Going on a special diet may work for some and not others. Supplements and chemicals too may work for some and not others. However, some certain shampoos help those with oily hair to get perfectly good healthy hair without using many other products. Oily hair shampoos purify any impurities in the hair that cause the condition to appear. They not only purify but they also correct the problem.

The market today has so many different types of shampoos that it is hard to know which one suits your condition best. Though the types of shampoos are many, not all of them have the formulation to combat oily hair it is therefore prudent that you do your research well to find the perfect ones. We have helped you with that by listing down our best picks of the best oily hair shampoos. Read the article to learn more.

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Maple Holistics

If you are looking for holistic beauty and wellness, then your hair too should be part of this holistic journey. You can attain that with Maple Holistics made with natural ingredients. Maple holistic shampoo has 100% pure natural oils that use natures best healing powers to give your hair a nourishing healthy look all the ingredients are parabens and cruelty free. The shampoo detoxifies hair using a blend of purifying oils that absorb any excess oil in the hair.

The shampoo helps to regulate the body’s sebum levels, which in turn leaves the hair free from any impurities. The shampoo contains essential oils of cypress basil, lemon and rosemary, enriched with jojoba oil moisturizer, peach kernel oil and keratin that help to fight the dandruff and itching which are very common with oily hair, while at the same time making the hair strong and soft.

These conditions sometimes lead to hair loss, which can be devastating, irritating and embarrassing. The shampoo improves the scalp by cleaning the hair follicles, which in turn leads to better hair growth. If you have thin hair, Maple Holistics plumps and pampers it to better volume and texture. The shampoo formula is gentle for all hair types and sensitive scalps. It does not affect your hair if you have color treated it. Maple Holistics products come with money back guarantee.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo

A buildup of oil on the scalp causes the roots to become greasy which takes a toll on the hair. Some people with this problem tend to wash their hair more often than required in order to make it loose the grease. Doing this strips the hair of fiber, which in turns makes it dry. The dryness forces you to wash the hair all over again and as the washing cycle continues, the hair gets thinner and the scalp becomes unhealthy. Now you do not have to worry about greasy thin and dry hair because there is a shampoo that can purify it healthy, shiny well-hydrated thick hair.

L’Oreal Paris has undoubtedly some of the best products for body and hair care in the market. They create quality products that leave all the parts of the body healthy and well nourished. For people with oily hair, you are in luck because the Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo is one of the best shampoo products in the market. The shampoo is a combination of 3 refined clays blended well to create a rebalancing product for greasy and thin hair. What is even better is that the shampoo comes in a set of a washing shampoo and a conditioner.

After washing the hair with the rebalancing shampoo, the scalp stays purified for 72 hours and the dry hair feels hydrated. The shampoo revitalizes the hair making it bounce, shiny and softer. After washing the hair with the deeply purifying Extraordinary Rebalancing Shampoo, follow it up with the Extraordinary Clay Conditioner for best results.

L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo

Pure Resource Shampoo is yet another quality product from the long range of L’Oreal Paris hair products that helps to purify hair by washing up any oily and hair styling products build-ups. The shampoo contains a Vitamin E anti-oxidant. This blends with an anti-hard water agent, and purified water to wash impurities from the hair. The result of using the shampoo is a clarified hair. It is safe and easy to use for all hair types.

All you need to do is make sure the hair is wet and spread the shampoo evenly. Massage the shampoo into foam and rinse your hair thoroughly. If you feel like the first round of washing is not enough, repeat the shampooing once more.

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo comes in a small easy to travel with 12-ounce bottle. The shampoo helps to remove 90% of any heavy residue left behind by styling products and other shampoos and conditioners. It is non-irritating clarifying shampoo that cleanses your hair gently by rinsing away any impurities and build-ups. It adds to the hair volume and makes the hair look naturally string and healthy. You only need to use the shampoo once a week to get effective results. The formula of the shampoo is mild and good for all hair types.

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo is a weekly detoxifying shampoo that helps to remove oil buildups and residues by lifting away pollutants, excess oils and product residues to give your hair a clean fresh look. The shampoo is good for fine to medium hair densities. You can use it on curly or straight hair and for every kind of healthy and non-color treated hair. The key ingredients of the shampoo are Ginseng Root Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Glycerin and many others. The recommended usage of the detox shampoo is once a week, which is enough to keep your hair free from impurities and excess, oils the whole week.

Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo

Redken is a great detox shampoo that gives your hair a deep cleanse. It relieves the scalp of all unwanted oils and impurities. The shampoo cleans the scalp leaving it lightweight and deeply cleansed. With a formulation of Lipa-Sponge System and Redken’s Exclusive Interbond Scalp System, the shampoo is one of the best in the market. It also contains lemon extracts, lipacide and micro-sponges that help to equalize the pH levels of the scalp. A detox shampoo helps to not only relieve the scalp of any impurities like dandruff, but it also gets rid of all the excess oils effectively giving your hair a shiny fuller look.

Kinky curly come clean moisturizing shampoo

Hair gets a lot of grimy stuff every day. If you are looking for the best shampoo to rid your hair of all the grime and dirt, then use the Kinky Curly Shampoo, which comes with a rich blend of ingredients. One exclusive ingredient that makes the shampoo stand out is the Mandarin Orange Extract, which has the ability to clean the hair, scalp of any dulling build-up, and maintain the moisture balance. The shampoo is sulfate free and good to use every day. It is also good for all hair types and affordable.

