Amelinda Charm Susan

Rising from her humble beginnings in Nebraska, Susan Charm moved to San Francisco to study fashion/costume design. At the age of 19 worked as a costumer in the theater & opera in San Francisco, then onto NYC to steal some spotlight for herself as a model. After living and working in Los Angeles for over a decade Alex now resides in NYC & works full time as a makeup & hair artist as well as a beauty expert and columnist.


Best Drugstore Under-eye Concealer to Blur Dark Circles

You should be careful when selecting a concealer for use under the eye. The skin around the eye area is the most delicate.


How To Shape Eyebrows | Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

For a gorgeous look, you must pay attention to every detail of your face. Every detail, every shape and every makeup you put on your face should bring out the best in you.


Best Concealer for Dark Circles And Spot Reviews

Nothing feels as bad as waking up with dark circles around your eyes. This is a condition that anybody, whether male or female can find himself or herself in at some time in their lives.


Best Eye Cream for Bags and Puffiness On Reviews

Everyone loves to wake up feeling fresh and glowy. However not everyone wakes up like that due to several reasons. For some it could be due to failure to sleep at all while for others it could be due to getting few hours of sleep.


Blackhead and Comedone Acne Extractor Reviews

As much as we want a smooth and clear skin without all those pimples, acne, comedones, whiteheads, and blackheads, they’ve got their own season and they will just keep on breaking out! There are times when simple washing or even your own skin care treatment just won’t do.


11 Best Hair Removal Cream Reviews For Face & Body

Not many people like to have hairy skin and they will go to any lengths to remove unwanted hair.


10 Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Many homes in the past used air fresheners to freshen up their homes. These along with plug-ins and gels, were the norm and very few people did not know of any other alternatives.


14 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo Reviews On 2021

Dandruff is a harmless condition that occurs when the scalp becomes greasy or dry causing flakes of dead skin to appear.


10 Best Perfume for Men | That Women Love

Men just like women, love to feel good and leave lasting impressions everywhere they go. Dressing up in the latest trends or in just good clothes is one way to do it.


19 Best Makeup Remover According to Dermatologists

It is an unwritten rule that you should remove all the makeup you had earlier on applied during the day. Failing to remove your makeup before sleeping could potentially cause some irreversible damage to your skin.


12 Best Drugstore Makeup Primers Reviews

Everyone wants to step out with makeup that looks flawless and beautiful. You want to feel good about yourself when you have the best makeup on and you obviously want everyone that looks at wow to notice too.


10 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Hydrating Skin Reviews

Many people suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. Dryness and dehydration of the skin usually leads to many other problems one of which is aging. Aging signs include the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin among many others.


The 12 Best Lip Balm | Treatments For PeelingLips

It is much easier to protect all the other parts of the face from sunburn, dry air and cold than it is to protect the lips. The lips are the most prone parts of the face to cracking and dryness. That is because the skin on the lips is much lighter than the skin on the other parts of your body.

Hair Growth Products

5 Best Straightener for Fine Hair Reviews & Guide

A flat iron is a crucial styling tool that can help you to straighten your hair curls, revive your blow out and make your hair shinier. If you have fine hair, you should ensure that the temperatures of your flat iron lie between 200 degrees and 350 degrees.


9 Best Shampoo For Color Treated Hair 2021 Reviews And Guide

Maintaining colored hair is much harder than maintaining hair with no dye. Colored hair looks gorgeous especially when it is fresh and it compliments your BEAUTY.