The right fragrance can affect your mood, trigger old memories, and even help define your personality. However, regardless of how much love you have for the scent, you cannot wear it throughout the year. Just as you change your beauty products depending on the weather, you should also do the same for perfumes. During summer, the high heat tends to affect fragrances as they evaporate faster and project further. You should, therefore, avoid scents that are too potent as they can become overwhelming.

Best Summer PerfumesDuring the warm months, it is best to use lighter and more refreshing fragrances. Here are some perfume selections that you can use during summer.

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5 Best Summer Perfumes Everyone Loves

Byredo Sundazed by Byredo Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex)

The Byredo Sundazed by Byredo Eau De Parfum Spray is a perfect perfume for use when on the beach during summer. The sweet and citrus-scented fragrance consists of some bright top notes of mandarin orange and Californian lemon. It balances beautifully with fresh cotton candy, white musk, neroli, sambac, and some hints of jasmine that give the perfume some floral freshness. Both men and women can use it.

Prada Candy Perfume for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

The Prada Candy is a perfume that you can hardly ignore. It comes in an original bold packaging made of luxurious materials giving it a timeless and sophisticated look. The bottle is an inspiration of vintage flacons and bears a Prada logo in gold. It has a pump that is perched on its golden neck together with a band of pink saffiano on the bottle.

The fragrance is suitable for a confident woman as it contains some notes of caramel, Laotian benzoin, and white musk. As the perfume dries, the caramel note slowly decreases as the benzoin and musk become more apparent. The musk gives the fragrance a slight spiciness to contrast the sweetness by the caramel. The perfume is best for use during the cold season. You can, however, wear it for any occasion.

Chloe Nomade Natural Spray Vaporisateur

The Chloe Nomade, Natural Spray Vaporisateur, is a product of the design house of Chloe and came into the market in 2008. The perfume is for a free-spirited woman that has the confidence to confront the world. It comes in a seemingly simple yet stylish transparent bottle that gives you a direct vision of the rosy beige fragrance.

It also contains a pink ribbon that helps to seal its golden cap. The perfume is intense as it carries notes of freesia, jasmine, orange, bergamot, lychee, amber wood, oakmoss, lemon, and Mirabelle. Its floral and warm scent evokes a vision of freedom and openness to the world.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Eau de Toilette Spray

If you love a coconut scent, you cannot go wrong with the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Eau de Toilette Spray. The perfume is a 1999 creation and part of the Aqua Allegoria collection that consists of intensely fresh fragrances. The scent is exotic and luminous as it invites you into a tropical world filled with coconuts. It makes use of coconut water with a touch of some fresh fruits. The fragrance is bright blue, and you can quickly notice it from afar. It contains some notes of coconut nectar, bergamot, watermelon, Freesia, Sandalwood and Tonkabean. The fragrance is suitable for wearing during warm days. It does not have a heavy or synthetic smell and can quickly remind you of summer.

Bath and Body Works GINGHAM Fine Fragrance Mist

The GINGHAM Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath and Body Works is highly popular due to its evocative scents. The fragrance comes in a cylindrical transparent bottle that has a spray nozzle that delivers excellent coverage. Its packaging is leak proof and sturdy. You can as well travel around with it. The creation of Honorine Blanc, a Firmenich master perfumer, contains notes of clementine, violet petals, and blue freesia. The notes blend perfectly to create a fresh and vibrant fragrance. It also includes a conditioning aloe that helps to nourish the skin as it blends with the scents.

Wearing Scents During Summer

During summer, you can wear fragrances with some white light florals, but you should avoid any sickly sweet aromas. You should also avoid heavy blends such as vanilla, patchouli, and some sugary aromas. Since perfumes evaporate quickly in summer, you should first layer your skin with a moisturizer or body lotion before applying the perfumes. It gives the fragrance a place to hold on to.

You should as well try not to use scented soaps or creams so that your perfume cannot compete for dominance. If your skin is sensitive, a reaction may occur whenever you apply perfume during summer. Whenever the sweat and scent mixes, a reaction can occur on the skin surface and irritate. You can then spay it on the base of your hair as the scent will stay for long without having to touch the skin.

If you do not have sensitive skin, you can apply your perfume on areas that have good circulation and warmth such as the throat, behind the knees, inside the elbows, and on the wrists. For your scent to stay locked down for long, ensure that your skin is well hydrated by using an excellent moisturizer.

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Summing Up

When choosing a perfume, there are more things you need to consider apart from a pleasant smell. You should find how the weather affects the scent. Warm weather has an effect on your skin chemistry, therefore, making fragrances you use during winter not effective during summer. A perfume may feel fresh, crispy, and heighten your mood during winter, but when it mixes with sweat in the summer, it may become overwhelming. You should, therefore, opt for summer scents during summers such as perfumes with some fruit and floral notes.


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