Oribe Shampoo for Moisture and Control

For people with oily hair tresses, here is a shampoo to give you the best results. This sulfate free nourishing and cleansing shampoo leaves your hair fully hydrated, giving your tresses a sleek, smooth and polished look. It is great for kinky, curly and thick hair and good for both men and women. Besides hydrating, it also gives the hair a shiny fuller look. Some of the most prominent ingredients are Lychee, Watermelon and Edelweiss Flower Extracts, which make the Oribe’s signature complex ingredient.

These help to defend the hair from photo aging, stress and natural keratin deterioration. Other ingredients are Amino Acids that provide the hair with moisture, amber extracts for hair strengthening and conditioning, Micro-Emulsion Smoothing System for moisture bonding and softness control, Sunflower Extract, which protects the hair against drying and the effects of the sun and Polymer Complex which helps to detangle, condition and give the hair its shine. The shampoo is parabens free, sulfate free and sodium chloride free.

Tresemme Shampoo

If you are a busy person and looking for the best shampoo to revive your hair by removing the excess oils, then try the Tresemme Shampoo. The shampoo not only helps to remove dirt and excess oils but it eliminates odors especially after a workout leaving your hair refreshed and without any residue. The shampoo is a favorite with professionals and people that are always on the go and need to clean up fast. The shampoo is dry and all you do is spray the hair roots that instantly revitalizes and rejuvenates it. The main ingredients are mineral clay and citrus. It is the best dry shampoo to use in between hair washes and you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle

Klorane is a highly-absorbent shampoo that gets you clean in minutes. It is a dry shampoo meaning all you do is spray it on the roots of your hair without the necessity of using water. In just 25 seconds, the shampoo absorbs the oil in your hair and scalp, getting rid of all other impurities. It instantly adds volume to the hair, regulates oil production and it keeps hair clean between washes.

It is gentle and you can use it daily. The shampoo is parabens free, sulfate free and sodium chloride free. It is good for people that travel a lot and professionals. Give your hair an invisible texture with a light bouncy look and great texture and volume with this award winning dry shampoo.

What to look for when buying the best shampoo for oily hair

Considering there are many shampoo products in the market, finding the right one for your type of hair may seem daunting. Shampoo for oily hair is different from other kinds of shampoos so you have to be very clear on what you are looking for. Below are some of the guidelines to help you find a shampoo with the right generic factors to help you achieve the best results for your hair.

Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

Check the label

This should be the first step to finding out if you are buying the right product. If it is for oily hair, then the level will show that the formulation is specifically for oily hair.

Check the ingredients

At the back of every quality shampoo bottle, you will find a list of ingredients. What you should first ensure is that the shampoo you are buying does not contain any silicone or added oils. Silicone and added oils induce more production of oil on the scalp that lead to a build-up. The best shampoos to go for would be the clear ones because majority of them do not come with additional conditioners or other chemicals. Additional conditioning like silicone and added oils also contributes to an oil build-up on the hair and scalp.

The best shampoos for oily hair have ingredients from natural products. Majority of these are extracts from citrus, lemon, peach and others. They also have ingredients from some of the most healing natural herbs. A combination of these extracts and herbs help to break up excess oils in the hair.

How to get effective results from the best shampoo for oily hair

If you use your shampoo for oily hair effectively and as directed, then there is no reason why you should not get good results. To accomplish that, below are a few steps to take when using your shampoo.

Do not wash your hair daily

One of the misconceptions some people have about oily hair is that washing it daily reduces oil build-ups. While this may be true, the hair only stays oil-free for a short while after which, the oils reappear with more strength to make up for the loss. Instead of washing your hair daily, the best choice would be to wash it every two or three days to stop the oils from reproducing at a much higher rate. If the hair is not too oily, you could even wash it once a week. For the days that you are not using shampoo for oily hair, use a high quality shampoo.

Treat your hair gently while shampooing

Some people think that a hard scrub takes the dirt away faster and better. Treat your hair gently when using your shampoo to avoid any irritation to the scalp. If you irritate the scalp by scrubbing too hard, it will lead to stimulation of sebum, the glands responsible for the production of oil. Massage the scalp with the tips of your fingers to remove the oil, dirt and any other impurities.

Use conditioners sparingly

A conditioner nourishes dry hair. If you have well moisturized root hairs, then a conditioner is not necessary to apply on the scalp. Instead, apply it only on the ends of the hair to stop or prevent dryness. Use conditioner as less times as you possible can or when it is necessary. If you have to condition your hair, do it at least once a week to avoid over-moisturizing.

Use both warm and cold water to rinse your hair

Many people only use hot hair to rinse their hair because they believe it removes oils better than cold water. The hair needs oils of its own for nourishment and good growth. Using hot water not only strips the hair of these oils but it gives the scalp better space to replenish the oils with a bigger amount. This in turn leads to oily hair that may become unmanageable. For better results, rinse the hair with warm water and finish off cold water. This makes the hair look strong, fuller, healthy and shiny.

Do not disturb your hair

Avoid the urge to keep touching your hair after shampooing. Remember your fingers too carry natural oils and other impurities that you can easily transfer to your hair. Brushing the hair helps to distribute oils evenly but do it only when you need to and not every time you want to feel its goodness.

Wrapping it up

Choosing the beast shampoo for oily hair is not an easy task. When buying, you should take your time to study all the shampoos on offer and decide which one best suits your condition. This way, you will come up with one that will give you the desired results. The above shampoos are some of the best in the market and we hope this article has been of help to you and you will go out there and buy the best shampoo for your oily hair. All the products are available at amazon at affordable prizes. For more articles on BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENERS, hair care tips, beauty tips, BEST PERFUMES FOR WOMEN, makeup tips and many others, check out our site.

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