However, dandruff can be as a result of a variety of reasons including dry skin, a yeast fungus known as Malassezia that lives on the scalp as well as skin’s reactions to hair care products such as shampoos.

Fortunately, all is not lost as various hair care products have been formulated to deal with this problem from the source. In this article, we review one of the best dandruff shampoo that is very effective in fighting dandruff and nourishing your hair: SHEA MOISTURE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP DANDRUFF CONTROL SHAMPOO

Shea Moisture Dandruff Control Shampoo Review

Sheer moisture is a renowned personal care company that was established in 1991 by Richelieu Dennis, who was inspired by his Sierra Leonean grandmother, Sofi Tucker. Sofi hawked shea seeds in a market and other products in 1912.

The company specializes in shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. Among their renowned products, the most favourite among its enthusiasts is the  African Black Soap Dandruff Control Shampoo.

This sulfate-free formula will gently cleanse your hair and scalp while its active ingredients will kill germs while giving an unmatched moisturization. This product has been formulated using organic ingredients that help to calm the scalp and relieve irritation that comes with dandruff. Let us have a closer look at this great shampoo.


This shampoo is made with organic ingredients that ensures deep cleaning and hydration of your hair and scalp. Among the natural ingredients used to formulate this shampoo are:

  • African Black Soap 

The African Black soap has swept the beauty industry off its feet thanks to its wide range of benefits. This magical soap has its roots from West Africa, and its mostly praised for its antibacterial properties. It has an antiseptic property that reliefs itching and calms the scalp. It works great even for oily and sensitive skin.

  • Tea tree oil

This is one of the most common essential oils used for natural hair. Tea tree oil has been used for decades to treat dandruff, dry scalp, and hair loss. It helps prevent the build-up of chemicals and dead skin that contributes to dandruff. Therefore, using a shampoo that contains these essential oils provides both the antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

  • Tamarind Extract

Tamarind is known to strengthen the hair naturally and prevent hair loss. It is also one of the solutions to control the production of sebum in the scalp. Excess sebum causes the accumulation of bacteria and dirt and eventually dandruff.

  • Aloe

This is a super-hydrating agent that works to soothe a dry, sensitive scalp.

  • Oats

Apart from being a preferred breakfast cereal for most people, oats are packed with tremendous benefits for your hair. Oats strengthen the hair, helps soothe irritation, and absorb excess sebum from the scalp. It locks in the moisture offering remarkable hydration to your hair and scalp.

Other ingredients that work effectively in this shampoo to help fight dandruff and different kinds of inflammation are: E vitamin, Rosemary Extract, plantain enzyme, coconut oil, neem oil, among others.

These ingredients are synonymous with most African cultures, and their beauty and medicinal benefits have been passed down from one generation to another.


To achieve the best results using the Sheer Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Shampoo, apply to wet hair and massage deeply to activate the scalp. Use this product for at least twice a week or as directed by your doctor or hair care expert.

If the dandruff is severe, repeat the process and adds the amount of the shampoo, rinse thoroughly with warm water. You should be able to see pleasing results after a few times of continued use.


SheaMoisture Dandruff Control Shampoo

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  • Made of natural organic ingredients

Many hair care products are known to exacerbate dandruff and dry scalp conditions due to the harsh synthetic chemicals used to manufacture them. This shampoo contains organic extracts such as tea tree oil, tamarind, aloe, and oats that are kind to the hair and scalp. The ingredients make this shampoo suitable for people with very sensitive scalps.

  • Formulated with African Black Soap

We have already discussed the various benefits of this great soap to the hair. If you have an itchy scalp that is flaking, then the ingredients in this soap will relieve those inflammations giving you a clear, calm scalp.

  • A sulfate-free formula

Sulfates are known to worsen dandruff and leave the scalp feeling itchy and tight. Also, these ingredients strip off-colour from your hair, leaving you with dull, faded strands. absence of sulfates on this formula makes it a perfect choice for individuals with dyed hair

  • Offers a long-lasting effect

This product has been designed to provide you with a deep cleaning and soothing effect that last all day long. With this shampoo, you can say adios to constant itching and concentrate on the things that matter the most.

  • Excellent scent

The essential oils and fragrance found in this shampoo give it a fresh scent that lasts for long giving you a clean smell as going about your daily routine.

  • Affordable

This shampoo is pocket-friendly and offers value for money. It retails at a reasonable price of $19.99 on Amazon.

  • An excellent moisturizer

The formula boasts of certified natural ingredients such as aloe and Willow Back Extracted will hydrate your scalp while offering a relieving effect.


  • Does not lather easily

Most users reported that the shampoo does not lather as quickly as they would want. They claimed using a generous amount to achieve a desirable lather.

  • Tangles the hair

Some users found it difficult to massage the shampoo into the scalp as it kept on twisting the hair

  • Not advisable to use regularly

Some reviewers found the shampoo weakening their hair when they try to use it daily

  • Gets used up so fast

One has to use lots of it to clean the hair. This makes the shampoo less economical

  • Has a thin consistency

A user claimed that he acquired a product that had been watered down so badly it didn’t work on his hair at all.

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Customers reviews’

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Shampoo has a rating of 3.7 out of the possible 5 on Amazon. Most users were captivated by its fresh fragrance, while its effectiveness and pocket-friendly aspect amused others. This what some reviewers had to say

Sue Benoit gave this product a 5-star rating and claimed that it worked after only one use!

“I have an extremely itchy scalp with moderate flaking when the weather changes. In the past, I’ve always used products like T-Gel until I coloured my hair. After only one use, my scalp stopped itching and flaking. It didn’t strip or fade my colour. It has a clean, fresh smell & left my hair clean & healthy looking.”

Another user identified as M also gave this product a 5-star rating.

“I love this stuff. The one thing that I realized about being an African American male is that every hair product out there isn’t meant for us. It took some research to find out about this shampoo, and it works. I went from scratching my head, and it flaking to not scratching or flaking. The price may seem a bit high, but I truly believe that you pay for what you get. I’ll be buying more of this shampoo.” 

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Wrapping it up

So many factors can cause dandruff, and using harsh chemicals is one of the primary causes of dry, flaky scalp. Shea Moisture African Black Soap shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients that gently cleanses your scalp and hair without exposing them to the destructive artificial chemicals.

A countless positive review on the internet ascertains the effectiveness of this product in fighting dandruff and other related scalp conditions. We highly recommend this shampoo for all your hair care needs. It works best with all hair and skin types.

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