebaceous glands working normally, then a gentle daily deep- massage of the scalp will do wonders. A scalp massage strengthens the roots of your hair making it stronger. A massage also prevents hair loss and thickens the hair. You only need 10 minutes of a gentle finger massage with a circular movement for your scalp to respond well. When you are doing the massage, start from the crown and work your way slowly to the back and forehead.

Be gentle with your hair

If you have thin and weak hair, you have to be extremely careful how you treat it. Do not use extra force to handle it but be as gentle as you possible can. Use the right tools such as a wide toothed comb instead of a brush to avoid breaking the strands, a dry wrap method to treat your hair, a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment or a hooded dryer without direct heat.

Eat healthy


Poor diet may also lead to loss and thinning of hair. If you have an unhealthy diet, you need to review it in order to rehabilitate your hair. Some of the healthiest products you should include in your diet are;

Iron, helps with the production of natural oils in the scalp. Foods rich in iron are red meat, dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, seafood, dried fruit such as apricots and raisins and beans among many others.

Proteins such as milk, eggs, soya, turkey, chicken, fish, pistachio nuts, yoghurt and pork are essential for hair growth.

Omega 3 – fatty acids such seafood, fish roe, salmon spinach, walnuts, fish oil, soybeans and flaxseed oil for healthy scalp.

Vitamins A and C such as, tropical fruits carrots, bell peppers dark leafy greens, and cantaloupe, dried apricots, sweet potatoes, fish, winter squashes liver, and lettuce.

Use Vitamins on your hair

If you have tried many ways to thicken your hair but it continues getting thinner, it is wise to seek medical advice. If a doctor confirms that you are in perfectly good health then think of adding crucial vitamins to your daily routine. Vitamins nourish both the hair and body giving them the most efficient nutrients. Below are some of the vitamins to help thicken and grow your hair.

If you realize that your locks are getting thinner and thinner, and your hair loss is enormous, look for other ways to solve the problem. First, visit your doctor and make sure you are in good health. In case you want to promote your hair growth and its beauty, there is a list of the most crucial vitamins for hair growth and thickness:

  • Beta Sitosterol a natural plant extract with rich nutrients that help to thicken hair
  • Biotin, also called “food for your hair” and one of the best hair loss treatments
  • Folic Acid for preventing hair loss and treating the hair
  • Inositol, which has anti-oxidant properties that help to thicken hair and open up the hair follicles
  • Omega-3, a fatty acid for beautiful healthy locks
  • Vitamin A, which helps with the production of sebum or natural oil that keeps the scalp well nourished.
  • Vitamin B complex, which includes (B-6, B-12 and B-3) and is beneficial for the overall health of the whole body and hair
  • With vitamin E for good scalp blood circulation and better quality of hair
  • Zinc and Iron for growth and thicker fuller hair

Some supplements are also great for hair loss treatment and thickening but before you take any of them, consult a doctor first to confirm if your body needs them or not.

Wear your hair short

Some people have this assumption that short hair does not look as healthy as long hair does. This is not true because you can have a perfectly thick mass of short hair looking better on you than you would with long hair. Good short cuts look sexy and neat so if you want, you can go for a bob cut which even though short will make your hair look thick. If you are not into bob cuts, try out layers that will give your hair some volume and a tousled sexy look. Get rid of any split ends of your hair every one to two months.

Rock braided hair

Braiding your hair occasionally can make a very big difference. Braided hair looks thick and it hides the thinness. To get even better results, pull your plaits after braiding. You can try this with whichever type of braids you want.

Use Velcro Hair Rollers


If you want another styling method to give your hair volume, use Velcro rollers. For a wavy voluminous hairstyle put two to three rollers on dry hair and let them stay on for about 30 minutes. Use a dry texture spray before you put the rollers. Once you take them out, style your hair to get a glamorous and voluminous wavy look that goes with any occasion.

Home remedies to thicken your hair


Did you know that you could change your hair completely by using readily available home ingredients? Yes, you can stop the hair loss, thicken your hair, and rock a shiny healthy mass of healthy looking hair by using home treatments that are both cost effective and nutritious. The special hair treatment masks add to the hair density and some of them contain useful oils that nourish the scalp and increase the hair thickness. Try any of the following DIY hair treatment masks for strong, glossy, thicker and silky hair.



