Amelinda Charm Susan

Rising from her humble beginnings in Nebraska, Susan Charm moved to San Francisco to study fashion/costume design. At the age of 19 worked as a costumer in the theater & opera in San Francisco, then onto NYC to steal some spotlight for herself as a model. After living and working in Los Angeles for over a decade Alex now resides in NYC & works full time as a makeup & hair artist as well as a beauty expert and columnist.

Hair Growth Products

Best Hair Straightener For Thin Hair Reviews

There are a variety of different hair straighteners in the market today. Choosing one to cater for your thin hair can be difficult if you do not know what to look for.


10 Best Sexiest Perfumes For Women Reviews

A perfume says a lot about you as a woman and it is as important as anything you wear. From just one splash or spray, people can tell a lot about your personality.


How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars : According To Dermatologists

No one wants to have skin acne. It is embarrassing and painful. There are around 50 million people affected by acne every year as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology


Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin Review

The quest for the sun-kissed skin tone never ends. Many believed that people who are tan are more attractive, appear thinner and look healthier. This could probably be true because if not, the tanning industry will not be a multi-billion dollar business to take care of their needs.


10 Best Drugstore Lip Plumper Glosses Review

Lip plumpers are an instant and cheap way to get bee-stung-like and fuller lips like Angelina Jolie – no injections necessary.


8 Best Korean BB Cream | Beauty Balm Cream On The Market

Korean Skincare products are popular for their skin-loving formulas and path-breaking technology with natural ingredients.

Beauty Devices

11 Best Infrared Massage Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Technology has come a long way. Today, you will be surprised by how efficient technology is in the medical industry.

Beauty Devices

14 Best Foot Massager Consumer Reports

Foot massage is becoming very popular as a way of relieving pain, stress and fatigue without the use of drugs.


10 Best Retinol Serum Reviews To Buy Now

As we age, the part of the body that shows the aging signs the most is the skin. The first signs are fine lines and wrinkles followed by changes in the skin tone and texture. The skin becomes dry, dull and uneven. The pore sizes become bigger and some people develop acne and breakouts.

Hair Care

13+ Best Oil For Hair Loss And Regrowth Reviews

So many people struggle with hair loss, alopecia, and poor hair growth. Hair loss can be hereditary or can be caused by hormonal changes, medical conditions, or aging. Hair loss can either be temporary or permanent and can present in different ways depending on the causes.

Light Therapy

Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp Reviews

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorders and not all of them know what kind of treatment to look for in order to get better.


12 Best Sunscreen For Kids and Babies Reviews

No matter how children react to putting on sunscreen, despite all of the creams, sprays, sticks, and lotions with kids or baby labels, the hardest thing is always to choose the best one for your baby.


10 Best Body Wash for Dry Skin Reviews

One of the best ways to deal with dry skin is by making use of a good MOISTURIZER.


10 Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin 2021 Reviews

People with oily skin have more difficulties in trying to keep their skin looking healthy and flawless as compared to people with normal skin tones. Oily skin comes with many other problems besides having an oily face.


8 Best Sunscreen for Face Reviews According to Dermatologists

It is no secret that you always want to have beautiful skin. One way to ensure a supple, soft and radiant skin is by wearing a sunscreen every time. It may be a surprise, but the benefits of a good sunscreen do not only lie in protecting your skin against UV light. A good sunscreen can as well help prevent premature aging. How is this so?