Amelinda Charm Susan

Rising from her humble beginnings in Nebraska, Susan Charm moved to San Francisco to study fashion/costume design. At the age of 19 worked as a costumer in the theater & opera in San Francisco, then onto NYC to steal some spotlight for herself as a model. After living and working in Los Angeles for over a decade Alex now resides in NYC & works full time as a makeup & hair artist as well as a beauty expert and columnist.


Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

The eyes are the first parts of the body that show signs of aging. This they with the appearance of fie lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin and dark circles around the eye area.

Laser Machine

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – FDA-Cleared Hair Loss

Medical conditions, age, and hormonal changes are the leading causes of hair loss. It is devastating to see increased hair shedding in your hairbrush, pillow, or shower drain.


10 Best Drugstore CC Cream Reviews On 2021

Before the CC cream, we had the BB cream, which was a big hit all over the world since its inception in mid-2000. Many people still do not understand the meaning of the alphabetical grouping of the creams and their differences.


15+ Best Drugstore Concealer Reviews

We all do not grow up with smooth even skins. A long the way as we get older or even in our teens, our faces develop acne, zits, dryness, splotchy, scarring, black spots and many other things. When we are tired, it shows on the under-eyes. We want to hide all these imperfections and look good to the outside world while at the same time feel good about ourselves.

Light Therapy

Best Light Therapy Boxes Consumer Reports

For decades now, bright light has been used as an effective therapy to treat depression and circadian rhythm disorders. Besides, non-seasonal depression can also benefit from this remarkable therapy when coupled with anti-depressants.


Best Acne Treatment for Men Reviews On 2021

Everybody has to deal with acne at one point in their lives. It can give you both emotional and physical scars. Many people assume that once they reach their twenties, they will never again suffer from acne.

Dry Skin

10 Best Drugstore Foundation for Dry Skin 2021 Reviews

Did you know that according to statistics, for every 1,000 people, 31 of them struggle with dry or itchy skin? In the United States of America, one out of 32 people suffers from dry skin. It is equivalent to an estimate of 8.4 million people.


11 Best Acne Treatment 2021 Reviews [According to Dermatologists]

Acne flare-ups usually occur due to hormonal changes in the body. Teens are more prone to acne than many other people are. Women too suffer from acne especially when they are on birth control pills or when they are going through menopause. People try different kinds of regimens to fight acne but majority of them do not work as expected. While some regimens work, they are expensive and it takes a while before the breakouts disappear.

Skin Care

16 Best Collagen Supplements For Skin And Hair Reviews

Age always comes with many things happening to the body and skin. Some of the most notable aging signs are; sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, dull skin, age spots, and many others.


Best Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair | Frizzy Hair Treatments

Among all the different types of hair, curly hair is the most challenging to style and maintain. You may admire and envy natural bouncy curls on the head of others, but it is only them who know the troubles they have to go through to take care of such hair.

Light Therapy

Best SAD (Seasonal Depression Lamp) Light Therapy Reviews

Are you feeling moody or getting inadequate sleep? Then, it’s time that you see yourself in a new light, like literally.


Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion Reviews

Every product formulated to control and fight acne has its own merits because of diligent efforts and thorough researches. However, one major concern is whose product and expertise must we trust to deliver those benefits. One famous brand is Neutrogena, of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. and one of the world’s dermatologist-recommended skincare brands.


12 Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels Review

We require our feet to move from one place to the other but we often tend to neglect them than most parts of our body. Most people don’t even take care of their feet until they begin to hurt.

Dry Skin

Best Concealer for Dry Skin You’ll Need For Winter

Concealers are an essential item in every beauty regimen. People use them to hide away the flaws on the skin.


Best Face Lotion for Eczema Reviews

Eczema is a skin irritation that causes dryness, an itchy rash and other skin discomforts for both adults and children. The itchiness for people with eczema becomes even worse when there is a change in climate as this makes it flare up.