Many people may not like the idea of having a slimy smelling egg on their hair. However, the egg is a very rich source of protein and the scalp needs protein for nourishment. Hair itself has keratin that helps to feed it. Adding more proteins makes the scalp stronger, which in turn strengthens and thickens the hair. The egg procedure is easy and anyone can do it. The most common procedures are as follows

  • Procedure 1

Neat one or two eggs in a bowl and apply it on wet hair. Massage the egg mixture throughout your whole head making sure you go deep into the roots. Wrap your hair with a cloth or a towel and stay put for 30 minutes. Remove the towel and use an organic shampoo to rinse your hair.

  • Procedure 2

Separate the yolk of one egg from the white. Add a tablespoon of whatever hair oil you have to the yolk. Add another two tablespoons of warm water. Mix well and apply the mask to the scalp using gentle circular motions. Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes and afterwards rinse it off with an organic shampoo.

Try the egg hair procedures once or twice for a period of two months and watch your hair transform into a thick, shiny, silky beautiful mass.



Avocado is one of the most popular fruits. It has very many nutritious benefits to the body and it gives the hair strength and volume. The fruit contains Vitamin E, which is beneficial to hair growth and strength as well as contributing to the overall health of the whole body. For best results, use the avocado mask on your hair once a week. Below are two simple avocado recipes for your hair.

  • Procedure 1

Mash up one banana and one avocado together and add a tablespoon of your best oil to the mixture. Apply the mixture into the roots and massage your whole head gently. Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes, and then rinse with an organic shampoo or any shampoo of your choice.

  • Procedure 2

Take a half-ripe avocado and blend it well with wheat germ oil. Apply the mixture on freshly washed hair and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off the mask with a shampoo.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera-thick-hair

Aloe Vera is one of the best products to use for thinning hair. It has a wide range of active compounds such as salicylic acids, enzymes, amino acids, minerals vitamins A, C, E and B12, chlorine and folic acids among many others. The makeup of Aloe Vera is similar to keratin that the hair naturally produces.

Protein being the key ingredient for strengthening and thickening hair, adding Aloe Vera the hair protein makes the hair even stronger while at the same time improving its elasticity. Aloe Vera also makes the hair look shiny and more appealing. The following simple Aloe Vera recipes will give you the thickness you want.

  • Procedure 1

Blend a mixture of 1 large onion with one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and massage the mixture into your scalp. Let it sit for 1 hour and then rinse with your favorite shampoo. Do this once a week for faster hair growth.

  • Procedure 2

For an overnight treatment of your hair, take 2 teaspoons of castor oil and mix it with half a cup of Aloe Vera gel. Add 2 teaspoons of fenugreek powder and a teaspoon of basil to the mixture. Starting from the roots, apply the mixture evenly and massage your scalp gently. Cover the whole head with a shower cap and rinse off the mixture in the morning with a shampoo.

Olive oil

Olive oil

Another product that is rich in nutrients and good for the hair and the whole body health is olive oil. Olive oil thickens and softens the hair while at the same time nourishing it. If you have a dry scalp, this would be the best product to use. It also does well with split ends. Depending on the amount of hair you have, warm one or two tablespoons of olive oil and massage the warm oil deep into the scalp.

Let it rest for about 30 to 45 minutes, then rinse off with a shampoo. You can also leave the oil on your hair overnight for even better results. Put on a shower cap and you could probably add another cover to avoid any leakages and rinse off your hair in the morning.

Castor oil


Castor oil is a product rich in fatty acids and omega 6. It helps to prevent hair loss and hair thinning. The rich ingredients of castor oil help to moisturize hair follicles, increase hair thickness, and the overall body health. Below are the best castor oil recipes for your hair thickness and strength.

  • Procedure 1

Mix a tablespoon each of olive oil, and mustard oil with two tablespoons of castor oil. Apply the mixture to your hair locks and cover the whole head with a towel. Let the mixture stay on for 1 hour, then rinse it off with a shampoo. For best results, repeat this procedure once every two weeks.

  • Procedure 2

Put half a cup of softened Shea butter in a mixer and whip it up gently. Add 3 tablespoons of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to the Shea butter. You can also add your favorite essential oils to the mixture. Apply the mixture to the scalp, massage gently and let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes. Rinse the mixture off with a shampoo.

Wrapping it up

The above solutions are easy to follow and pocket friendly. They will help to improve the thickness of your hair while at the same time boosting its growth, the methods will rid you of thin hair and you can enjoy rocking magnificent shiny fuller tresses that will boost your self-esteem. Majority of the solutions are easy DIY methods that you can do from the comfort of your home.

For more beauty tips, makeup tools,  and beauty products, read our earlier articles or visit our website. We want to keep you looking awesome always.

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