A good makeup is however never complete without a dash of nice smelling perfume to go with the looks.  A good perfume never gets old. Perfumes date back to the ancient times and some of the best ones in the market even today still carry the vintage notes of the old. People wear perfume mainly because of their scents and mostly because they want to smell good. Others wear them because the scents give them an alluring soothing feel while others wear perfumes for comfort and relaxation.

Best-Musk-PerfumesPerfumes come in many different scents and different people have their own particular scents that they cling to every day. The scents, better known as notes range from spicy to floral, woody, animalistic, earthy and some have very intoxicating scents. One of the most popular scents among many perfume lovers is musk. Many perfume companies use musk as their base note because of its popularity and appealing scent, which also has many effects on PHEROMONES, which are substances secreted by the body to attract or appeal to the opposite sex. Musk is strong and has a combination of earthy, woody and animalistic fragrances.

Wearing a MUSKY SCENT, which is one of the most common notes in most perfumes, says a lot about the wearer and besides being strong and sweet and it also brings out the best in a person making them feel alive and fresh. The scent, which is a mixture of animalistic and earthy quality, blends with other ingredients such as floral, essential oils and more to create the strongest and sweetest notes you could ever want in a perfume. Musk unlike other scents also lasts longer and makes you stand out in a crowd. We reviewed some of the BEST MUSK PERFUMES in the market and came up with our own list of the best  perfumes for women.

Our Top Picks of the Best Musk Perfumes

Alyssa Ashley Musk Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

Alyssa Ashley creates appealing fragrances for both men and women that have a wide following all over the world. Their musk eau de toilette spray is one of their original sprays for a woman that comes in a beautiful bottle weighing 3.4 ounces. The spray like every other Alyssa Ashley products does not contain any imitations or knockoffs.

The ingredients in the fragrance are greens musk and soft powdery flowers. The signature scent of the fragrance lasts all day and night. Packaging of the perfume differs with the white being the women’s perfume and black being the men’s fragrance.

Jovan White Must For Women

With over 40 perfumes, Jovan started making head turning perfumes in 1972 and since then, the popularity of their products keeps rising higher. For the girly girl that wants to smell good always, this 3.25-ounce cologne spay for women is a popular age-old spray that continues to be a favourite for many women from all over the world.

The primary note in the spray is musk mallow that gives a light but clean fresh flowery appealing scent.  The appealing scent, which is ideal for all occasions and every style, also features sweet and fruity tomes of Ylang Ylang, Honeysuckle, Vanilla and Jasmine. The combination of all the amazing scents gives the perfume an aroma of amber, fruity and the animalistic musk vitality.

Colt Wild Musk Spray

If you are looking for the perfect perfume to enhance your powers of attraction, you should wear something that gets you noticed. You can achieve this by wearing colt wild musk perfume. Colt Wild Spray is a women’s floral scented spray used by many people worldwide. The luxurious oriental feminine scent of flowers, vanilla, jasmine and rose has a timeless appeal that lasts all day and night.

The spray is also as good for men as it is for women. The feminine perfume draws attention to everyone around the wearer. The scent also lingers behind long after you pass by.

Coty Wild Musk Women’s 1.5-Ounce Cologne Spray

Released in 1973, this signature perfume is another one of Coty’s favourite collection for many women all over the world. The perfume is a luxurious oriental fragrance that you can wear comfortably day or night. The perfume blends musk, vanilla and flowers to create a noticeable oriental scent that lingers on long after you pass. The vaporised spray has a light mist allowing you to imbue yourself with just the right amount of fragrance you need to keep you smelling good all day. The beautiful spray also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Vanilla Musk by Coty Cologne Spray for Women

It feels great to have fun and continue feeling youthful even as the years go by. A good smelling perfume can make you feel this but only if you find the correct scent. Vanilla musk cologne spray for women will not only make you feel youthful young and beautiful but it will also leave you smelling good the whole day and night.

Released in 1994 by Coty, the perfume is one of the fastest selling products in the perfume industry because of its sweet smelling musky scent. The cheery mood changing perfume features a combination of notes that include Heady Musk, Sandalwood, Woodsy Cedar, and Vanilla.

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Wrapping it up

Beauty and elegance is not complete until you finish off the look with a nice smelling scent. are you are wondering what scent would go well with whichever kind of makeup you have on in order to stand out and keep feeling good about yourself day or night? you do not have to because with any of the above perfumes, you can trust the musk scent in combination with other notes to not only feel comfortable but also sexy, beautiful and to have a lift of your moods. The perfumes all have oriental roots and regardless of their release dates, they continue with their popularity among many women all over the world. The musk perfumes are also evidence that you do not have to break your bank account to smell great because they are all very affordable.

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