Among them, you need to ensure that you have a professional makeup brush set. A travel makeup brush set is different from a standard set since the brushes are shorter and more compact. Some are even double-ended to help minimize space and maximize the number of tools that can fit in a small space.

Best Travel Makeup BrushesChoosing a travel makeup brush set may sound simple. However, there are several factors you need to consider to get a makeup set worth the amount you want to spend. You need to pay attention to every aspect that makes up the brush, such as the type of handle and bristles, the purpose of each brush. You should also consider your needs, is your skin sensitive to particular hair bristles?

Here are just some examples you can choose to use if you are looking for a traveling brush set.

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Top 5 Best Travel Makeup Brushes Reviews

UNIMEIX Makeup Brush Premium 12 Pieces Makeup Brushes Set

The UNIMEIX 12 Pieces Makeup Brushes Set is an innovative and highly functional set of brushes that feature high-quality materials such as synthetic hair, artificial leather, and wood. The bristles are of superior quality with the ability to hold powder and please the skin. They are cruelty-free and have a smooth wooden handle that is comfortable to hold. Its 12 unique brushes include foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, liner brush, lip brush among others. You can use them together to help you come up with various looks. The brushes come with a stylish floral case that can roll-up making them travel-friendly. You as well do not need to sacrifice tons of space on your dress table to store the brushes. The brush bristles are hygienic and do not shed when you wash them. They come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

4 In 1 Premium Double Ended Retractable Kabuki Cosmetic Makeup Brush by Beshiny

If you want a unique and portable makeup set, you should get the 4 In 1 Premium Double Ended Retractable Kabuki Cosmetic Makeup brush. The brush set is thin and can fit perfectly in a small clutch bag. The 4 in 1 retractable brush can help you in the application of makeup on your lips, eyebrows, and eyeshadow to give you a flawless finish. Its bristles are made from premium materials and are easy to control. It does not irritate the skin. The bristles are synthetic and have a fingertip shape. They are firm but flexible, giving you a quick and easy application.  The synthetic hairs are dense and are easy to clean and disinfect. They do not shed when washing them. The brush has a custom design of caps on both ends to keep them cleaner.

Real Techniques Starter Set Hand Cut Hair Design Makeup Brush Set

Real Technique is a sought after brand due to its set of five brushes that include a base shadow brush, a deluxe crease brush an accent brush, a pixel point eyeliner brush, and a brow brush. All the brushes come in a panoramic case that has a dual carrier and a stand that can help you organize your brushes while on the counter or if you are on the go. You can use the base brush when applying foundation on the skin. The deluxe crease brush can help you design your contours effortlessly. The eyeliner brush is ideal for applying eyeliner while the brown brush can help you quickly define your eyebrows. The brushes are smooth on the skin as they aid in applying makeup evenly. All the materials used in the brush makeup are of high quality and provide the best results with the least effort input. All the brushes have a color code to help you go through the makeup application process. The brush heads come with the perfect design to give you a delicate finish. The set is ideal for use by people that are looking to self-groom themselves.

Andre Lorent PRO Makeup Brush Set

Andre Lorent is a durable synthetic brush set that comprises of a foundation brush, angled liner brush, powder brush, lip brush, and an eyeshadow brush. Since each brush has a specific purpose, they complement a standard makeup routine. The brushes are of a synthetic material called LuxeFiber that makes them soft on the skin. The bristles apply makeup in a quick and more precise way. It is excellent for use on sensitive skin. The brushes are durable and robust. They can withstand several times of washing without falling off. They also do not hold color after cleaning allowing you to seamlessly transition between different shades. The brush comes with an elegant white portable case that will enable you to carry it with you everywhere you go. The bag is classy enough for you to leave it on to of your home countertop without any worries.

SHANY Artisan’s Easel 18 Piece Elite Brush Collection

The Shany Artisan brush collection consists of 18 essential brushes that are made with style and usage in mind. The set also includes a dust pouch that you can use to carry your makeup brushes as you travel. You can use the bag as a handstand. All the brushes from the set consist of high-quality synthetic fiber. The hair bristles cannot cause any harm on your skin, allowing you to use them even on sensitive skin. The brushes have micro-fined tips that have created a lasting impression on professional makeup artists as well as novices. You can find all type of facial makeup applicators from the list that includes foundation brushes, concealer brushes, and eye brushes. They come in sleek and stylish black handles that are comfortable to use. All the products are cruelty-free and are made in the USA by professionals.

Summing Up

You should always carry your makeup essentials every time you travel. Also of importance are the brushes that you use to apply the makeup. At a minimum, you need to have a powder brush, a foundation brush, an eye shadow brush, a highlighter, a lip brush, and a shadow brush. For each, you should ensure that the texture of the hairs is both hard and fluffy. They should apply the makeup uniformly on your skin in precise amounts. Regardless of the type of brush set you buy, you need to ensure that your brushes are hygienic to use. They should be easy to clean. We hope that the above list will be of help as you choose a makeup brush set to use every time you are on the road.

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